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@Lv21 things might go easier for you in a mono-deck. All depends on what cards you have.

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They can if you know when to pill an when to take the hit. just also depends on the player

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Want advice on this deck.

Copper teach Tessa at school

Sorry, Lol. Didnt check to see if Azgrowth was a Zombie or not. I just presumed.

I Just think Azgrowth is better to stop big cards. Oshitsune is there to stop mid powered cards. Azgrowth stops high powered cards, Like for instance, I usually tend to battle Oscar in DZ, and Azgrowth is there to win. Oshitsune cant beat Oscar. I Had to second guess my next move just since Oshitsune is in my hand. However with Azgrowth he is there to stop Powered cards. smiley

sunday 14/02/2010

It depends on the circumstances, if I'm using a clan like Skeelz, Jungo or La Junta I prefer +power (makes it easier to get over enemy attack manip.)
Likewise, if I'm using an attack manip. clan I prefer -power (more pillz to get over the bonus)

I see your point - but many of the top guilds still contain great players - their ELO values aren't as bad as you're making them out to be.

And also - in the guild vs. guild events it's nothing to do with higher leveled players aren't gaining anything - whereas top guilds such as SE, Hall Stars, Rage against Unfairs, Steiner etc. are doing well in the guild vs. guild events..(Battle Royale mainly)

And their players are also the main players in those top events.

You need to find your #1 clan you are 100% compatible with. mines gheist casue soa helps me alot i can do roots dont know why.

are you a high damige player
a damgie reducer player
a power or att reducer
are you a specilist stop bounes or ability
are you + life user not many are great life users
are you a high power player

once you find that clan thats you work with the best you will see how much more fun it is
you have to decide this your self cause no one can tell you. just point you in that difredtion

What about clan bonus opp: -2 pillz ?

Well, I mean last tournament I finished 29th smiley . It's the best I can do. smiley

And thanks for the comment! (:

I just recently made a Montana/Skeelz deck. After a few changes, I ended up with this:
I easily got to 1300 elo with it. I would highly recommend this deck.

"thats what ppl mean by Virtual powers not a 6/5 being a 9/5. just means you have a power advantige. just Virtual powers sound better"

The problem is that this isn't what people always mean, they literally write it sometimes as "Toro becomes a virtual 9/5. ". Even if they're just using the term to sex up their prose it could easily lead to confusion.

@Tonkey Mojo is starter card, the always sell for 50 clintz, regardless of stars or rarity.

You are likely playing in "Normal" mode. This is where the fights are randomized to a certain degree - the higher your attack the more chance you have winning, but don't rely on it.

To play in non-Random mode:
Join a game room, check the top of the screen. Under "Game preferences", make sure it's on "No random". This way, the highest attack always wins.

Have fun.

Against most low powered power reducers just attack manipulate them, they pred much always lose

I've never really given much thought into Kate's appearance. Honestly, I'd actually like it if Kate didn't have a face.

In the show "Ghost Stories" there was a character that only existed in dialogue- Hadley. I loved her so much, despite the fact that Hadley never had any screen time, lines or even a face. She was the teacher's arch-rival, so he would reverence her often. That way we would have an idea on who Hadley is and what her personality is (at least from Mr. Sakata's view), but her appearance and specifics are left to our imagination.

I think Kate would be twenty times as interesting without an appearance. Leave Kate to our imagination. smiley

Skeelz rnt low or high pill clans, it depends on who u get- they r a situational based clan. With all their Confidence and revenge and wat not

Deadeye to Smokey CR/ Tyd.-opp power that go to ur own level are really really bad. Caelus is banned so switch him to Jay then Praxie to Manfred. those 2 together with any otha 2 really screw with ur opponents mind and they hav no idea who to pill against

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