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sunday 07/02/2010

Pussycats are severly weakened without Yayoi though, but Roots can function fine without Yookie..

And also - Yayoi can be banned now but it hardly ever happens..ok maybe Copper is a good idea but him and Caelus are practically the only cards nowadays that get banned regularly who are worth using semi-evo.

chek out this deck, im just lvl 18
for some changes pmme or write there.

P.S: Vansaar is not included on the deck


Please check out and comment on the deck. Thanks!

Hey guys
i have a quastion
i play Elo and i want know wahts better Montana or Ulu Watu or both
i actually play with
i hope you can help me

PS: Sory if something wrong i´m German

For RGT format- 9 cards
T2 DTs- 10 cards (but ti could be 8 cards too)
DZ/ fight club- as many as you want, min. 8
Anything else, especially ELO N survivor- 8 cards

Here's my piranas deck, hope that helps:
hawkins noel
that deck above is still in work, replacing spycee with hawkins is the best thing you can go, or selma for sliman is also good for the moment( not any 5* else cause this deck sucks when it comes to damage, losing sliman means it's the end)

When did you quit exactly? what playing style you have? what clan do you play? answer all that and we might be able to put you up to date

That's not an iphone...


I use nightmare alot and really REALLY recommend you keep Azgroth, 4pillz on him does wounders. I havent looked
at many comments on this thread so i dunno if someone has already said this but Nightmare isnt really about damage
There life cards more then make up for the 'lack' of damage, so in my eyes yeh Ghumbo is a good card but he just cant
do what a card like kenny can...If u can fit him in great, but with cards like kenny and other life cards you want damage
reducers which Nightmare have, so if u have Ghumbo i'd change him for Nistroke (i cant spell his name why did i even try)
and a great 3* and is a stable in my eyes if your going for the classic life cards would be that 3* damage reducer
(cant spell his name dont ask, he looks like a mummy) But more onto my point about Azgroth he IS a beast
and with cards like kenny and mummy and that you dont have alot of power which Azgroth provides.
This is just my opinion Also Sargh over Pan any day of the week if u have ur life cards pan is just there..where as
Sargh is such a good 3* to pass up.

saturday 06/02/2010


This is the mono Freaks deck I've been running. Comment please I like help smiley smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I play till 1300.. then a few more... if i lose a couple after 1300 i just get back to 1320 or so and stop

if i win the first few after 1300 then ill keep playing and try to get into the 1400s... but im too impatient to play ELO into the 1400s... soo much work is need after 1350 or so, unless you hit a good winning streak

Junks is actually a solid clan in ELO. They have one of the best pill manipulation card Gil, the heavy atk manipulator Rowdy, the best wall Gibson. Otakool and Veenyle are above average in their own categories.(SOA and DR), Dreen and Onik are also decent enough to be played.

You will always find Junks in 1300+ range regardless the voting results. And this week they are especially active because they can deal with Caelus relatively easy.

All Stars kill:
Fang pi
La junta

Against SOB and clans with +2 power they are mostly equal and against Uppers, montana and rescue. well they have cards against them smiley

What cards do you have in that half? I recommend Kuei Fei Nakata and Chan. Maybe pair them with a roots half-deck with Rico Arno Noodile and Yookie.

Most decks have 1 or 2 soa's not to hard to let cealus dodge them most of the time =P

How can i make the event to be able to play as many battles as the members want? do i have to assign 5-9 ?


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