saturday 23/01/2010

I dreamt of UR before, i dreamt that i for no reason got 2 stars, i also dreamt that i got a general Cr for free then sold it for 2 mil

Bang Bang!
Any one else?smiley

ELO voy por ti

There is my new preset, please coment changes it and rate it, acording to me is a great ELO deck

Thx mods

friday 22/01/2010

Cats 2 has finally passed the 1st version which means i did good in making improvements! smiley

Ulu watu are great with piranas pill you get eh pillz with the piranans athen pound with a high damige ulu watu or usen pussy cats to take the hits to save pillz. also with bannger work ok with them an junks help

There big diffrence between the 2

uppers have a higher bouse - 10 min 3 an stronger power an damige cards

Sakrohm have a -8 min 3 but they have better healers an greater dr cards decent damige an power all in all

Sakrohm is better then uppers just cause your cards have abetter boues dosent mean its better. when uppers cant make a hit with the -5 damige min 1 cards



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Type here favourite decks -less than 25* for DTs

this is my one : deleted

Ive just mad a new Deck and played with it very well i wanted to ask if you could give me somme help or how you find it

its working really good im winning like 8 fights out of 10

here it is!

Care to say anything more>

Hmm... this deck is good but your gonna face problems with GHEIST/roots

thursday 21/01/2010

Mods please close

Man i her this alot V3ctor is right

Can you pls rate my deck?..
and also would you like to suggest for the good of it?..

Elya Cr? Courage based power ability is really bad. This card is 100 % destroyed by SoA. Nakata is my first 3 * choice for Fang Pi. Rei isn´t bad either.

Random coz one time i won 20 straight and its easier to win there XD


any I would be grateful, and before you point it out, its meant as a T1 DT deck, not ELO, cause my deck is very much ELO banned.

Is gabrielle good in ELO?

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