monday 22/02/2010

Rate and comment please

Ty sounds alright smiley

It is the same time prizes get distributed after the weekly ELO tourney ends, hence no scores until ELO officially restarts again on that same day.

The ELO tourney ends at 9:00-10:00 in vietnam, got the price at 11:00 each monday, which is about 1:30 hours before i post this

Worst 5 star is probably Python. Even with 12 pills, he loses to a 3 pilled Gina Glitt!

What do you think about theese decks...
Ratings and discussions are encouraged
deleted DT
deleted ELO
Beach Officers T2 V.2 Survivor

5* - Fuzz

Fuzz kills stuff. And looks kool doing it.

You could ask me for info having been here since 06 but its fine i'm not needed lolz

as other have said use it will give you dates on there for card releases

Http:// yes i made yet another DT deck but i think every1 will like this 1! I have taken your suggestions from each time i make a DT deck & each time i get closer to a absolutely GREAT deck. That will get me in the top 40 of a Daily tournament or lower!

sunday 21/02/2010

All advice is welcome. Thanks.

Out of all the decks I have thought up, Im only able to make three of them, All Stars, Freaks, and Roots, since I have all the cards(except CRs) for two out of those three clan, (missing Lilly and Shakra for Roots)


I found piranhas had a lack of power so I used Eryik in it. Read the bio It's funny/. smiley

- Wicer

Lol il try for top 50 next week. its sunday theres no time smiley

Sorry if i double post... smiley

okay anyway here is my idea...i used mono montana this far and got 3rd smiley so i collected some money to buy me a new deck

what do you think about this in DT...not ELO



if anyone got any word of advice i would want to hear it...


The above is a 33 game, 499 point run that won a DT. Note that pretty much everything is 1-3 minutes. If you're only ifnishing a game every 5 minutes, something is wrong with your deck, with how you play, or both. A single 4-5 minute game is tolerable, but a second one is usually death to any hope of victory. 3 and you'll probably be iced from the top 10. This is why competitive players are so agitated when people intentionally delay them.

As for a time out glitch . . . there's no such thing. If anything, people don't want to face folks who time out. It minimizes point gain and often takes more time than just playing the game to conclusion. The two in that sequence were poor sports; both came when I'd already landed 6 damage and had a guaranteed KO. Rather than suffering a loss and moving on to a new game, those guys decided to stall me. I think every other competitive player feels the same way - time outs suck.

He could have been confused because the amount of time to move decreases considerably after you get 100 points. Or it could be that he has slow animations on and his opponent had already moved before he saw the previous round's battle end, which would mean he started with time already shaved off his clock.

I decided to make a deck that was not the usual, and this is what I came up with.


Alec Cr is banned from ELO -.-'

It is possible to win without SOA / SOB.

Try this one
1hko mono fang v2
usually i play it in dt becoz its fast and i finish fights quick to get points fast , but it also works in elo smiley
replace xia or windy with rei btw smiley
goodluck completing your collection smiley

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