wednesday 13/01/2010

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Let's Destroy !

A deck og Bangers and GHEIST for Elo

this deck is pretty nice smiley

Well i played a lot of elo matches and although I'm far from mastering it i managed to pass 1300. Now i try to win some matches in survivor and since i don't have enough powerhouses for T2 i tried elo. Smokey should be in my range soonsmiley

Haha if he had more lvls then he would be bvanned upon release

Filomena = rarely wins, vs oscar who is a monster with the strongest bonus and power above the normal maximum of 8 he will dominate, 100000000x better then Filomena

sharon vs donnie, well think about it, sharon is lower stars but her ability is much more usefull and more relyable, most of the time donnie will have just 5 damage since his ability is shaky while sharon will generally have just as much damage for 1 star less? i think we have settled this

Luba Luba Luba! Elo nowadays has a LOT OF SOA from both Roots and GHEIST. Darth WILL BE eaten alive. Just imagine a random and common Yookie against your Darth, no way you're gonna win that and inflict your 6 damage! Luba against those same clans will have low damage, it's true but she will at least win you the round, inflict 2 damage and not allowing your opp. to make you any damage.

ChaosSorcerer spoke very well about the GHEIST 3* spots but considering you only asked between these two cards i must say Luba.

tuesday 12/01/2010

Leviathon or Glorg, they are quite huge stoppers!!

As a further illustration: There are only 2 GHEIST 2*s commonly used: Arkn and Zero Dead. Zero Dead beats every Nightmare 2* except Eadh with even pillz or less, and Eadh only gaps him by 1. Arkn beats every one of them with even pillz up to about 4 - and only Phyllis and Sheitane pose as much life-threat. This tends to continue up the star chain - Nightmare has to have a big threat, and usually has to bet the farm on it. GHEIST has multiple threats between poison, nuking with raw damage, and cards that can win low or no-pillz battles, plus tge GHEIST DR is quite a bit better than any of the Nightmare DRs.

Im using Chlora,it is enough damage for me to win in ELO,and i use Shogunn in DT's smiley

See the Montana clan. The mono Uppers with Hugo is great but it's missing Oxen, you should get him too if you choose that one.

The deck above is great, really great but i still prefer Robb over Randy.

Levels mean nothing?
They mean nothing to me after level 45. I want that Morphun!

But yeah, training rooms.

Training is no fun (I have been training for a good while now). But I like the look of a high leveled player. Haha.

Good luck!

To say it in an easy way, Caelus can beat nearly every elo banned card, and makes even more damage, and that's why he is banned every week is possible smiley

If there are more than 2 cards of the same clan present in your deck then there's a bonus, if not then... as you saw. the bonus is why sometimes people build decks that only have 1 clan in it( that's called a mono-clan deck)

Cheers guys! Got it worked out smiley Thought that fury was automatic if you pumped all your pillz up to the fury bar level smiley

Such a noob...

monday 11/01/2010

Thank you kindly!

Life Savers

11th Us flag Nintendan WMD from guild Wise Men Distracted with 279 battle points

It's really A great preset I would have been top ten If I didn't lose the battle right before my last with a stupid math mistake. Dang SoB got me.>_> If you don't mind green facing I would really love you.smiley

Heloo guys.. I'm a newbie and when I first register this game I pick ulu watu and junkz as my starter deck.. Master of urban rivals, what do you think is best for newbie between junkz and Ulu watu..? Thank you so much..!! And please give me more suggestions if u don't mind on how I can quickly build this character up smiley thanks

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