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thursday 11/02/2010

@ tyrell
that deck doesnt seem to bad at all, hawkins is better in 2nd/3th turn most of the time anyways so that isnt really a letdown
might be just as good with selma or dalhia on eklore's spot indeed, but eklore isnt a halfbad choise if you ask me, being sure your opponent loses pills without having to worry he will use the same amount of pills is great actually. that way you can make your opp lose pills and keep a solid 7/7 at your side of the field to be used, puts alot of presure on the opponent right ? especially with the solid combo of hawkins and smokey comming at him before. but the los of sob sucks against power/atkmanip clans

Because someone didn't search or read the rules clearlysmiley

I put it Azgroth sometimes when I think I am missing power, but I love Stop Alls, especially high damage ones.

I would say Morphun+ Slyth would be better then Graksmxxt and Uranus. Maybe even Hugo because Survivor is full of
attak +/- and you would struggle to keep up with 8 pillz (if you got that far, no offence) I'v never really tried a 6/2 build so not that much help. To be honest with you i'v not seen Pussycats in survivor before lol. (dont play it much which doesnt help)
Even Graksmxxt and Slyth could be something? I dont like Uranus out of a 4/4 or mono deck. without his bonus and hit by Soa he really does become little lol and in survivor T2 a 5/5 is really not what you want lol where as Graksmxxt is a 8/5 hit by Soa and no bonus and can still take cards out. and im stateing the obvious here so il leave it there lols

wednesday 10/02/2010

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Allstars eyrik is the standard combination, protip, lehane is better than flo in every way possible if you feel you need a sob

If I had to guess, they're prolly working on upgrades for events. To have the system automatically handle N distribute card prizes, to have a strict star limit like keep decks at 28* (since you can't really enforce that).

No comments anymore? Haha.


DJ Korr if I had him.

Oh i use dwan fort the KO cuz the same reason they dont expect it but ummm thxs 4 the tip any other suggestions/tips?

When choosing between Junta and Ulu watu I'd have to go with Ulu Watu, they have high power which is the more important thing in the long run, low damage isn't a bad thing, so what if you dont KO your opponent at least you win. I'd go with Ulu Watu because they have more power thanks to their bonus

Glosh for sure, suzie sucks a lot when it comes to fighting SoA,

Thanks. smiley

I'd have to say Oshitsune is better because he is more needed by his clan. Caelus has many replacements in his clan, Like Tomas and Dwan, but a high damage 4 star in Nightmare that has Decent power is unheard of. Glorg is only a 6/6 and 6 power isnt too great compared to some. Oshitsune can make his power equal to 8 power cards and his power higher than anything 7 power or lower.

tuesday 09/02/2010

A lesson in toxins

Was looking for something to pair with my usual Skeelz for anti SoA for this week's ELO, but didnt have the cash to throw together anything traditional like Jungo / Rescue. Picked up some Freaks cards and i'm doing better in ELO this week than i ever have (i've reached higher, just not this soon)

Just wondering if there is anything I can do to make this better, to increase my chances of getting a new personal ELO best (1350+).

Ok heres the link. It was -180 and i made it 10 mins ago, And no one wanted to comment smiley

Shameless bump for this, swaceibed as "pain-in-the-ass ", deck!

Once again, reading the rules helps a lot, i mean A LOT!

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