tuesday 02/03/2010

It's always the number 1st then the words, that's this game

I only find two mono decks viable:

Selma (The other 5* including Morphun are also good, but I prefer Selma)
Smokey Cr


Hawkins Noel



Never, ever use Uranus over Ulrich. You gain 1 DR and 1 min for what? Losing the ability to GHEIST and Roots (primary reason), and the inability to take out cards such as Rubie and Randy when necessary, PLUS you lose out 1 pill from Scubb's support, and 3 attack from Taljion's.

I don't think you're trying hard enough, seriously. Last time I told you where to start your investigation, no active player will remember more than the places I linked you.

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Silverton - Legend
Sunday 21/02, 18:17
I can speak french, but I'd rather have the info kind of come to me. I'd like a list of the 1st 100 cards and not have to click on every card to find the date it was made. I also want more than just card info.
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I still believe you're trying to get the job done for you. Else you'd already know first cards and clans, as well as first crs and more or less when was the game released. That following my links, if you had used google (hard to guess you could find something there) you could have found this.

This says 8000 players by October 2004, so close to the beginning.

¡Look, more dates! And still previous to the web / java / flash release.

Clint Fighting 2 - Urban Rivals released 6th February 2006 ¡Woohoo!

Clans when Flash was released, but you should have this from kirlad.

There is much more left for you out there, but I'll leave it for you

Prity much smiley

Hi everyone, here is my new deck... check it out, I think is pretty good but rate it yourself

Revolucion Survivor

Thx mods

monday 01/03/2010

You mean Bangers lol
But it's a nice solid deck! I personally don't like Uppers, but you have a good half there. On the Bangers side I think Loocio could do the job, although Juicy Lord would give you another DR option... But nevermind, that's just my Sakrohm DR mood talking xD

Not really, if it was the first round and your opponent has no soa and you play chivalry with no pillz then they know what you did but they cant stop itsmiley

unstoppable is even better than unpredictable plus if this card brings out your opponent's best cards then your other cards will have a much easier time winning too

not gonna give this ability to a 5 power maybe 7-8 power so the attack boost is so great that the amount of pillz needed to stop it is not worth it

2 situations: 1st round you play a chivalry card with a huge attack boost your opponet has 1 reducer, 2 regular 3 stars, and a 5 star
your opponent's options let the card go through with their reducer you played very litte pillz, play his powerful 5 star for some damage while losing a lot of pillz advantage and card advantage, let you card through then your huge 8 damage card in your hand is now looking very scary or pill with his other cards and lose pillz advantage regardless

final round-you dont have that many pillz left but you are going first-chivalry kicks in-you win by sheer attack boost

plus its not always +20 attack it could be other abilities too, its just that attack is the easiest one to use

I recommend Naginata, great bluff/attack card... it wins me a lot of battles alone in my mono Junta deck... rest of 5* Junta are weak, but You can add some great 4*, like Bryan, Dacote, Gatline... and for better bp scores Trish and Jane Ramba are good, but in T2 it doesnt matter that much smiley I know Ulu Watu only from battling them, but I guess Hikiyousan is really devastating card smiley

This is how I think.

The skeelz bonus is indeed, apparently weaker then a lot of the other clans bonus. We actually all know that, but it is just that we see that the cards are really good( compared to other clans) and we think straght away that their bonus is really good. In fact, the cards in skeelz are made to COMPENSATE on their bonus so that they would be quite overpowered but that has not a really useful bonus.

Just look at Chiara, while a 3 star 8/4 is considered a powerful card, Chiara not only has those decent stats, but backed up with a wonderful ability that reduces your opponents power by 2. However, she has a weak bonus, so she is not banned by elo. If she was in any of the other clans, she would most likely be banned permanantly.

After all I have said, I just want to prove that although Jessica has same stats with Massiv, she is actually so much worse since Massiv has a bonus that actually helps him in fight and not a worthless protection to his own ability.

P.S., that is probably why Roots, Gheist, (Nightmare, Piranas) usually has the lower hand in the fight against Skeelz player because Skeelz cards were MADE to be overpowered but not much supported by their bonus. I wanted to make this point a long time ago.

The card with less stars.
If both sides have same stars, then the card played first.

ELO room and during DT hour= DT points, and ELO points as well, but they are 2 seperate things, you don't have to worry

Off topic: OMG, there are 4 rescue staples being in semi- danger on the 1st day, if those votes are taken into account, rescue is pretty much useless next week
well, ELO banned cards are usable, and very strong, people using them in DT are the people who wants to have a quick DT, that's all i can think of

This deck is fun to use for obvious reasons. If you get Timber you have a huge chance of having at least one 1HKO.
Even if you don't, you only need to get through with any 2 and you win.


Any ideas on how to make this more stressful to verse? smiley


Wanda, gwen, and maybe svelthana may be better 1* fillers.

Hey y'all, just a quick question, can somebody tell me what the first column of numbers are for when you export your character list into excel? Cheers,

Must have: Bristone, Leviatonn

at least 1: Toro, Methane

at least 1, Arkn, Z3r0 D34d, Plantinum, Dolly,

Recommend: Wardom!!!!

well, these are just imo so just take it as reference

sunday 28/02/2010

It's sorta like when Stanly came out for Ulu Watu, once he came out there was a slight increase in Ulu Watu players, however they soon disappeared. I'm seeing some more La Junta go around, but it just might be a short season :

Power = power opp swap is rather hard to do i find cause my soa. but when i can power = power opp i find it cool. its like playing somba 5/3 vs Svelthlana 2/3 in that game somba would lose cause he get the 2 power were svelthlanan would then have 5.

Actually I was thinking something along the lines of :




Low-star half decks that make great bluffs while leaving room for the heavy hitters of Ulu. The problem with Gheist is that they are rather pill-intensive, and that their strength lies in their 4* and 5*s, leaving little room/pills for Ulu Watu. Roots are good though, as they have low star, great DR, and decent attack manip.

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