monday 07/10/2013

Sounds like a solid start-- AS/Vortex is a great combo because AS will usually dominate at high pill counts, which you'll have plenty of, with Vortex returning pills on defeat.

Consider changing Randy to Karen if you're having trouble with SOA. Karen is also more solid without her bonus. You could also do an alternate setup with only 1 3*.

Cyb Lhia is a good card in a control deck; having too many nukes can make her redundant. Here's my pick for a solid AS/vortex deck:


C wing
Cyb Lhia
T Gaank
X-0dus (or Dagg)

This setup gives you a little bit of everything, and should be pretty solid.

saturday 05/10/2013

I say Time + Skill are completely linked in this game. The more time you have to play Elo, the more experience you gain. The more experience you gain, the more likely you are to get higher Elo Scores, no?

It's easier to get the higher scores as the week progresses, that's also something worth pointing out. If you can get the 1300's on the Thurday's or Friday's you can put in a solid attempt for 1400.

Simple RayRay!


rate and comment please smiley

at 1337 elo right now hopefully i have time to play tomorrow.

Seriously it's not fair!

friday 04/10/2013

I prefer pollo to zapatino, his ability stop: +3 life works well w the deck n is the only answer for SOA. It depends on ur play style tho

thursday 03/10/2013

If I was you, i'd do Quinn - Karen, then do Lady - Kazayan + Wendel - Maurice.
That way you'd still have 2 Dr's, you'd also get some Ko threats when you get Kazayan too. More solid against SoA too!

wednesday 02/10/2013

Marina Jessie Saki Sigurd.
Glorg Artus Phylis Pan/Edwin/Crowen (I'd prefer Edwin in a deck like this personally.)
Your weakest hand has strong damage, and the decks well rounded with cards that don't rely on their damage completely and some DR in there.

tuesday 01/10/2013

He got bigger budget lol (500 k).


This is my Fang pi project for this weak...
i have idea to change Yoshida for Tsubame But still in saving process so if any of you veterans have some other idea =D

monday 30/09/2013

I pretty much only play elo style game modes. Standard is way too ridiculous for me (n most players). Elo is supposed to b the elite game mode of them all, why screw w it?

Ie. The week ends at midnight, and the new week begins at 4am Monday (GMT+2). That's 27 minutes ago by my clock. smiley

sunday 29/09/2013

For the clans you've chosen, taking this week's player-bans into account, you've already got it right. smiley

thursday 26/09/2013

I prefer Eugene n Numar instead of Daddy Jones. Unsure about the pirhannas tho, I really don't use them

Please check out my new love Noland! it used to be Tuck though~ i just love 7/5 on 4 stars .


used to run

C wing
Cyb Lhia

wednesday 25/09/2013

Thanks I appreciate it smiley

Last member of Berzerk/All-stars team:
Karen or Randy

monday 23/09/2013

Interesting deck. smiley

Interesting deck I would personally change Ashiko to Mindy, Brianna to Bryan.

sunday 22/09/2013

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