thursday 18/02/2010

Can you wait till next Friday?? because then new cards are coming out and they are all very,but very expensive first few days/ you can sell them for big price...if you cant...hmm i dont know,you cant get Eyrik in boosters...from what i heard Rainbow and Danger are pretty popular and good boosters smiley

hope i helped you

Probaly some dude who need to feel good by gettong some win

*cough cough, not me

Update...Montanas the Returns got me to 30# on DT....its really great

T1 Elo ban-fest

Just made 92 points in 15 minutes... so I guess it's quite competitive, even though it gets the minus points for elo-bans =)

What are your ideas? smiley

Here's mine: ( Poor Man's ELO Deck (PM'ed) )- Freaks/Pussycats
Don't forget to rate and comment. smiley

Anti Uppers........ SOBs?

People are looking at it now its at 360!smiley

A deck like that was designned to 2HKO, get some basic bluffing under your belt and you're ready to hit 550 like your friend did

wednesday 17/02/2010

Aight, so this is my current deck

What could I improve? I got 19k and most cards from Ulu Watu (Including Tanaereva and Wee Lee) I chose to use Buck instead of Wee Lee to mix it up, but do ya'll think it makes a HUGE difference really?


Born wild

You played the last Urban Rivals tournament but you didn't make it to the podium. You ended up 6 with 416 Battle points.

Deck : P.S Its my second try with this deck, and im playing DT's only for 2 days after a long break. Now what i can say is - Speed is all. I played 22 matches and 15 ended up with victories. Result - 6th place. Yesterday i played 22 matches in which i had 10 victories, result - top 50 . So i agree with things Fast is Fun said completely. Dont look on the stars of your deck, rather look to the stars of your possible hand and WIN FAST, LOSE EVEN FASTER.

Ill get bakk at yah when i got my deck on lock

Thankyou for the advice, I will follow what each of you have told me

Jane Ramba

If you're feeling adventurous you could swap Ambre in for Naginata.

Don't know if it's already been meantioned or anything but maybe there could be a room for 30 secs per turn and a slower room then the people who are serious can do what they do and the slower players who are just after xp can go in the other.

They're both very good cards, but if i have to chose, i'd chose glorg, 6 damage is worth pilling up, oshitsune have 7 damage but things like askai and boomah screw him real bad

Pure damage reduction decks collapse without a balance of combat and damage. Yes, DR and +life are pretty darn important, but without that balance, the deck isn't going anywhere but down.

About 15k at your disposal and you have a decent la junta deck, 20k and you have a decent piranas deck, mono only of course.
piranas (Cr included): tula, hawkins, smokey cr, tyd, hawkins noel
la junta : jane ramba, trish, dean, gatline... there are more, i just can't be bothered naming them all
make a decent half deck out of those 2 clans and you'd use about 15-19k.

Try the" if you were to make a card on this game what card would you make" topic, it's better there

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