saturday 27/02/2010

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Wild ones preset

Oops on my last post i meant to say i have

With cards like sylth and hystirx and greem it makes freaks obsolete

@Lord Cristian, yeah the rest of us who suck at survivor are starving smiley

Ogoun Kyu can stop slyth,shrumxxt,murray,jaunta,ditha and nyema, he is not useless, as attacker yes as defender no! as a soa/sob/attack clan can not be useless because they can be defensive or sligly offensive, it has to be a + damage card because they arnt defensive with bonus and despite a damage bonus they still cant be offensive, I think is flavio cr, 1 power, no defence in his bonus, he cant be offensive despite 1hko, and he is the only 3 star with 1 power, very bad card

friday 26/02/2010


Kinda strong , rate and comment pleasesmiley , suggestions are welcomed aswell.

Thanks mods.

deleted plz rate and comment

this is my deck of the week entry plz read bio and rate

I made a very long feedback about how I just reached 1200 with this deck, including almost every fights and some data about them. Maybe I can help out those who are still struggling to reach 1200. Check it out at the preset and tell me what you think!

Thanks everyone! i will check all of this out! Btw.. preferably Elo, Type 1 and ?medium costing? would be good

The only time this has happened to me is when I've not noticed a 1/3 GHIEST/xxx split. Ie: his bonus wasn't active.

I've not come across a glitch this big in all my time here. I'd say it's most likely you overlooked something.

Just when my fair play value went from 99% green face to 100% awesome face.... internet screwed me over... now i'm back at 99%


Actually the PRESET limit was 12, the T2 room limit is 10

Man, i had a feeling it was something like that lol. i thought i was playing pretty well then switched to ELO and it's like WTF, there is NO WAY that some dude already has 400+ points when i'm at like 140 haha

ELO dt is i guess just a little bonus in credits and such along with the per weekly earnings

one day i will afford both a T2 AAAAAAAAND an ELO deck smiley

I don't think 20K is low for an ELO deck at all. Of course, you have more options with more clintz but if you browse the top ELO player's profiles some of them post links to their elo presets and they sometimes use decks under 20K.

Here are some examples of cheap elo decks i found browsing the guys in the top 20 right now:

Lord Cristian please don't tell me you really do that. The collection Pro is better and faster way if you don't want to see a load of doubles.

Dolores boss level 1 XD
No, no seriously, it'd be prince jr, I mean, obviously

thursday 25/02/2010

Oh ya i 4got to mention thxs 2 the people who helped my DT presets get better & other people who wrote tips to help any DT deck some people im talking about dont even know im tallking about them anywayz thxs im keeping this 1 & im aiming to get in the top 5 or even # 1smiley

Follow my advice and improve it, i posted it on the preset, replacements for toro are plenty, getting a methane will probably be better for you if you plan to play ELO with that deck, get rid of hugo and one of the 3 3* cards i mentioned and put methane in there, or you could make the amount of 3* in your deck considerably less to make a deck with 2 5*, 1 4*, 1 3* and 4 2*, if you DON'T plan to play ELO, just put toro in and forget what i said

Charlie, Chlora, and Massiv

Massive is just a wonderful card. Weak versus Soa, but when his ability is unopposed he can tear through even the higher stared behemoths. Plus you already have damage reduction.

Charlie because she's simply one of the best cards in UR. GREAT DR plus massive attack potential in the right situations.

Chlora for SoB, which is /always/ welcome in Elo.

5/6 is really good! Well done. If you keep that up you'll have done pretty good by the end of the week.

Nightmare does seem pretty good in elo, but then, ghumbo and Oshitsune are often banned.

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