sunday 14/02/2010

I've never really given much thought into Kate's appearance. Honestly, I'd actually like it if Kate didn't have a face.

In the show "Ghost Stories" there was a character that only existed in dialogue- Hadley. I loved her so much, despite the fact that Hadley never had any screen time, lines or even a face. She was the teacher's arch-rival, so he would reverence her often. That way we would have an idea on who Hadley is and what her personality is (at least from Mr. Sakata's view), but her appearance and specifics are left to our imagination.

I think Kate would be twenty times as interesting without an appearance. Leave Kate to our imagination. smiley

Skeelz rnt low or high pill clans, it depends on who u get- they r a situational based clan. With all their Confidence and revenge and wat not

Deadeye to Smokey CR/ Tyd.-opp power that go to ur own level are really really bad. Caelus is banned so switch him to Jay then Praxie to Manfred. those 2 together with any otha 2 really screw with ur opponents mind and they hav no idea who to pill against

I used to use Piranas but the problem is its a really slow hitting clan and u basically always hav to win 3/4 rounds or ur screwed.

Using the piranas makes u good at knowing wen to pill and wen to bluff therefore i suggest u use Skeelz, switch to a halfdeck wit them. Thats wat i did and i found it alot easier to win and cum in top 150 in most dt tourneys. definately sell Hawkins he is so overated its not funny, with the clintz u can buy his cheaper replacement Tula and sum good cheap Skeelz cards, eg: Zeke, Cley, Redra and for a four star Manfred-he is 1500ish but thats not too bad for a great card

Once u buy these aim to get Tomas and Chiara as they r excellent. but buy the otha cards first. And as for packs dont get New Blood. they r a waste u almost neva get a decent card, the best r definately Cool attitude as the clans in it rnt as widely used as in the otha packs. Eg: freaks.

And as for clintz ive been looking for a way to get more every time im jus hopin they might create a leader that has an ability like Team: +90% clintz. kinda like Vansaar but with Clintz

Well.... i had 8000 after i sold Praxie and I bought Chiro and Burger, which gives me money to buy a cheap freaks half decksmiley

Im sharing greatness with you the least you can do is Rate smiley

Comment and rate green plz!
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Idk i think they send it to your mail not on ur like aol yahoo etc.

Someone sent me a screenshot of it happening - it ends in a 0:0 life draw.
Unfortunately I cannot send him a message back and there is one more question - did this happen after round 3 or 4? After round 2 is not possible (go figure out why it is not possible yourself - take that as a little weekend riddle), so it could be after round 3 or 4. [Btw.: Jungo Bonus is not necessarily active]

Now I can imagine that the code for this game reads after round 4 IF LifeOfPlayerA==LifeOfPlayerB THEN draw. And obviously that line would only be there ater round 4 and not round 3. It might of course have been thought of and have a general line like IF LifeOfPlayerA=0 AND LifeOfPlayerB>0 ... THEN B wins. If someone wants to try that out as well to definitely know... :O

But evidence so far: Double KOs count as draw.

U will find out u use the same number w/the same cards like hawkins-3/4pillz 1st turn smokey-7pillz dalhia-7-4 so on so on taham-5-6 nobrodroid sometime 10 pillz selma varies corvus anyanount below 10 ummm i cant think of other pill cards at the moment so i guess thats it hope it helps

saturday 13/02/2010

"You haven't even played 1000 games total yet"
What does that have to do with anything?

in statistics a large sample size is required for a more robust analysis, playing less games means the sample size is low and therefore more prone to error about the true randomness of the game, since his post is about the randomness of hands, my comment about his lack of games is completely relevant.

Well...i really dont see Skeelz top tier,and i dont think i ever will...but they will be always popular tho


it would be its been done already a thousand times over with text comments on the cards

Third on Tyd and Tula. I also recommend you try out Sting because she's awesome.


tell me what you think

Here's a deck of mine, the entry for this week's deck of the week actually, i can't be bothered making a preset cause it was already taken so i post my deck here and if you guys like it, go and vote for it at the link below
hawkins noel
link: Cheap piranas
could have been better if it was hawkins instead of spycee but i haven't the resource( AKA i can't afford hawkins)


ok this is my new entry since this old one got hated on .... A LOT
anyways plz rate and comment this is actually a fairly nice deck

The odd thing is, that even though i hear a lot of complaints about glitches and whatnot i dont have any of them, AND I HAVE DIAL UP! Just posting my thoughts. Its odd. UR runs smooth on my pc with no problem. I use IE too! Takes a min to load but thats it.

Can someone destroy this thread i did not mean to make it

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