monday 25/01/2010

La junta public preset tell me what you think


Plz close this ppl are just being player haters on my preset with oput any resan

Yookie for Lou

I'm pretty sure it's ability before end-of-turn effects. I know for sure that if a card like Andsom wins when the opponent has 7 pillz, and you also have Eklore, Andsom's ability will go first taking the opponent to 4 pillz, which is below Eklore's minimum of 5, rather than Eklore going first and allowing you to reduce the opponent's pillz to 3.

Becouse seriously, this deck is already quite good and it would be hard to make it even better. If you get only 1149 with this dont expect getting over 1190 putting some more expensive skeelz, maybe just practice more with them, think of better tacktics or something. If that doesnt work, listen to Woxxx


pls rate and comment on how i can improve it...


I don't see how it would work well, perhaps you can show us with how fast you got to 1200 or 1300 with it in ELO, or perhaps a battle log of how much you won with it in a DT of some sort, you know, give us what it can do.

Not a bad deck but I do still prefer Bruce over trish as he is more stable when gheist and roots are around.

If it's a tie, it'll be random

sunday 24/01/2010

Just follow a chain of logic. Say you have Borss vs Piranas. Start with Piranas SoB -> Can anything stop Piranas SoB? Yes, Borss' SoB ability -> Can anything stop Borss' ability? No, therefore Borss' ability goes through and Piranas' SoB is stopped.

Borss vs Gheist. Start with Gheist SoA-> Can anything stop Gheist's SoA? Yes, Borss' SoB ability -> Can anything stop BOrss' ability? Yes, Gheist's SoA -> Can anything stop Gheist's SoA? Yes, Borss.. WAIT! Stop here, you just went a circle, therefore Borss' ability and Gheist's SoA just cancel each other out.

You can still get great cards if you dont buy credits becaues the best cards are rare & uncommon cards which mean you have a low chance of getting caeleus & s high chance of getting nata or spiaghi depending on the pack. me i have gotten tons of great cards from just elo,survivor dt repeatedly to afford charlie caeleus emethe blaw blaw players who do buy credits they may get a good card they may get a bad card but even if they do get a good card & you fight them doesnt mean they will win its about how you play unless your a noob vs a lv 25+

If you want a deck that consistently gets you up to 1300 or at least past 1200, rescue is the way to go. After 1300 you just have to see what works best for you personally.

Good to hear that Thanks everyone.

This my deck~~

plz give ur opinion..give me other combination to make deck to get 1400 ELO point >.

Is there a K.O. mission card in Junkz?smiley

Sasha to Redra
Corvus to Tomas
Onik to Veenyle

saturday 23/01/2010


Nice mono Jungo deck, and for the rare weeks when Sylth isn't banned, swap Psylo out. Can also replace Boohma with Nyema, but I find he's often under-estimated, and also a nice cover for cards like Tula.

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