friday 22/01/2010

Ive just mad a new Deck and played with it very well i wanted to ask if you could give me somme help or how you find it

its working really good im winning like 8 fights out of 10

here it is!

Care to say anything more>

Hmm... this deck is good but your gonna face problems with GHEIST/roots

thursday 21/01/2010

Mods please close

Man i her this alot V3ctor is right

Can you pls rate my deck?..
and also would you like to suggest for the good of it?..

Elya Cr? Courage based power ability is really bad. This card is 100 % destroyed by SoA. Nakata is my first 3 * choice for Fang Pi. Rei isn´t bad either.

Random coz one time i won 20 straight and its easier to win there XD


any I would be grateful, and before you point it out, its meant as a T1 DT deck, not ELO, cause my deck is very much ELO banned.

Is gabrielle good in ELO?

Truly, like I tell almost everyone, Skeelz seem a little diminished in half decks because of their low leveled mono monsters of Sandro and Sasha.

An almightly bump

good old pioson+life smiley

Close mods. thanks

wednesday 20/01/2010

Truly in T2, Ashigaru might as well be considered trash unless you draw all 5* every time, which not very many DR's are.

2 - I love damage reducers in Elo! They take away most of the opponent 2-hit-ko combinations which makes life much easier for you. Less coin flip situations.
Moreover Jessie simply belongs in every All Stars Elo deck.

Another wall can be Spiaghi or Mona... If used properly

Right, I am speaking about survivor mode. In the rules for it, there are payouts listed by day, by week, and by month. It will tell you standings for those survivor tournaments up until the point it resets, but it doesn't tell a winner as far as I can tell. There have been a few times I was expecting credits and then nothing comes with no explanation.

rate green plzsmiley

Thank You modssmiley

Well I was thinking some along the lines of:


Then maybe something like


I dunno, I gotta think more on it. More suggestions would be awesome.

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