wednesday 02/10/2013

tuesday 01/10/2013

He got bigger budget lol (500 k).


This is my Fang pi project for this weak...
i have idea to change Yoshida for Tsubame But still in saving process so if any of you veterans have some other idea =D

monday 30/09/2013

I pretty much only play elo style game modes. Standard is way too ridiculous for me (n most players). Elo is supposed to b the elite game mode of them all, why screw w it?

Ie. The week ends at midnight, and the new week begins at 4am Monday (GMT+2). That's 27 minutes ago by my clock. smiley

sunday 29/09/2013

For the clans you've chosen, taking this week's player-bans into account, you've already got it right. smiley

thursday 26/09/2013

I prefer Eugene n Numar instead of Daddy Jones. Unsure about the pirhannas tho, I really don't use them

Please check out my new love Noland! it used to be Tuck though~ i just love 7/5 on 4 stars .


used to run

C wing
Cyb Lhia

wednesday 25/09/2013

Thanks I appreciate it smiley

Last member of Berzerk/All-stars team:
Karen or Randy

monday 23/09/2013

Interesting deck. smiley

Interesting deck I would personally change Ashiko to Mindy, Brianna to Bryan.

sunday 22/09/2013

I am actually very tempted to try and build a rainbow deck and actually do well. Or may be a 4some.

ill work on something and see what i can do and let you know lol

Leviatonn should be free next week but Bristone is perma banned.

Why people mention that Nellie is more dependent on her bones than Kazayan? Nellie also has power reduction which help her to win a round even when she hits SOB decks or when she hits a bad draw (1-3) in half decks. Kazayan depends a lot on the clan bonus to win battle! I would pick Nellie over Kazayan in any half deck, except during SoA weeks.

saturday 21/09/2013

friday 20/09/2013

I'd argue that Ella is just plain bad. She's good for nothing other than 0 pills, and the min 4 on her ability means that she often doesn't even DR to full capacity, and without her bonus she is ghastly. smiley She'll rarely be much more than a liability.

Tsubame doesn't really do it for me. If you want a 5* FPC that isn't 450k, I'd use Yoshida.

I prefer Heitachi and Futoshi Ld over Fei.

I've had success with Chan, but Dao Wang and Kusuri are both good for different reasons.

I support wats_happenin's suggestion. smiley

thursday 19/09/2013


rate and comment please

Pretty good deck but you could have a few to many weak hands.

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