friday 12/03/2010

@Wyld Fyre: By your logic, there'd be seperate DT's in Type 1 Slow, Type 1 Fast, Type 2 Slow, Type 2 Fast, and in ELO. Given that Type 1, Type 2 and ELO are unified for tournament purposes now, and that Fraggle said nothing about running seperate tournaments . . . well, it's an idea, but not one that seems likely to happen.

Xu25 wradom sledge ghiest lin xia rolph methane are all good (sledge is in rescue) but i would choose xu52 then wardom then sledge thenrolph then methane smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

An attack manipulating 4* in Skeelz would be very welcome, and add a while layer of depth to their tactics. Their current 4* line up of Greem, Manfred, and Jay is good though.

Piranas have Scubb, but the other 4* cards are somewhat lacking Imo. I'd love to see another 4* Something with 8/4-5, a courage based high powered ability? Perhaps an 8/6 with Protect Bonus for some heavy hitting? Something fun like that.

I think GHEIST need a boost in general. Another 4* for when Toro is down, another 3* (the new card isn't exactly inspiring), and one more 2*.

I'd like to see another 2* for Jungo, Mindy is the only really great one.

Sakrohm could do with another 5*, I agree.

Nightmare have a decent amount of 3*, Sagh and Pan are cool. I'd say another 5* would be welcome to replace Ghumbo and Kolos. :/

Another Freaks 5* would be cool, too. I don't like anyone but Splata Cr in the current line up. Something with added attack manipulation, perhaps support + or power.

Not sure about the others, I'm not as familiar.

Just build another deck when hugo and uranas are bannend smiley without them this deck isnt half as good !
but now its really nice

Dangerous beauties Pls comment and rate and give me some suggestions...

Haha yea, and some surprise win as well~ now everyone noes eeeks


My deck is t2 its pretty good 3 sakrohm 4 nightmare and one leader and i almost can buy ambre as leader smiley


tell me what do You think... it can win battles, and get a lot of bp, can it be better in dt's then big shot decks around 30* in T2?


thursday 11/03/2010

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"high of an elo rating does it take to get 150th at the end of the week?"

Usually in the high 1300s.

What should I do to alter this preset?

It's kind of cheap, and no, I don't yet own a Smokey Cr. I'm getting one tomorrow, however.

Other than Smokey Cr, what exactly would you suggest I change here?

What are the feelings on Kristin? I know that a lot of people seem not to like her, but sometimes her all stop potential wins me rounds, where say, if I had a Taljion or Katan, I might have lost.


Oooh, I confused myself with Sheitane and Phyllis, my bad! Ignore my points about that card and keep Phyllis firmly where she is (unless you prefer Eadh of course!).


I did what you told me to (or at least tried to with cheaper cards) and now I want to see what you guys think now.

Dude, they are both good but if you're using chiro go mono but if you're using gatline you can go mono or half.
but, i prefer to use both.

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"and if you say Piranas are not very good mono in elo, you seriously never played them or couldn't play them."

This. ^

wednesday 10/03/2010

Well, both work well. I've tested them briefly. Try the first first and see how you do.

Good respond art, and he's right, sentinel have a lot of good cards, and very cool to play mono on, going la junta isn't half bad either, but it's very hard palying them at 1st, i say go mono sentinel now, aim for these cards: dayton, john, miranda for now, two of them maight be a pain to get but they're worth it( the miranda isn't for winifred, it's for zdrone) and put hugo in winifred's place when you get him( don't worry, farming to get the clintz for the 3 cards gives more xp than you think), i suggest doing exactly what art suggested in the last part of his post

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