monday 18/01/2010

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sunday 17/01/2010

I am looking for a good DT deck.
For 50k or so, using half deck nightmare/ x or mono nightmare deck.

thanks for your help

then change the = into a :
22*s?! What's wrong with you!!!

TheKingofSquid -With the damage reducer they are everywhere everytime and win...

Man,Ulrich is not as half as good as it seems,he just cant win a fight,hes there only to reduce dmg,and piranas have lots of good abilitys in Hawkins,Selma and the others +/- pillz,he just aint needed there,i would say that Tyd is bigger threat smiley

Davina (at day of release) Sireen Loocio

today -.- Buba,Tobbie(double),Beverly

I want you people to see this deck, comment and rate, I made 1456 Elo with thatsmileysmiley

What kon artist is talking about is that you are saying chad bread cr is unattainable, but his price is actually lower than tanaereva, much much lower

Currently i'm using:

Don 5*
Filomena 2*
Ottavia 3*
Spiaghi 2*


Hawkins Noel 2*
Kristin 2*
Sliman 5*
Tula 2*

My strategy has usually been to try and go for the knock out with either Don+Kristin, Don+Tula, Sliman+Kristin, or to just win by points with Tula+Kristin. I notice that the other cards don't seem to do as much for me in terms of winning. Maybe i'm just not using them to their full capacity. It's been suggested that I ditch Don and pick up either Avola, Fabio or Edd (4*). I notice that Don's 6 power and -4 ability is only useful for me in small pill fights.

I was wondering what are your guy's opinion on that? Would switching Don out with this play style take away from this newbie deck's effectiveness? Avola doesn't seem to have enough damage unless I'm playing a mono deck (which i'm actually considering as well). Fabio's -2 power only seems to be useful in large pill fights whereas Don is usually able to take care of 7 power cards anyway.

PS I'm trying to switch Mona in for Ottavia as soon as I get the clintz

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Or at least i think sosmiley

Pussycats/Skeelz type elo survivor deck with a lot of damage reducers.Please check it outsmiley

saturday 16/01/2010

Plz comment changes and rate it

Thx for all your comments on the vid smiley

Montanas and uppers are pretty famous for their 2-3 star cards: mona prince jr oscar octavia spiaghi, rubie zatman oxen stanley samantha

mono rescue does well too in lower pill fights: larry lea elvira anita

all-stars will excel in higher pilled fights since it increases the gap due to power differences to overcome attack manipulations: jessie randy kang robb mario davina

and then you can basically think of all the cards that have more than 7 power from all the clans: wanda, olga, etc many to choose from.

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This is the elo preset jautya made by Pec_mathwiz
all i did was remove eptra and add kolos its working really well in DTS rate gree nplz

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I agree with El Kabong, cool attitude are awesome.


Toro, Leviatonn, methane and bristone

Ah, I see. Though, that would be a bit too overwhelming for your poor opponent.

Either way, I reckon my cheese idea (I mentioned a few posts back) is by far the most convenient. I mean, who does NOT want some good pieces of fine cheese?


If the character migrates, i dont think they should have the same ability -.- just the name same and the art a bit the same, but even the star count could change. like Titus gets freed from freaks by jungo and joins them, living near the people titus had learned a lot of strange habits from the human species and became the main advisor for ongh, how to kill those humans.
from a comon 3* 4/4 +4power became a rare 5* 7/6 poison 2 min3 (just like freaks bonus)

friday 15/01/2010


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