monday 15/03/2010

Sorry for going off topic but yeah toxica(when I asked he/she was oranos =P) helped me a lot smiley

No, DWinthrop. It's -2 the first day, -4 the second day, and then I'm not sure what happens after that.

I think I have a pretty good deck for this week, but I want some feedback.
Any suggestions would be really helpful.

I have DR and a revenge card what should i do smileysmileysmiley

sunday 14/03/2010

Any comments on it?

Or you could wait until next week to worry about it. All Stars is basically unplayable this week because both Marina and Robb are banned.

Exactly, comparing two cards only shows you that specific scenario, and tells you little about how the cards perform in a general sense, they're versatility, etc...

Lehane is a great card overall simply because she's one of the most versatile cards in game. As waster says, she can be used in so many ways including as a single card without her bonus.

I have an idea of : pioneer: ability where you can only have this ability at the VERY 1st round doesn't matter if you go 1st or 2nd, it will activate and can't be negated, but only usable at 1st turn. and another one which is the opposite to it, not sure of a word for it but you can get it if you use it at last turn. thost ability won't be game turning but it will be vert strong for the standards now.

You can't, you can make them pass faster but not remove them entirely.

Probably not to sasha, i don't like her in non-mono invironment( of course unless instead of a fellow skeelz it's hugo)

Bridget, Ella, Noemi, Yayoi (if u can) baby q if u cant) muze ellie may, brittany and spiaghi

If you want, you could even change your Platinum to Spiaghi, or if you prefer, you could keep your Platinum and replace your Arkn with Spiaghi.

I know how my aaye in i like taking down 6 victory people smileysmileysmiley

@shadowcouncil So you're saying I don't do enough damage?

Hugo is hardly relevant in Hugtana when facing SoB.

saturday 13/03/2010

Hmmm, budget? what's your budget? i'll just take it that you will have all the money you can spend and suggest a deck:
jessie( these 2 cards are very good, a bit expensive but they'll be worth while)
alexei( 1 less damage and exact same as striker)
a 4* card, any will do, may be asporov
another 4* of choice
one 3* of choice
that way, you could think about which is good and which are not, and which is in your budget,

@Trax correction, you can get ko from 7 life. 2 damage + 2 more damage from fury + 3 from ability = 7. The posion still wouldn't be counted.

Every go check this deck out for Deck of the Week and try it out!

Do not knock it until you try it. It has an incredible range of flexibility.

For me Danger is the best!!!!!! i one pack i got kolos and dorian and i think dolly
man was i happy smiley

I play in non-random ELO and i do not have this issue.

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