tuesday 14/03/2017

I dunno where i can post this so that the makers of the game can see it.

On the top right of the screen there is a box with your avatar and guild/level/monetary assets. That profile box.

Unless you're on a narrow screen or browser window. I'm guessing 975 pixels wide minimum, but I don't know if there's another factor in play with that.

monday 13/03/2017

Thanks guys! I forgot about kirlad. I've used it before prolly around 4 years ago? but never for the market. are the price ranges on kirlad up to date here in the main site?

@popblue3 I see.. I just miss those good ol' days. same situation here. on and off for prolly 5 years now?

Oh yes! I noticed it lately, and I agree with you, most of it is outdated and stuff. I sometimes help out every now and then- but that's just mainly for putting in trivia and strategies- stuff that I actually like. I usually avoid the stats changing, since they're mostly in the tables, and the table codes confuses me smiley

sunday 12/03/2017

Do ya'll want to make money or not? smiley

That could be great but are they actually goung to give it to people who already finished it? And what about the former rb card rewards that were still around just a couple of weeks ago? Anyone who didn't finish arcade mode fast enough is now ignored? The main problem is no actual response to the players questions

saturday 11/03/2017

What s the reward for Noctezuma Cr (win 80 rounds)?

Yeh ik but it sounds total false xD

Same here, I can only play in the flash ver., the new ver. ask for webGL and my pc can use it (+ the descktop app to dwnld dont open), pls bring back the flash ver.

Ahh I see now....sorry for the spam,guys! smileysmiley

friday 10/03/2017

True but there are some random moments and alot of people tend to have diferent playstyles some prefer defensive some more agressive some posion some pillz control but for sure it misses the big things that a game like hearthstone has the random and dumb things and weird stuff

Predtr is coming V
Inflict 150 Damage with the Vortex
You earned 10 Credits and 0 missions points.
is what you get if you have the ld.

Mcrusttt becuse its a beta there is alot of stuff missing they just added the most important things to just play and later on they will add the rest and update the game

thursday 09/03/2017

@ Ramzyxuk i got my Manon cr smiley

I am clicking on the Buy button for a card but it won't register that I tried to buy the card.
It doesn't work on multiple random cards neither on Edge nor Chrome.

wednesday 08/03/2017

Maybe bring back the wheel without the Collector option ?

tuesday 07/03/2017

Hello im' do the bonus season too. and i win the first bunker and i get 200 clintz something like that. and i worry to much from that situacion, because the season 2 give me 50000-60000 clintz that be? or not?

monday 06/03/2017

And the event is cancelled, thanks a lot Goyo. smiley

I've been doing a lot of Arcade Mode recently (gotta get that season 1 Cr smiley ) and thusly have bumped the post in my Guild.

S2 rewards:
40* = 4 - 5 common rebirth cards
80* = 1 Cr card worth less than 15 000
125* = 3 - 4 uncommon rebirth cards
170* = 1 Cr card worth 60 000 - 100 000
210* = 3 rare rebirth cards
217* = 1 Cr card worth 300 000 - 600 000

Although...IDK cuz Rebirth is no longer a thing...

1 2 000 Clintz, 20 bronze tokenz
2 3 000 Clintz, 30 bronze tokenz
3 7 000 Clintz, 5 silver tokenz
4 10 000 Clintz, 10 silver tokenz
5 20 000 Clintz, 15 silver tokenz
6 30 000 Clintz, 3 gold tokenz
7 50 000 Clintz, 5 gold tokenz

sunday 05/03/2017

I think we need more Coliseums... there are too many Leaderwars going on smileysmileysmiley

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