tuesday 09/03/2010

Read this guide, it should help you with the basics: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=&id_subject=1200173&subject_page=0

And no, if you remove a card from your deck it is stored in your collection. You can remove cards as soon as you go over the initial 8.

I think Glenn to Dorian change will be enough. But also, I'd change Prince Jr to Ficcanaso. Yes, it's too risky, but it gives you option to kill via 2HKO with Spiaghi - Ficcanasso - any card - Dorian.
If you want to change Montana, think about Roots. Rico, Noodile, Yookie, Arno fits almost everywhere. And damage is enough to kill with 2HKO (of bluff =) ).

Comment and rate there please.

You can not only use their direct fighting situation to conclude who is better, otherwise you would even be able to claim Havok is better than caelus. The point regarding the comparison between lunatik and ZD is more cases you will also be fighting cards with abilites like +-10atk/+-2P, and thats when P7/SOA is way better than P6/-8atk and have more hope of winning the rounds.

Back to the topic, lunatik owns a further weakness that she can be DRed. and I still haven't find the clue that Sakrohms have been adapted to an aggressive clan just becauseof a new 5*, so +life is more useful than +damage at least in ELO IMO.

Uhm, it wasn't just the CR, it was more than 1 card, but you're right, it's more convinient, and since now everyone have gotten a chance with their post, let's call the mod in to delete this thread ok?

Agreed with Yoda_LoA go with piranas, junks weakness is soa, piranas get past that, piranas weakness would be skeels? junks get past that (a bit) they accomidate eachother they have same sort of playing style, strong cards, ok damage and great pill manipulation, definitly piranas

I don't play gheist much so idk much about their mono decks, but that deck there is good duke, shadow's preset of a cheap deck might not really be that cheap but it's good, the 2nd one is both cheap and good so you should go like this: shadow's 2nd suggestion, upgrade it to shadow's 1st suggestion, then move it to duke's deck when you can

Sweet.. people have been letter time run down in tournaments.. I was wondering if that last game was counting

Toro would have been definite, but elo banned now shadowcouncil. anyways id recommend keeping wardom as anibal isnt quite a full substitute, and drop zero for bristone for a bit of defense, plus the synergy with wardom. to keep it at 25 tho downgrade rolph to methane

monday 08/03/2010

The bonus is stop damage + 3

What can you afford?

If you're on a budget, I've a few elo mode decks for these clans that'll break 1200e no problem.

Budget - deleted
High Cost - Taljion's Targe

Budget - deleted
High Cost - guerre froide.

Budget - deleted
High Cost - Familia Montana

All the above decks can be modified, of course. Hugo is a viable 5* for both Montana and Piranas. Morphun is viable for Piranas and Skeelz. Other cards can be switched out based on preference and clintz.

Should give you an idea of what's available to you.

A 4* 6/6 SoA would be more than enough for the clan. smiley

i like Taso HoC's idea for a Montana pill manipulator. make him a 3* and i'd gladly take him!

Morphun would be better than eklore. smiley

Also press the enter key after the battle is over an it says battle loss or won . when that happens press enter a few times you will jump in to the next battle qwickly. maken it faster an easyer for you to go throught more battles

@1984: i thought the opening thread was dedicated to use only if your opp have lower starred cards with them, i didn't think it was counter bluff( i read through it but understand quite little, not really something i can visualize)
and truthfully... i posted this thread hoping to give people who needs education an easy to understand lesson, not hoping to steal your idea or anything

Well, thank you for helping out everyone!smileysmiley

sunday 07/03/2010

Guys i already understand why the star count is different not 2 be rude but i said that a long time ago but if your just throwin in your 2cents so be it

Guild teams sounds great, but I doubt we'll be able to do away with the bp system entirely. Too many guilds have invested too much for there to be any change. I'd settle for monthly bp rankingssmiley

It's ultimately your decision.
I switched from clan to clan finding one that I like. Along the way I've kept a few and had to let go a few. (Ltr Kolos)
If you want to switch keep a few cards that you need just in case you want to go back but the prices rise.

My first clan that I used frequently was Piranas. I got most of the expensive cards before the price spiked up. Smokey Cr for 1k.
I would use All stars I made a successful deck with the most expensive card being Jessie

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