thursday 22/06/2017

We got a new video for the clan here:

My guess is that voice is Marshal's. Also, that crooked judge could be the clan leader.

wednesday 21/06/2017

monday 19/06/2017

Well some poisoners can potentially end the game in the first turn like karrion but you need to furry or get a - life card and sirvive until the end. I would suggest you use such cards instead of the OHKO. I mean its one of the reasons why campbell and lear barduh were and still are overused. You can bluff with them or use some average pills like 4-6 and still get awesome results. their clans getting advantage in the life and the huge advantage they get from bonus its gg all you need is face roll

saturday 17/06/2017

Not until after Ghostown slows to 2 per release...

friday 16/06/2017

Speaking of Valentina Ld, does anyone know a good deck to take on the Season 2 Sentinel mission?

monday 12/06/2017

The rewards vary depending on how difficult the missions are smiley

Yes for now we have more characters that are 'better' with the daylight bonus. But things will change with the new waves, with more characters better at night smiley

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Continuation of the above story:

The wedding went on with a hitch! Dustyn and Lucy decided it was best for them to stay away from Clint City and continue onto their honeymoon. After about 2 weeks, their clan's top dogs, Charlie and Dashra started to worry! Discovering their mutual predicament, Charlie knew Lucy's love adventure must come to an end and return to her feminist roots. Dashra also didn't want Stella to now find a eighth replacement for the musical group Volkahn. They called on Earl and Geoffrey to go searching for their missing clan mates! Earl and Geoffrey quickly found out about Manon, Scarlett, Yayoi, A Award, Phonos, and Sigma's affiliation to the love fling and figured they needed their own departed to help find the love struck dou! Tessa and Dragan quickly stepped up and found the two somewhere in the nearby city. They apprehended the two and took them back to Clint City before leaving the city one last time.


sunday 11/06/2017

Riots one I commented a while ago on the game's facebook about recent riots just being fillers with no story and the page's manager replied that they were working on a riots comic. ( )

saturday 10/06/2017

*It was already said from admin that there will be option to turn off mission progress popups, be patient.
*You are not allowed to have multiple accounts, please contact support center explaining situations and telling all your accounts and they will let you keep one of them you want.
*There is bug report topic in forum:
*No bug, NayrSlayer already explained.
*You should be informed why do you have blacklist, you broke the rules, that's how the blacklist works.

Closing topic.

friday 09/06/2017

UR staff made Game's Rules site for those things ... but yea in short for the lazy people ... Positive effects occur before Negative ... dat means First he gains life and then he loses it

My favourite one is "geek" and the usernames are so weird smiley

wednesday 07/06/2017

Equalizer: Attack +3.

Next: A convert ( a collector card now joining another clan).

thursday 01/06/2017

I'm glad I have all my leaders

wednesday 31/05/2017


monday 29/05/2017

Right now its like this, but the devs will try to fix it when they finish to solve the few current bugs remaining in the app

Although the sun here kills me but still ramadan mubarik to all those who are fasting.

The staff need to hit the reset button. If they don't, all this pandering to new players will go to waste. Do the right thing staff smileysmiley

@TheDoomBug -1

They've been talking about doing it for ages, flash still has more time. Staff rushed it for no reason, and here we are.

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