monday 01/03/2010

ELO room and during DT hour= DT points, and ELO points as well, but they are 2 seperate things, you don't have to worry

Off topic: OMG, there are 4 rescue staples being in semi- danger on the 1st day, if those votes are taken into account, rescue is pretty much useless next week
well, ELO banned cards are usable, and very strong, people using them in DT are the people who wants to have a quick DT, that's all i can think of

This deck is fun to use for obvious reasons. If you get Timber you have a huge chance of having at least one 1HKO.
Even if you don't, you only need to get through with any 2 and you win.

Any ideas on how to make this more stressful to verse? smiley


Wanda, gwen, and maybe svelthana may be better 1* fillers.

Hey y'all, just a quick question, can somebody tell me what the first column of numbers are for when you export your character list into excel? Cheers,

Must have: Bristone, Leviatonn

at least 1: Toro, Methane

at least 1, Arkn, Z3r0 D34d, Plantinum, Dolly,

Recommend: Wardom!!!!

well, these are just imo so just take it as reference

sunday 28/02/2010

It's sorta like when Stanly came out for Ulu Watu, once he came out there was a slight increase in Ulu Watu players, however they soon disappeared. I'm seeing some more La Junta go around, but it just might be a short season :

Power = power opp swap is rather hard to do i find cause my soa. but when i can power = power opp i find it cool. its like playing somba 5/3 vs Svelthlana 2/3 in that game somba would lose cause he get the 2 power were svelthlanan would then have 5.

Actually I was thinking something along the lines of :




Low-star half decks that make great bluffs while leaving room for the heavy hitters of Ulu. The problem with Gheist is that they are rather pill-intensive, and that their strength lies in their 4* and 5*s, leaving little room/pills for Ulu Watu. Roots are good though, as they have low star, great DR, and decent attack manip.

I like Sasha as a 2* spot. Very good in bluffing or sometimes attacking


this is a deck I was talking about smiley

Ok, deck turned into this for elo:

It doesn't have the kill potential that other decks have which makes me guess too much. It's still pretty decent but I have to win 1-2 50/50's to win a match.

With gheist I use the big 3 leaders, ambre, morphun and hugo and sometimes eklore. In that order, ambre creates good 2HKO options and creates a bigger power gap on the -power cards. She is best in Survivor and T2 decks. Morphun is the all rounder, He is able to give you more options and you can either save pillz for a particular card/s or disperse them for more atk like hugo or save for fury. Then theres hugo, he can be useful with cards like arkn, leviatonn and the heavy hitters. Finally eklore, basicly the opposite of morphun but not as useful. She forces opps to lose pillz reducing their options, only problem is her high min...

I seem to do well with Gibson n Fuzz. Order depends on situation, but between the two of em I seem to 2hKO often. And, I rarely use all my pillz when I do that!

Just another reason why I love Fuzz so much. smiley Go, Fuzz! Bzzzzzzzt!

He is mainly a T2 Survivor card, in there he is a monster, not to mention all those cr rumours which don't seem to die. Also he is pretty hard to get.

I like to ask for your advise if Piranas and Ulu Watu mixture can form any strong deck? Any recommends?

saturday 27/02/2010

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Oops on my last post i meant to say i have

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