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saturday 13/03/2010

They won't change it, if that happen people will start using the LW to cheat in missions, imagine a guy playing with a 0xp card and 3 mission cards, how pissed would YOU be if that happens?


This is kinda an old thread but I would also like to know how to get 400+ points on DT.
not just in theory, but from people who actually done it.

right now my record was only 380s by playing fast on a 25 stars montanas deck

Yeah I guess it's too much to change now in the current system, extra artwork, evo problems etc.

But it's still an idea I guess. (I'm closing the thread)

friday 12/03/2010

Well ya give it a shot. morphun is a "safer" more conservative card than Dalhia.

@TheCynic.... yep ive never been a big Dalhia user... but Bloodh has seen plenty of action in my games. Naginata on the other hand... pretty sweet opening card

@Wyld Fyre: By your logic, there'd be seperate DT's in Type 1 Slow, Type 1 Fast, Type 2 Slow, Type 2 Fast, and in ELO. Given that Type 1, Type 2 and ELO are unified for tournament purposes now, and that Fraggle said nothing about running seperate tournaments . . . well, it's an idea, but not one that seems likely to happen.

Xu25 wradom sledge ghiest lin xia rolph methane are all good (sledge is in rescue) but i would choose xu52 then wardom then sledge thenrolph then methane smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

An attack manipulating 4* in Skeelz would be very welcome, and add a while layer of depth to their tactics. Their current 4* line up of Greem, Manfred, and Jay is good though.

Piranas have Scubb, but the other 4* cards are somewhat lacking Imo. I'd love to see another 4* Something with 8/4-5, a courage based high powered ability? Perhaps an 8/6 with Protect Bonus for some heavy hitting? Something fun like that.

I think GHEIST need a boost in general. Another 4* for when Toro is down, another 3* (the new card isn't exactly inspiring), and one more 2*.

I'd like to see another 2* for Jungo, Mindy is the only really great one.

Sakrohm could do with another 5*, I agree.

Nightmare have a decent amount of 3*, Sagh and Pan are cool. I'd say another 5* would be welcome to replace Ghumbo and Kolos. :/

Another Freaks 5* would be cool, too. I don't like anyone but Splata Cr in the current line up. Something with added attack manipulation, perhaps support + or power.

Not sure about the others, I'm not as familiar.

Just build another deck when hugo and uranas are bannend smiley without them this deck isnt half as good !
but now its really nice

Dangerous beauties Pls comment and rate and give me some suggestions...

Haha yea, and some surprise win as well~ now everyone noes eeeks


My deck is t2 its pretty good 3 sakrohm 4 nightmare and one leader and i almost can buy ambre as leader smiley


tell me what do You think... it can win battles, and get a lot of bp, can it be better in dt's then big shot decks around 30* in T2?


thursday 11/03/2010

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"high of an elo rating does it take to get 150th at the end of the week?"

Usually in the high 1300s.

What should I do to alter this preset?

It's kind of cheap, and no, I don't yet own a Smokey Cr. I'm getting one tomorrow, however.


Other than Smokey Cr, what exactly would you suggest I change here?

What are the feelings on Kristin? I know that a lot of people seem not to like her, but sometimes her all stop potential wins me rounds, where say, if I had a Taljion or Katan, I might have lost.


Oooh, I confused myself with Sheitane and Phyllis, my bad! Ignore my points about that card and keep Phyllis firmly where she is (unless you prefer Eadh of course!).


I did what you told me to (or at least tried to with cheaper cards) and now I want to see what you guys think now.

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