friday 05/03/2010

I would love to have a sucky card like that, the new clans all don't have their ogun kyus or bob jobys I think it is time to finally make a sucky rescue card then piranas then jungo.....etc. a 1/1 is just what they need

Yes! They're wonderful IMO. Putting them with All Stars is one of the best things you can do.
A deck of Massiv, Juicy Lord, Blaaster, Chlora and Randy, Robb, Jessie, Striker. If Striker is banned swap him with Marina and Chlora for Shogunn.

So this is my skeelz not sure if i should change anything,and what to change it to, and so i ask for some feedback

@ DragonScale because of me smiley

Somone pliz can help me?
i have 4k and this is my deck is

Whoops, I maybe miscounted stars, if thats more than 25, then just add Bruce over one 4*.. or better afford Wardog over Tank, if having Bryan, if not, swich Archibald to Wardog

There is already of topic of this but here is my entry
My personal favorite and best low budget Roots/Banger Beginner fun

The thing I like about going against SOA is that people who use them usually expect cards that don't do well without their bonus to be bluffs. If the opponent plays a Noodile, try playing Randy with a few extra pills - that 6 damage can go a long way.

But that's a risky strategy. If you really fear SOA that much, go with Kang. But I usually find that the extra power I can get from Randy (and the 2 extra damage) can win games, while -6 attack and six power isn't all too useful.

I'm trying to build a well balanced survivor or Elo deck but I'm a bit indecisive on what/who to go with. I've got the following as my Elo decks:

Frankie Hi ... Janine ... Jody ... Nellie ... Oxen ... Rubie ... Samantha and Stanford as an Uppers Elo deck
Darth ... Dr Saw ... Luba ... Mini Mund ... Aktara ... Andsom ... Dante and Goldie as a PG Elo deck

I have a few Ulu Watu as well but I'm not sure if they will be a good addition to an Elo deck.

For a Survivor Deck I only have an Uppers combo with Bridget


I'm open to any suggestions. Maybe I should move away from Uppers onto something else? Just not sure what smiley

thursday 04/03/2010

Well it wont be miin 0 any more would it be 4- 1 altimit posion min but think jungos -6 min 4 i think for there posion if they could stack only ones be cool.


I have no problem with the forfit of 2 points. I average about 150 points in a game and dont achieve much more without elo banned cards.
The only thing i dont like is the fact that we have to work hard to get the clints to buy the cards only to be told we cant use them in elo. I think if youve put in the time to get the cards they should be useable.

some cards are overpowered but some clan bonuses are silly.

Surivior type 2 seems the best bet, roll on level 20..........

I deleted it since I dont use it anyway.

Best poisoners by order are:
slyth with 3 poison min 1 and a bonus to make people be scared
greem with 3 poison min 2 and a bonus that enables her to bypass all SoA ( all-stops doesn't count)
azel with 3 poison min min 3 and a bonus that get rids of some roots and ghiest( most of them really)


rate and tell me how to improve please.

wednesday 03/03/2010

The second may actually be a glitch. It looks like the problem is that there are two Eahd's in play, one which should have an active bonus and one which should not, and that the bonus text for your opponent's is being shown instead of yours w/ active SOB.

I would be okay with it if it didn't go against one of the main ideas of UR (and RPGs in general) - that characters from clan become stronger after winning more fights. One of the main draws of UR when you're a beginner is finding out what artwork your card will get when it levels up, or what the new ability/stats are. Having a 1* fully-evolved would ruin that fun.

Ficcanaso pretty much makes filomena obselete. I'd rather get through opposing DR N if the ability gets stopped, you have one more damage than filomena. I wouldn't replace her tho if you want all 2*

2* flesh pimp but it's not recommended. I mean pill once N your opp has to beat 21 attack but you'd be better using ficcanaso

you can also use 2* ottavia but it'd be better to use spiaghi. Unless you're a defensive player, then you oculd use spiaghi, ottavia 2* prince jr, ficcanaso (personally I'd use him over filomena)

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