saturday 30/01/2010

I think piranhs for elo & nightmare for type 2 simple the end

Pls rate it and comment it for suggestions

heres the link..

i kinda like nellie so i switched my oxen to nellie and robb to ashley

and i also like DR instead of SOA so i used ashley instead caesar

tnx very much

The concept is great, it would have helped me a lot when I started playing...
sadely this sort of deck often use Piranas and I don't like playing Piranas...

friday 29/01/2010

It's a deck of Piranas and Nightmare's
Rate and comment smiley
Powerfull Dead Pirates

"If you have two of the same card, though they cancel each other's clan bonus..."
Unless you have another card of the same clan in the hand.
Jackie, Jackie, Dorian, Oxen - all cards get the clan bonus
Jackie, Jackie, Gil, Gibson - Jackie doesn't get the clan bonus

I had this idea of a night club themed deck, so I bought a few cards and pieced this Junkz/Pussycats ELO preset together. Tell me what you think.

Sultry Ravin'

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It wont take you anywhere, you have to do that yourself,

Cool, mono skeelz might give you a small problem though, but our previous deck is not all that better so... in my oppinion you should have saved space for a 5* and not have 3 4* cards but that's a nice deck to have,

For ELO-what do you PRO's think? should i change

Selma Hawkins Hawkins Noel Tula
Murray Petra Jautya Uranus

Azgroth Oshitsune Pan Eadh
Murray Jautya Uranus Wakai

Yeah, caelus is just beyond broken, imo. Hence this thread, what would be ways to make cards balanced but still good? Let's not get out of hand though. You know who you are T_T

And on the market subject, saying there would be "a riot" is kind of being extreme. I'm sure there'll be hype, plenty of it in fact, but not "a riot". And they could just errata cards in much the same fashion as when they announce new collectors. After like say, a year, they give 2 cards an errata. Or they could even do it once and be done with it. It would simply be another way of playing the market. Speculation is what the market is all about. That, and making money. That too.

If you don't like random, you can choose to only fight non-random just like in any other room.

It is right that u cant use sylths ability in survivor to pill him through and wait till your oponent lose his lp through the rounds but it gives you a lot of options. at first its a great bluff card because a lot players are afraid of his ability. but a lot of oponents, with sob for example, play the first round with 3 pills or something because they think you bluff. so u can win with 4 pills, bluff the next round with Tanaereva and win the following round with Hikiyousan or askai. sylth is also interesting to play with morphun!!! i dont think he is a weak card in this deck, you only have to know how to play him right...

thursday 28/01/2010

Http:// looks are deciving

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No. really there was no Morphun and he had only 6 pilzz! lol i couldnt belive

Did you read the rules? read them, they really help smiley like some advices,but please no Smokey. he is just too expensive,but this deck works verry well without him

maybe i dont need any advices couse i like this deck but what do other peoples think xD

its a great deck,it gets lots of mind troubles for your opp,i even manage to win with all 2*


Maybe Eris

Ok now

@Olek_ A month ago when I started playing Mono Freaks I came out with a deck very close to that, just trading Akendram for Olga Noel

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