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Emeth cr for the number 1 smiley


2nd last column, "x/y".

x = Number of you've played so far
y = Number of games you can play

For this one, 30 matches is the max.

Hey all players of this game, from all over the world.
I was made a event but it was was deleted by a careless mistake, I have just made a event who is just like that.
plz participate in my event and rate it plz. You can participate in just 200/- clintz. so plz guys participate in my event and then rate it PLz


tuesday 18/02/2014

plz like it plz

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If you have questions, my box is open smiley

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Jackpot is now 26.4k Join up smiley you might be the one that wins it

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Event: nIgHTMeRE Destroy Kolos:

For a while in Clint City, Travis has been trying to prevent Kolos causing absolute devastation. For that reason many people have fled and evacuated away to keep safe. Kolos holds a rare item which enables you to earn 100 Hurricane X PIT Points. Find out by participating in the 3 acts all consisting of 1 hour of play including a 1 hour interval.

64 Entry's and free to play.

You will play ACT 1: Ranked for life points.
Win: 5pts
Lose: 2pts
Draw: 3pts
Win by K/O: 2pts + add life points as points max 20.

You will play ACT 2: Ranked for Best tactics
Win: 5pts
Lose: 2pts
Draw: 3pts
Win by K/O: 2pts

You will play ACT 3: Ranked for Playing with Kolos
Win: 5pts
Lose: 2pts
Draw: 3pts
Win by K/O: 2pts

All will start From Sunday 16th February 1pm UK time and finish at 6pm with the results.

Times of Acts: (1pm-2pm), (3pm-4pm), (5pm-6pm)

Winner of Act: 25 Hurricane X PIT Points and A rare card.

All participants receive 2 Hurricane X PIT Points including a free complimentary card

Sector for Hurricane X PIT for 1st to 3rd.

Overall Winner by getting the most points receive 100 Hurricane X PIT points

Points will be gathered from rankings 1-5th per Act And will be totaled at the end.

Event: nIgHTMeRE Destroy Kolos:

If you win points they get transferred to Hurricane X PIT so do join this please and rate ___GREEN___.
Hurricane X PIT 2014

I added a lot of cards thanks to donations and now the winners will be 17 and many other cards will be add in the next days, so if you want to partecipate everyone will be accepted smiley

wednesday 12/02/2014

No globumm so given yet

monday 10/02/2014


everybody can join, for more Information visit the Eventpage smiley

Link deleted
100 lucky winners

sunday 09/02/2014

We see a wide variety of these. Some are good. Some could be a bit better. So what should you include in your thread?

-Start with a prefix
Something like that
-Title it after your event so people know right away what it's called. A good name will intrigue people and get them to look.

-Who can join?
Levels, languages, specific countries or guilds
-How many can join?
Is there an entry fee?
-What rules are there that may be different than the regular game?
-Is there a deck format?

Link to the event page:
-This is very important so players can find your event from here. You can do this a couple of ways.
1. Copy the URL from the search bar on the event page, like this:

2. Go for the shorter version that shows the name in green.
-take the end of the URL
-Replace the = sign with a colon :
Mayday! Patrick’s Day! Event 1

Make it interesting:
-Tell us why we should join your event.
-What prizes can we win?

Remember, the more people who join your event, the more successful it can be.

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