friday 08/01/2010

Tyrell!!! Thank you so much!!! I just won 8 of my last 10 matches with that Sentinel+GHEIST deck, pushed me over 1100 ELO pts. You are the man!

Tp killer, it's a moot point since Kate always take 5%, but here's my point...
You're selling a card for 1000. If I buy it from the market it costs me 1000, but you get 950 (5% less). If we could avoid Kate taking 5% by doing a private sale, you could sell it to me for 975 (2.5% less), and you'd get 975 (25 more than if we used the market), while I only paid 975 (25 less than if we used the market).

Leave the match

you lose BPs, lose som fairplay score.... but you preserve your undevelped cards. AND even more important.. you save time

i leave matches all the time when all i want is to win as many games as possible given the amount of time i have

thursday 07/01/2010

Hello, I created this deck and wanted to share with you, give me reviews and comment please smiley


Bangers 10 power & -4 damage i dont use bangers by the way

Jungo is not that great, every card has to pill at least once just to beat a damage reducer, slyde with 1 pill has 22 attack, and many times reducers are really a bluff with 2-3 pills on them, that attack difference is pretty annoying, not unbeatable, but annoying to deal with compared to say... uppers+hugo with a lot of soa and damage that puts a bigger attack gap than mono rescue.

Cool atitude. U might pull up a wee lee or tanavera

Make a deck that suits your style best.
Like me, I just like having good power and worrying less about other people's abilities cause i just think of dealing damage and pill pushing like crazy. Power over attack manipulation is my style.
So I like bangers cause +2 power and good/higher damage compared to Ulu Watu.
And Jungo cause they are always having of high power cards.

So if you like using Nightmare
Then stick with Nightmare
And since you have SOB
You can use Montana/Uppers too.

SO when buying your pack just buy Danger.

Ryastar-i got it thanks,yeah i leveled up 2 chars

Awesome guys il get these and thanks to skunk and nintendan i have stanly lulabee and nanook so im half way on the way to a competitive deck smiley thanks guys

I made a similar preset with less clan spread:


Pretty much works the same way.

Oh, also feel free to post this in your guild message boards or your profile. The more readers, the better.

If you're having trouble with doing the math quickly (like me), make a table with power going down the page and pillz going across the page. Then you just look up column/row for you then column/row for your opponent. You can also make a separate table for clans that have attack manipulation (I have one for Montana and another for Uppers). Look up tables are way faster for me then doing the math in my head.

There is this cool option that lets you view public presets and you can find any type of deck you're looking for there including ELO decks..

Thanks for tellen me you can close this subject now ty agin

wednesday 06/01/2010

Idk I kind of like the way sting can 2hKO with Wardom

This thread is old. sohail123 must be bored smiley

Remember its not about winning every hand in ELO, its about winning the majority of your hands, if you can make it so that your worst hand is not that great, but every other possible hand is great, its worth doing. A lot of people make the mistake of looking at their worst hand, and trying to make it work, when you should be making sure you can win with most of the combinations.

I'd argue that there are other cards you can splash - Spiaghi, Chiara, Olga, Gil, and Sylth would be your best bets. These, besides Spiaghi, aren't seen very often, but they don't rely on their bonus to be good and have pretty powerful abilities.

This topic should probably be put in the events section, that being said, shot in the dark says your 19

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