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sunday 21/02/2010

The above is a 33 game, 499 point run that won a DT. Note that pretty much everything is 1-3 minutes. If you're only ifnishing a game every 5 minutes, something is wrong with your deck, with how you play, or both. A single 4-5 minute game is tolerable, but a second one is usually death to any hope of victory. 3 and you'll probably be iced from the top 10. This is why competitive players are so agitated when people intentionally delay them.

As for a time out glitch . . . there's no such thing. If anything, people don't want to face folks who time out. It minimizes point gain and often takes more time than just playing the game to conclusion. The two in that sequence were poor sports; both came when I'd already landed 6 damage and had a guaranteed KO. Rather than suffering a loss and moving on to a new game, those guys decided to stall me. I think every other competitive player feels the same way - time outs suck.

He could have been confused because the amount of time to move decreases considerably after you get 100 points. Or it could be that he has slow animations on and his opponent had already moved before he saw the previous round's battle end, which would mean he started with time already shaved off his clock.

I decided to make a deck that was not the usual, and this is what I came up with.



Alec Cr is banned from ELO -.-'

It is possible to win without SOA / SOB.

Try this one
1hko mono fang v2
usually i play it in dt becoz its fast and i finish fights quick to get points fast , but it also works in elo smiley
replace xia or windy with rei btw smiley
goodluck completing your collection smiley

If you want to play the piranas/junkz combination try this one for ELO, I don't know too much about tds smiley, and on a side note you must note that the clans you are saying are really expensive, so here is my best try:


13*/12* half deck about 5k-6k(you can switch onik for tremorh if you are in a budget but if you are like me sure you like to play with the pillz smiley )

-Tyd/Hawkins noel


I know it exceeds a little out of your money, but I did wanted to give you a good ELO deck and if you sell taham and katan I think you will make it for those cards, keep working hard and in a little time you will get yourself a deck like this:

Sabotaje Musical 1.2, that is the ELO deck I've enojyed the most

Pm me if you have any questions about how to use those cards, I think I can help you a little bit smiley and good luck

Hello? here's my new DT deck, rate and comment Riches of pirates

@shadowcouncil, I would've added platinum but he is destroyed by SOA, full blockers and atk cards. As for nahi cr, although shes a full blocker, her dmg is too low to really do anything with.


ty mods



rate green and it might be a bit new smiley

saturday 20/02/2010

I have all the skeels and i don't know which clans is the best with them, can you help me?
thanks mods

This could be ownage for DT...winning probably lots of points per battle...but the thing is...it is very hard to KO with that deck, and KO is one of the most important things in DT's...but this should win atleast 3 rounds in battle, so it can give a nice amount of points per battle smiley...mabye Striker - Marina for more 2hko options,of course with Fury smiley

Non-random is the #1 choice for almost all players, mainly cause their luck usually sucks, i know mine is, i know that that's true for a lot of ppl

The best way to predict the opponent's next move is having experience.

It's like in chess. Nobody (except maybe prodigies) is a master on the first or second time playing. Lots of practice, and a lot of losses will make you better, and will help you learn how to predict your opponents next move.

The very best way is lot of experience, so do your hardest, take notes and with enough experience you'll get better and learn how to take a guess what your opponent will do. smiley

A little experimental deck i built, i didn't have all the cards i need yet so this is nothing but a draft, comment and rate pls( also if you comment, don't bother suggesting cards over 1k):
Rich escape of the pirate

Thanks for the explanation!
So, abilities first (at the same time) and then bonuses (at the same time, I guess).

Thank you!

Im pretty sure that extra pills dont contribute to elo score...

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The claws come out http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1107314smiley

friday 19/02/2010

It's been a while since I've used my nightmares and I wanted to make a new deck so I made this one


Please comment and rate in the preset not here.

thnx mods

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