wednesday 10/02/2010

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Allstars eyrik is the standard combination, protip, lehane is better than flo in every way possible if you feel you need a sob

If I had to guess, they're prolly working on upgrades for events. To have the system automatically handle N distribute card prizes, to have a strict star limit like keep decks at 28* (since you can't really enforce that).

No comments anymore? Haha.


DJ Korr if I had him.

Oh i use dwan fort the KO cuz the same reason they dont expect it but ummm thxs 4 the tip any other suggestions/tips?

When choosing between Junta and Ulu watu I'd have to go with Ulu Watu, they have high power which is the more important thing in the long run, low damage isn't a bad thing, so what if you dont KO your opponent at least you win. I'd go with Ulu Watu because they have more power thanks to their bonus

Glosh for sure, suzie sucks a lot when it comes to fighting SoA,

Thanks. smiley

I'd have to say Oshitsune is better because he is more needed by his clan. Caelus has many replacements in his clan, Like Tomas and Dwan, but a high damage 4 star in Nightmare that has Decent power is unheard of. Glorg is only a 6/6 and 6 power isnt too great compared to some. Oshitsune can make his power equal to 8 power cards and his power higher than anything 7 power or lower.

tuesday 09/02/2010

A lesson in toxins

Was looking for something to pair with my usual Skeelz for anti SoA for this week's ELO, but didnt have the cash to throw together anything traditional like Jungo / Rescue. Picked up some Freaks cards and i'm doing better in ELO this week than i ever have (i've reached higher, just not this soon)

Just wondering if there is anything I can do to make this better, to increase my chances of getting a new personal ELO best (1350+).

Ok heres the link. It was -180 and i made it 10 mins ago, And no one wanted to comment smiley

Shameless bump for this, swaceibed as "pain-in-the-ass ", deck!

Once again, reading the rules helps a lot, i mean A LOT!

Well, if you have enough money, then theres a card i'd reccomend, it's called oshitsune, that card is better than kenny depending on the way you play. phyllis and eadh are good, timmy is not, dieter is better cause he's an all-stop, you could never have enough all-stop cards in your deck. that's all i have to suggest

Well i wouldnt go for a leader with nightmare, if you want a 5* go with ghumbo or Kolos depending what Mode your playing.
Timmy i would kick out your little gang. Theres better 3 stars. and with kenny in your deck try using a damage reducer.
You could even throw in Uranus if you wanted. You dont have to because theres a 3* damage reducer in Nightmare (iv forgot his name) but yeh you could use him. Have you got a set amount of clintz u got to use

I don't think he's all that. Either way is just 4 damage. I'd only think about him (or any others with 4 damage) if he's in the same hand as caelus and you don't have a card that can beat caelus pill for pill. Or survive being hit by caelus.

Personally, don't reckon he's worth 10k, but he's worth whatever you're willing to pay. Don't like it, don't buy. Simple as that. Plenty of other good options in skeelz.

There was a thread recently where someone talked about needing help with a beginner's Nightmare deck. You should look in that thread for help with your Nightmare half. It's one of the most difficult clans to start off with, since 1. The good cards are expensive, and 2. You have to play a LOT more tactically, since you have a defensive bonus, compared to the relatively low-skill Rescue and Montana decks. And even if you're a great player, your cards won't be strong enough. You could win with Eadh, Sargh, and Erzebet, to lose to Ditha, Nyema (fury), or Stanley in the fourth round, for example

Also, either level up as fast as you can to get Hugo, or buy him on the market (he's only 400 clintz). If you want to use a leader, that's the one to use. If you don't have him, don't use a leader - Timber isn't worth the 5 stars. You should also reconsider doing Nightmare/Roots+leader, since you could easily get into a situation where only two of your cards have bonuses - not the most pleasant hand. Unless you're incredibly advanced (with a Morphun/Junkz/Spiaghi deck, for example), always stick to either monoclan or two half decks.

I use junkz only because I do have gil, rowdy, and peeler so yeah. they aren't good unless you have the money

It really depends on what kind of budget you have.

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