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thursday 08/02/2018

@D3ath the Kid fucking lol

wednesday 07/02/2018

He's trolling.

That red head guy is definitely Hive

tuesday 06/02/2018

No offense HipHoppa but as a returning player from a 10 year hiatus, I just asked for opinion (s) on the go-to cards to make the Heal mission feel like less of a grind. Heal = Heal cards, that much is obvious. I don't appreciate you posting with zero constructive criticism and instead using my thread to vent your frustration, which should have been done Via PMs, not publicly. If it's attention your after, go seek it elsewhere, I don't cater to whiners.

monday 05/02/2018

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If I make a casino event will anyone want to join minimum bet would be 5K don't know Max

sunday 04/02/2018

Aren't making the game competitive and focusing so much on the artworks a bit contradictory? I understand the UR universe and the artrowrk is unique, distinctive and a lot of people are here mainly because of it, but those people don't care about competition and most of them don't know how to play. On the other side, players focused on being competitive don't care about the artwork and they would play cards made in paint as long as they are balanced

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Try trad marco from traders of divinity ik hes been stocking a massive amount of 0xp mts

saturday 03/02/2018

I agree on NaaRcho on the comment regarding Agustino compared to Ashley.

*Augustino is a better choice for new players. There was even staff mention why he was forced down to Polit Arena due to good synergy with John Doom in EFC.
He is a theoretical -3 Opp. Power, Min 1. He even has better base stats than Ashley and easily fits into decks.

*I`d move Ashley down to B. Nowadays, a nice Attack manipulator will stop her. She is no Arno and can be useful in some cases. Winning rounds is not ideal for Ashley however and a Life Reducer can bypass her well. Often I see cards such as her or Artus to be in lower tiers as them in courage is somewhat predictable.

*I would not say Lance is that useless. He is vulnerable to SOA, I`d put him on B. Having 6 Power, 5 Damage on courage for a 2 Star already considered useful, and easily fits onto decks.

*Mario is a debatable one since Bree from Ulu Watu basically is weaker than Mario against SOA and has similar stats to Mario with her ability. However it can be agreed Lance can be better than Mario in most cases.

*I do not think an OP 2 Star Card exists on any clan.

*I think Dorothy has the potential to be A. She has a useful ability. Sure she is Reprisal, but she can be a good choice in EFC and +1 Life per Damage often does help.

Frozn all day

friday 02/02/2018

Yeah secure Trade was great. Both players had to sign off before the Trade was executed. Sham that couldn’t fix the bug. I’m sure one day it will return. Being a trading card game I think it should be a feature.

thursday 01/02/2018

Arcade shouldn't be a walk in the park where it just goes all in every single first round. But I have to agree that sometimes it indeed just perfect pills you with everything. There should indeed be a more middle path where it's a decent difficulty, but not that it looks like the AI has some mindreading powers, because that's highly frustrating after a few times

wednesday 31/01/2018

Move Dallas and hammer to good

tuesday 30/01/2018

Robb does not need to be played last turn, he is a solid -3 power ability on all turns, sometimes you need to beat a certain card on turn 2 or else you will lose the game or you will need a turn 1 win against heavy poisons or to stop pill eaters, Aamir is -2 power on round 2, and -1 power in the first round. The probability of winning in round 2 or 3 is much greater than lasting till round 4. There are much more turn 1 hindering abilities than 4 round abilities, for instance if you let a poison go through even on the 4 round with Aamir you still take the poison damage because you couldn't stop it round 1.

monday 29/01/2018

sunday 28/01/2018

Probably your multis smiley

saturday 27/01/2018

45 cards in the newbloods cycle currently, 4 cards per half-month = around 11 cycles - 5.5months - to cycle newbloods completely.

So roughly when card is 7 cycles old - or 3-4months - it's price is at bottom most likely. This is only general rule of thumb.

Simple solution would be to reward the play instead of trying to affect card's values. Investors have large card pools and that means they have always resources to put power to cards that are market-wise beneficial - aka they can sell the cards that lose value to gain cards that gain value. Basic stuff.

When you reward active play over passive things (like owning cards) you create constant advantage to new players - because they gain profits by participating the matches. The reward of active play is best when it's given in packs and the packs should yield MORE cards than they currently do - that way you generate supply and start the clintz to travel to the side of active players. At some point the market will be saturated and the old investors need to purge their supplies - making prices fall for real. At that point profits from playign matches (wage of playing the game) has more purhace power which is additional benefit to active players/noobs.

The problem in markets is created by Boostr by systemic lack of supply of cards, the artificial lack of supply drives the prices high and makes market play very easy - all you have to do is own cards and you get money, because every good card is bound to be undersupplied. They are so undersupplied the price gains allow the tweaking of even not-so-good cards.

Watch out for the Flash missions A-E.
By completing them you will get one of the LDs you don't own yet.
The missions always last from monday to sunday.

friday 26/01/2018

Thanks to both of you for your help and answers! smiley

Go to the missions tab. There are the 5 missions;
-Weekly LD A through Weekly LD E

You will be awarded a random LD when you finish the final mission E

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