monday 15/03/2010

Only been playing a month or so but i have had the most luck with rescue and piranas in ELO. i just sold my piranas cards last night tho. smiley

Cool. Thanks, gents!smiley

Ah man the rest got cut off
Well it wasn't important anyways

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Icic, thanks, no la im not thinking in building 4 2's for more 5's, i just thought that the draw might affect the way the cards are drawn, trying to keep a 2 2 combi higher. but its random like u guys said.
the 3/1 cards is a reason y i prefer mono over dual, but more versatility means dual deck, oh wells. it depends i guess.

No... smiley

Liam ability gets negated, protection is only against SoA


good defensive deck, + life, soa and - damage whats not to love? cheapish price good in elo

"each ones difrent to each room yes"

no, they are all the same 1 tournament, just play in T2 with a friend in T1, You'll se You two will be on a same scoring list...

playing dt in elo is only good if You only want 1 credit from dt, I play like that often, but playing there to hit top 150 isn't good, people play too slow in elo, to play like that better chose fights T1...


Let me make it easier to understand. I can ask and demand all I want, if my wishes do come true I will stay if not my money is not leaving my bank. Without our money the game progress slow. With alot of money the game grow, win, win on both part.

My intention of this thread didn´t went as expected, may as well close.
Guess the community aren´t ready for changes smiley

close mod plz

Http:// thrash an trash

Sorry for going off topic but yeah toxica(when I asked he/she was oranos =P) helped me a lot smiley

No, DWinthrop. It's -2 the first day, -4 the second day, and then I'm not sure what happens after that.

I think I have a pretty good deck for this week, but I want some feedback.
Any suggestions would be really helpful.

I have DR and a revenge card what should i do smileysmileysmiley

sunday 14/03/2010

Any comments on it?

Or you could wait until next week to worry about it. All Stars is basically unplayable this week because both Marina and Robb are banned.

Exactly, comparing two cards only shows you that specific scenario, and tells you little about how the cards perform in a general sense, they're versatility, etc...

Lehane is a great card overall simply because she's one of the most versatile cards in game. As waster says, she can be used in so many ways including as a single card without her bonus.

I have an idea of : pioneer: ability where you can only have this ability at the VERY 1st round doesn't matter if you go 1st or 2nd, it will activate and can't be negated, but only usable at 1st turn. and another one which is the opposite to it, not sure of a word for it but you can get it if you use it at last turn. thost ability won't be game turning but it will be vert strong for the standards now.

You can't, you can make them pass faster but not remove them entirely.

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