wednesday 24/02/2010

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Well, Bangers are really versatile. Plenty of DR, a good defensive SOA, SOB, lots of great high-star options, and Loocio helps out a lot too. So I wouldn't start off with Bangers, but rather start off with another clan and patch up their weaknesses with Bangers.

An idea:

B Ball

Really weak to SOB, yes, though otherwise Bangers patch up Uppers' power issues, complement their 6 damage for some nice 2HKO, help with those higher pilled battles, offer a DR, etc.

That total power though is really abyssmal >_< I haven't tried this deck so if you try it be warned that those power issues are nearly Rescue-level bad.

Sucks bro smiley

tuesday 23/02/2010

Jungo and Junta may work so long as your good with at least one of the clans. If I were you I'd play some practice room matches with Jungo so you can get really good at using them.

Accepting for the sake of argument that no-bonus reduction could win many games, that much -dmg slows games down far too much. People think more about how to get around them. People who are going to beat you for sure can't quickly end it with a fury, wasting precious clock w/o any point gain for you. Anything that slows you down or induces slower moves from your opponents is a bad idea in a DT :o

I think someone did this once. Exel chart with all characters up to that point and prices at that time.

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Almost No One Wants Him And More And More PLayers Are Leveling Up Pretty Fast

Please no spamming your own threads. I am looking for decks that have done well in DT
Please No making obvious ones (I.E. No Hugo plus monts etc.)

Yeah, I think the main differences are the popularity of certain cards/clans as well as the strategies people use. Of course, you can play player-banned cards in T1 and T2 with no penalty and staff-banned cards with a moderate penalty but it seems like the player-banned cards aren't as common as one would think. I have only ever fought Caelus once in T1/T2 and I don't know if I have ever fought a Slyth or a Shakra in T1/T2.

Yes, in ELO, the points you get for the DT are exactly the same as for the other DT rooms, unfortunately you also are competing against the people in the other DT rooms and so its pretty much impossible since people play slower and more carefully in ELO and there isn't the occasional easy battle against people using their starting 8 cards + Timber.

monday 22/02/2010

You should not be using more than 8 cards in your deck, dont use simon, even if he has soa, his power is too low, and angelina is not good as stated previously, when you get hugo, take out enzo for it. Spiaghi should be in your deck, take out filomena or ottavia for it.

Went for the Classic Montana/Uppers.
Its 28* but well worth it.
Plus the only reason its 28* is because i replaced Zatman for dorion, for the simple reason
i lose 2 points for using zatman anyway lol so why not have dorion insted smiley

Rate and comment smiley

Cool. That cleared everything up for me. Thanks guys.

Got your PM btw Yami. I appreciate it. =)

We've been repeatedly told that the staff goes back and hand checks the logs with respect to each winner, and I think that's enough to ensure fair results and _very_ negative outcomes for those who game the system with alt accounts. There've been at least two lottery "winners" banned since the thing started up.

That said, there are totally legitimate ways to get more entries into the lotto. For example, I could provide every player in WMD with 25 copies of Archie to use any time a Big 5 card is in the draw with the understanding that I'd get the card and they could keep any clintz from lucky number tickets. That's an exercise in trust. I don't control their accounts or actions, it's not a dupe, shill, or in any way illegal.

Thank you TheCynic-OC, you are the only one who answered to this player and who seem to know that 49,3% of the human beings are women, so it's not that rare and surprising to see one.
Maybe most of you should do as shadowcouncil said and as I'm a really helpful admin, I'll make it easier to achieve by closing this thread.

Try this one:

Extra-musical Raid
Its T2 and for Random
Same here: Piranas pretend to the throne!

You can say what you want. He always made it to the top 10 smiley

Rate and comment please

Ty sounds alright smiley

It is the same time prizes get distributed after the weekly ELO tourney ends, hence no scores until ELO officially restarts again on that same day.

The ELO tourney ends at 9:00-10:00 in vietnam, got the price at 11:00 each monday, which is about 1:30 hours before i post this

Worst 5 star is probably Python. Even with 12 pills, he loses to a 3 pilled Gina Glitt!

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