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saturday 13/02/2010


tell me what you think

Here's a deck of mine, the entry for this week's deck of the week actually, i can't be bothered making a preset cause it was already taken so i post my deck here and if you guys like it, go and vote for it at the link below
hawkins noel
link: Cheap piranas
could have been better if it was hawkins instead of spycee but i haven't the resource( AKA i can't afford hawkins)


ok this is my new entry since this old one got hated on .... A LOT
anyways plz rate and comment this is actually a fairly nice deck

The odd thing is, that even though i hear a lot of complaints about glitches and whatnot i dont have any of them, AND I HAVE DIAL UP! Just posting my thoughts. Its odd. UR runs smooth on my pc with no problem. I use IE too! Takes a min to load but thats it.

Can someone destroy this thread i did not mean to make it

This is my 2 hit danger deck for deck of the week:




Sol Hona

That's fine how it is.

friday 12/02/2010

Made this today. Working well so far. All advice is welcome.


Kdgns hit the spot. that's the deck you should be aiming for. and i think you should get a decent Montana 5^ too if you begin to get the hang of its play style. i suggest Avola, but their are other decent choices like Enzo and Fabio.

I got bored and looked for it.
here it is sweetie deleted
next remember to put it in the post though

Man, every time I play in one I do awfully. It doesn't matter how superior my deck is, nor how true my instincts are, I'll always pill against what I /know/ my opp will do, or spend too long analysing and panic pill right at the end.

I just can't seem to find my calm.

Anyway, I've been experimenting with various builds (and of course it all depends on the event type), but for events that don't /require/ two clans or more, would you guys consider mono the way to go?

I think perhaps it's the best idea. First four of my games in a recent event and I drew a 3/1 split versus a full powered mono. Not always a death sentence, but it sure does pillz on the reassure (*ba dum, tish!*).

Awful puns aside, how are your experiences with Guild V Guild events specifically?

On the iphone, nowhere at the moment smiley
On the website, click on your nickname, then "Click here to change your account details and preferences".

It can, even in mono if you pay enough clintz. Because cards get abilities at levels before their max for a reason. So, Xia Leming and Windy Mor as 2 star's are both 6/4's with the bonus and still have their ability. Unagi is a good 1 star filler too but destoyed by soa while Xia Leming and Windy arent. But, having those 3 plus Chan gives you a half deck of 7 Stars. Leaving plenty of room for high star count cards like Kerozinn Cr and Kuei.

I'm not telling u to troll.
Just leave some suggestions if u think its bad.
And please rate.

Please keep the comments coming. smiley Glad to find ratings

Who can take their time and make all the decks possible? every new card you have would now bring you approximately more than 2500 possible combinations of cards, and that's not counting the decks with more than 8 cards

1.only the lv you have them at counts,lv 10 and above people who uses cards that are not fully lv-ed because they are fillers only, those cards will make room for higher, stronger cards of higher lv in T1/ELO,
2. the only way is to challenge him directly, can't challenge someone in another room or if that sb is not in a room at all. but if you want to directly fight sb quickly, call him/her into a room that doen't have many people in it( like the elo training room) and call him to battle

I'm looking for more cards from the Pussycats clan.
I want an entire Mininum deck full of them so I can do good with them.
I currently have Jeyn, Meg, Ninja Nyne, Noemi, Noon Stevens , and Wanda.
If you have any others I'm perfectly willing to trade for cards from other clans. smiley

thursday 11/02/2010

Really nice, maybe a bit reliant on your heavyhitters. You might have a problem against all stars or bangers.

Her ability is courage based, meaning she wouldnt needed to attack first, in order for her ability to work

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