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tuesday 09/02/2010

Well, if you have enough money, then theres a card i'd reccomend, it's called oshitsune, that card is better than kenny depending on the way you play. phyllis and eadh are good, timmy is not, dieter is better cause he's an all-stop, you could never have enough all-stop cards in your deck. that's all i have to suggest

Well i wouldnt go for a leader with nightmare, if you want a 5* go with ghumbo or Kolos depending what Mode your playing.
Timmy i would kick out your little gang. Theres better 3 stars. and with kenny in your deck try using a damage reducer.
You could even throw in Uranus if you wanted. You dont have to because theres a 3* damage reducer in Nightmare (iv forgot his name) but yeh you could use him. Have you got a set amount of clintz u got to use

I don't think he's all that. Either way is just 4 damage. I'd only think about him (or any others with 4 damage) if he's in the same hand as caelus and you don't have a card that can beat caelus pill for pill. Or survive being hit by caelus.

Personally, don't reckon he's worth 10k, but he's worth whatever you're willing to pay. Don't like it, don't buy. Simple as that. Plenty of other good options in skeelz.

There was a thread recently where someone talked about needing help with a beginner's Nightmare deck. You should look in that thread for help with your Nightmare half. It's one of the most difficult clans to start off with, since 1. The good cards are expensive, and 2. You have to play a LOT more tactically, since you have a defensive bonus, compared to the relatively low-skill Rescue and Montana decks. And even if you're a great player, your cards won't be strong enough. You could win with Eadh, Sargh, and Erzebet, to lose to Ditha, Nyema (fury), or Stanley in the fourth round, for example

Also, either level up as fast as you can to get Hugo, or buy him on the market (he's only 400 clintz). If you want to use a leader, that's the one to use. If you don't have him, don't use a leader - Timber isn't worth the 5 stars. You should also reconsider doing Nightmare/Roots+leader, since you could easily get into a situation where only two of your cards have bonuses - not the most pleasant hand. Unless you're incredibly advanced (with a Morphun/Junkz/Spiaghi deck, for example), always stick to either monoclan or two half decks.

I use junkz only because I do have gil, rowdy, and peeler so yeah. they aren't good unless you have the money

It really depends on what kind of budget you have.

I'm just saying, its not very likely you'll be winning 3-4 fights within each game every time, which means your fillers don't have enough damage to support imo.

then again all elo decks play differently than they would on paper, share your results at the end of the week please.

monday 08/02/2010

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Tula is not "virtually" a 7/4 card. If she was virtually a 7/4 card, her power would be 14 after the use of one pill. If she was virtually 7/4. -2 power min1 would drop her power down to 5. That's not the case; Tula is not "virtually", or any other way, a 7 power card.

My deck for this week: deleted

Just here to answer what "Hugtana" is:

Hugtana = Hugo + Montana.

Training no pills room sitting waiting for ur opp to play a card smiley

Deadeye should be dead, not even his 6 damage would compensate for his depending on ability too much,

If they gonna lose you get alot of hate messages...

There are no consequenses really, i quit one guild b4 and join another, nothing really happened, take a guild as a club, if you stop attending a club, you won't be punished in any way now will you? when you want to leave a guild, click the "leave the guild" button in the "my guild" tab at the "the guilds" button on the top.
for your 1st question, there really is no way to tell one guild from another, you just have to join and see which suits you the most
try posting in the "intro and recruit" forum, you'd get plenty of posts saying why their guild is the best to join
on a side note: join mine, nothing is really guaranteed but if you join, you'd get plenty of advice when you need it

1. a decent one would be to build a mono sentinel deck, that's easy to play with and you can KO them no prob with those original cards you got from the original pack.
2. not sure, piranas are hard to build and hard to play at the same time, they're much more expensive than you can imagine
3. not really, a fight in every DT would be good, win or lose you'd get 50 clintz at the end of it. Losing is a main part in this game, especially for newbs

Rescue / montana / uppers are insanely cheap... it also depends on what your goals are. Elo/ DT top 100? casual play? 15k seems like a lot to me for a lvl 11...

Basically the difference in price is the cost of buying 40 battle points from leveling up a 3* to a 4*

sunday 07/02/2010

test it ;D
is without vansaar =D

Pussycats are severly weakened without Yayoi though, but Roots can function fine without Yookie..

And also - Yayoi can be banned now but it hardly ever happens..ok maybe Copper is a good idea but him and Caelus are practically the only cards nowadays that get banned regularly who are worth using semi-evo.

chek out this deck, im just lvl 18
for some changes pmme or write there.

P.S: Vansaar is not included on the deck


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