tuesday 16/02/2010

Which leader goes better with this clan, hugo or Eyrik?

lower power makes it harder to overcome the attack reduction but the +6 attack puts them higher than Montana/rescue by 2.

@everyone srry if i offend and btw garionkraiser i am actually smart enough to be in year 9 smiley i am a little bit of a nerd so kill me
and i dont want you guys to be upset i just wanted to know so i could see if any real high levels players were young as me and if not then i know i will be more4 active and someday level higher than them that is all

Ok, please close this. I'm going to write out the idea again in another thread with more specific focus. Thanks!

As I've mentioned in the comments to the deck linked in the OP, excessive DR is actually suicide in DT's. It slows you down and slow wins are often worse than losses, since the top 10 players are banging out 6+ points every minute. You need to get to 100 fast, work through your games fast, and lose fast.

Here's a better take on mono Sakrohm for DT's: deleted. The reasons for Skrumxxt and Nimestiec over Sol Hona and Spiaghi are discussed in the deck intro and comments. Jautya and Trinkmmt are also out - Trinmkkt is unecessary DR and he's underpowered, while Petra is hyper-effective vs. the +/- attack clans (and Shann) that dominate the DT meta. Jautya is a one trick pony and too often leads to low point match wins. Whether its an overloaded hit early or a furious hit late, his massive life swing isn't worthwhile when it stops you from getting points and up and down the line. A leader bumps the starcount, but strengthens all of your cards and gives you more KO options with Skrumxxt, Graksmxxt, Petra and Uranus.

monday 15/02/2010


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LOL how about nobrocybix N bunny XD, even tho she doesn't exist

There are so many Freak threads because: Freaks are the hardest clan to use and most players don't understand how to use them to the best of their abilities. I explain it every time, in every thread, but it always goes on deaf ears.

Changing the bonus would affect the Freaks decks so greatly it would probably cause riots, boycotting and bricks thrown through the windows of the admins.

I can write a lot more (like always), but since no one listens, why should I bother? Right Insom?

Please rate my deck, I Top 100 in DT every day; and some weeks it's still viable in ELO:-


Any (constructive) comments always appreciated. Cheers.

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I actually think some decks will have a higher win rate in random tan in non-random, for example mono rescue, just send out your 2* with 0 pills, and your opponent must pill tons to get a sureshot, if they dont, theres a chance you win with 0 pills, then you can pill hard and with rescue's bonus, its easy to get to sureshot.

But it comes down to this point... why play a clan with a disadvantage with "skill" when you can play a clan with a strong bonus with "skill"

I forgot the preset. So this is the upgraded one: The Two Dirty and Girls Reloaded


plz rate green and comment

ty mods



@Lv21 things might go easier for you in a mono-deck. All depends on what cards you have.

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They can if you know when to pill an when to take the hit. just also depends on the player

Mods please close

Want advice on this deck.

Copper teach Tessa at school

Sorry, Lol. Didnt check to see if Azgrowth was a Zombie or not. I just presumed.

I Just think Azgrowth is better to stop big cards. Oshitsune is there to stop mid powered cards. Azgrowth stops high powered cards, Like for instance, I usually tend to battle Oscar in DZ, and Azgrowth is there to win. Oshitsune cant beat Oscar. I Had to second guess my next move just since Oshitsune is in my hand. However with Azgrowth he is there to stop Powered cards. smiley

sunday 14/02/2010

It depends on the circumstances, if I'm using a clan like Skeelz, Jungo or La Junta I prefer +power (makes it easier to get over enemy attack manip.)
Likewise, if I'm using an attack manip. clan I prefer -power (more pillz to get over the bonus)

I see your point - but many of the top guilds still contain great players - their ELO values aren't as bad as you're making them out to be.

And also - in the guild vs. guild events it's nothing to do with BPs..so higher leveled players aren't gaining anything - whereas top guilds such as SE, Hall Stars, Rage against Unfairs, Steiner etc. are doing well in the guild vs. guild events..(Battle Royale mainly)

And their players are also the main players in those top events.

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