saturday 16/01/2010

Ah, I see. Though, that would be a bit too overwhelming for your poor opponent.

Either way, I reckon my cheese idea (I mentioned a few posts back) is by far the most convenient. I mean, who does NOT want some good pieces of fine cheese?


If the character migrates, i dont think they should have the same ability -.- just the name same and the art a bit the same, but even the star count could change. like Titus gets freed from freaks by jungo and joins them, living near the people titus had learned a lot of strange habits from the human species and became the main advisor for ongh, how to kill those humans.
from a comon 3* 4/4 +4power became a rare 5* 7/6 poison 2 min3 (just like freaks bonus)

friday 15/01/2010


Please close mods

Greem can deal 6 damage and poison to 2
sylth can deal 4 damage poison to 1 but soa stops him

so greem obviously

For pirana half use hawkins tula tyd and ulrich then !
and upgrade when you got the clintz smiley

I want a cardcalled Lisa who is 6/4 + 2 powersmiley

Crazy strong deck, wouldn't want to get mixed up with that

My guild has one its a work in progress

I will have to agree with Soiled. Shann is one of the biggest T2 game changers in allof UR. Biggest combo ever that only loses to SOA (sometimes SOB) Willy, Shann, Bodenpower. Greatest combo ever. Add Vermyn N to the mix and the 2HKO's are endless.

If you want bangers id say you need vernyn n, blaaster and probably graff, i guess you could replace one of the four stars with shogunn if youre on a budget, hes pretty good too, just not as good

thursday 14/01/2010


Sheitane, Sasha, Taigo, Arkn, Brittany, Pegh, Tula, Esmeralda.

Not as much power, but attack manipulation and some decent damage.

It's all about CET (Central European Time) or GMT+1.
SInce Austria belongs there, it's all normal. The day ends in 00:00 or 24:00, and the week ends in Sunday.

Send messge or post and get help by me and other user

Http:// for Pillz

Any suggestions?

If your main clan is based on damage dealing, go pussycat, if on tricks or other stuff go pirahnas maybe roots

Imho Gheist work great with All Stars, I can't really think of a leader that works great with mono-Gheist, I'd say Hugo is a good choice but I'd rather have a half deck Gheist together with the All Stars/Montana's/Uppers.

My half deck Gheist would be Wardom, Leviatonn, Bristone, Z3r0 D34d (13 Stars)

Which you could combine with All Stars --> Jessie, Robb, Randy, Striker or Marina
Montana --> Mona, Ottavia, Spiaghi, Edd or Donnie
Uppers --> Jackie, Zatman, Wendel, Oxen or Rubie.

And yes, the Uppers half deck ain't meant for Elo.

PS: I'm really not that good a player so don't take me too seriously, I tried to help the best I could though.

Fastest way to increase clintz is to go to lv 15 and join survivor, in the mean time, go to daily tournaments and win 300 to buy hugo, make a cheap montana deck and storm the DT( like mentioned above)

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