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sunday 21/02/2010


rate green and it might be a bit new smiley

saturday 20/02/2010

I have all the skeels and i don't know which clans is the best with them, can you help me?
thanks mods

This could be ownage for DT...winning probably lots of points per battle...but the thing is...it is very hard to KO with that deck, and KO is one of the most important things in DT's...but this should win atleast 3 rounds in battle, so it can give a nice amount of points per battle smiley...mabye Striker - Marina for more 2hko options,of course with Fury smiley

Non-random is the #1 choice for almost all players, mainly cause their luck usually sucks, i know mine is, i know that that's true for a lot of ppl

The best way to predict the opponent's next move is having experience.

It's like in chess. Nobody (except maybe prodigies) is a master on the first or second time playing. Lots of practice, and a lot of losses will make you better, and will help you learn how to predict your opponents next move.

The very best way is lot of experience, so do your hardest, take notes and with enough experience you'll get better and learn how to take a guess what your opponent will do. smiley

A little experimental deck i built, i didn't have all the cards i need yet so this is nothing but a draft, comment and rate pls( also if you comment, don't bother suggesting cards over 1k):
Rich escape of the pirate

Thanks for the explanation!
So, abilities first (at the same time) and then bonuses (at the same time, I guess).

Thank you!

Im pretty sure that extra pills dont contribute to elo score...

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The claws come out http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1107314smiley

friday 19/02/2010

It's been a while since I've used my nightmares and I wanted to make a new deck so I made this one


Please comment and rate in the preset not here.

thnx mods

POISON + SENTENIEL = smileysmileysmiley

Fair enough, but the pre-moderation system is really detrimental to the flow of conversation.

Also we could really do with more public forums. General chat, suggestions, Off Topic, etc... As It stands, the only way to really get to know people is via PM and that can be a little awkward.

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Your link is broken, if you are having trouble posting a preset, post the deck in thread (type it out)


Please help me improve it


Sorry man, I missed your response before.

Good going! With the lesser dmg you do need to think a bit more, but you've so much more room for tactics imo. Gg getting past 300. Onwards and upwards? smiley

Last post to make sure everyone sees it lols smiley

I pm you a deck or two you could use. smiley

Go back to the first deck and make these changes - Bobby to joana and suzie to Glosh

it may work better, bu it just depends on your play style

Obviously alot of you dont like Vholt and prefer other leaders i.e the less demand for him.
Reason for price drop okay done and dusted.

Okay Cynic You do realise that post i said was exact 1500 letters meaning i had little i could say about your comment.
And seems your point was just a carbon copy of so many others it seemed worthless in my eyes. repeating what others have already said. i.e You wasnt worth the speach. But obviously your looking for some Limelight so il reply...

For a starters il answer both of your questions, Yes i did understand and no i didnt just read the 1st line. i looked at your name saw you was a nobody didnt bother to even look at the first 10 words. (thats harsh lol im joking msmiley

As i said before i did read your whole post just didnt have room for you pal.

Shadowcousil do you have to reply to everything i say? Bad in comparsion to other leaders?
Im not spending all day proving hes a good leader if you think hes a bad leader then thats you.
I know your not the only one mate. Alot of people dont know how to use him so he gets thrown aside for more 'easy win'
leaders like hugo murphon amber.

Finally this thread is getting closed lol
I did and do know how supply and demand works and know you dont want Vholt i just wounderd why.

thursday 18/02/2010

Ok.. what i see here is some ppl saying to buy full deck, and some saying new blood on release date... My opinions:
a)full deck: its 50 credits for 8 cards, meaning its a *little* cheaper than 20 credits pack... @La0o9TheCynic i dont want to be a collector, so i sell the cards o.O no big problem... besides, i think if i get a rare for sure, its probably a good pack smiley
b)new blood: i belieave that, if i get a really new card (on friday ofc), i might win some good money with it, but it also depends on the kind of card right?...cuz Wayne Stark is still 6k or more, and Hystrix is 8k, etc., and they're from last release... and even Massiv is still 2k, and its from an older release... SO, watching at all those clintz, i might prefer buying a new blood pack, even if not on the release date, but its better if i do that

THX ALL! ^.^

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