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saturday 09/08/2014

friday 08/08/2014

3 spots left!

Btw can i enter the event? i sent you a message if i could enter, i still dint get any response

thursday 07/08/2014

Kiss me on the lips

1 Free Liona 4 U

2 more spots left

monday 04/08/2014

Prize list
-1st ~ Smokey Cr + Saki + Remaining Jackpot
-2nd ~ Robb Cr
-3rd ~ Crazy Carlo
-4th ~ Rekved
And you win 2500 for the most points on the week

If you know your football you can win big

thursday 31/07/2014

Please, let that be me : o

Mystery Clanwar 2

The Clint City Clans are fighting against each other again. Take part at „Mystery Clanwar 2“, the sequel to „Mystery Clanwar“ and help the different clans on their way to the top.
Rules: http://docdroid.net/fet1

1. Vickie Cr
2. Sigmund Cr
3. Ambrose Cr
4. Tanaereva Cr
5. - 8. Jackpot

8 players missing! come in and fight in 1vs1 battles!

wednesday 30/07/2014


Come in come in! A Battle event co-hosted by Zero and brahmaman

Play off in a tournament of 16, searching for 1st place to then play off against both the hosts in the chance to WIN BIG in the WINNERS RUN!

1000 Clintz to join but only HALF of the contestants will walk away with nothing.

Prizes include Dregn , Charlie , Noctezuma , Jackpot , Chiara Cr and MORE!

Cool event, though I'm thinking 25000+ is a bit ambitious

sunday 27/07/2014

saturday 26/07/2014

So are we having multiple event creators making 2 or 3 events or just one event?

We dont have to have event team members creating the events.

Anyone who can be trusted can make an event.

friday 25/07/2014

6 places left!

thursday 24/07/2014

I was just thinking of doing this, join the first ever match! Still have a few open slots smiley


wednesday 23/07/2014

Please delete this thread as I'm making a new one smiley

monday 21/07/2014

I want to join , can u plz remove me from ur bl cause I know u want to know my old name , it was zai221 pk so plz

sunday 20/07/2014

Please if you post a preset , provide me with a link


friday 18/07/2014

At last, justice after long years of systematic maligning by media and the government, Sylvio is vindicated.
We now await Sylvio's return to power in Rome.
Karima is an intelligent girl after all. She quickly saw her folly and decided to be good.
Sylvio is a grateful man, Karima. I am sure he will take you into the cabinet as entertainment minister or something when he forms his cabinet.
And we will soon start organising Bungs Bunga parties in every province, every small nook and corner.
After all, it can even help kick start the Italian economy.
Then sky is the limit.
Long live Sylvio, God bless him.
Please Pope, beatify Sylvio or even make him the next pope cum Prime Minister.
Sylvio forever!smiley

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