sunday 22/09/2013

I am actually very tempted to try and build a rainbow deck and actually do well. Or may be a 4some.

ill work on something and see what i can do and let you know lol

Leviatonn should be free next week but Bristone is perma banned.

Why people mention that Nellie is more dependent on her bones than Kazayan? Nellie also has power reduction which help her to win a round even when she hits SOB decks or when she hits a bad draw (1-3) in half decks. Kazayan depends a lot on the clan bonus to win battle! I would pick Nellie over Kazayan in any half deck, except during SoA weeks.

saturday 21/09/2013

friday 20/09/2013

I'd argue that Ella is just plain bad. She's good for nothing other than 0 pills, and the min 4 on her ability means that she often doesn't even DR to full capacity, and without her bonus she is ghastly. smiley She'll rarely be much more than a liability.

Tsubame doesn't really do it for me. If you want a 5* FPC that isn't 450k, I'd use Yoshida.

I prefer Heitachi and Futoshi Ld over Fei.

I've had success with Chan, but Dao Wang and Kusuri are both good for different reasons.

I support wats_happenin's suggestion. smiley

thursday 19/09/2013


rate and comment please

Pretty good deck but you could have a few to many weak hands.

wednesday 18/09/2013

2 and 3 are really fine

Elo sportsmanship these days:

if you win, good job, you're such a good player.
if you lose, its bc the opponent played like an idiot. bl that idiot

Lol why do you say that? what makes this week so special?

I've been playing around with skeelz and pussycats, maybe even a mix of the 2..

Would you suggest replacing Kephren for Dr Falkenstein and Lorna for Plunk?

tuesday 17/09/2013


rate and comment, and please leave any suggestions!

monday 16/09/2013

I don't think there is any need to beef up the other clans at all. Now that Huracan are getting their bans we are back to 'normal'. I hope UR staff can create more cares and more clans without having balancing issues again. I know it must be harder then we gamers think as a lot of game developers from all types of games struggle to make new content balanced. But I don't think because one clan is stronger you should make the others stronger, you will end up in a viscous cycle until all cards are 8 power with massive attack modifiers or 1hitk0 cards for all the clans, in other words, boring.

I built a very similar deck to this recently-- since it's built around 3-rounding and defense, I would switch Otto to Belle. Chiara cr vs. Sandro is pretty much a matter of preference. Chiara cr is potentially a stronger wall, but prot power cards match her, so I prefer Sandro for his unconditional walling-- only Glorg or Leviatonn (who is banned this week) can stop him.

I appreciate everyone's feedback thank you very much, also Richliu, I appreciate the invitation, but I prefer to be a lone wolf for now and in the near future start my own guild smiley

sunday 15/09/2013


Managed to get to 1220, but couldn't get any higher though.

Just play Half until there's a week when Ongh isn't banned.
You could make a decent half deck with like
Pegh, Mindy or Jean, Moegura or Benicio, and Radek.
Which gives you room for a 5s, 4s, 3s and a 2s.

Bodenpower 5
Blaaster Cr 4
Bball 2
Graff 2 or Randal 3
Oshitsune 4
Artus 2
Azgroth 4 or Pan 3 if you use Randal
Eadh 2 or Phyllis 2

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