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saturday 06/02/2010

First time using a filler in a preset

sad because ghumbo and oshitsune is elo banned smiley

I thought more people would review my deck than smiley

friday 05/02/2010


Yeah, i think thats right smiley

Aaye_um, rescue is the best clan to use only 2* and 3*, you put in 4*s just to give yourself some bigger hits, even if a card has 1 power, that gives them 13 attack, everything other than nightmare/piranas, uppers and sarkhom, junkz and sentinel needs to pill to beat their base attack. not to mention kerry and lea are even harder to stop. slyde and steve are also incredibly good, even at 0 pills your opponent needs to pill to do reduced damage, and if you put 3-4 pills, its incredibly easy to take your opponent down by surprise. I would recomment suzie for type 2 dt, because +life can gets you more points, sure, soa kills her, but soa kills a lot of rescue cards in general. if you want a 5*, sledg is the one you want, hax's damage is too low, and courage based abilities should be restricted to kerry or anita, and you dont want 3 courage abilities in one hand.

After testing the deck, I think that with over 1300 ELO I can say is good. You just need to get use to the strategy when to damage and when to manipulate. After that you can get good ELO if you like piranas smiley

Test the deck for yourself

Here is the link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1066632

thursday 04/02/2010

Fillers are good if you know how to use them, I've used lilith 1* before in a gheist/ambre deck and I did pretty well with it. Pussycats have a good set of fillers too, which can be annoying. Especially because of the semi-evo cards too, I don't know why their clan got so many of them. I mean they have atleast 7 off the top of my head.

TCG-la0o9: Try not to think about it too much smiley The missing list also shows Kerry....yet there she is in Rescue HQ mixing up the antidotes. Perhaps Kerry and Taham had been kidnapped, but not yet "processed" when Team B's rescue operation took place? Or perhaps they were "missing" because they'd gone into hiding or went out of town without telling anyone?

....or perhaps they're still missing, and the Kerry and Taham we see in the Pill Hunt comic are actually alien-created clones that the Sakrohm are using to infiltrate other clans while the real ones are still in comas somewhere! *cue X-Files theme music*

@kdgns: technically, the pill system itself contains a certain degree of luck factor. and losing 6 pillz wont neccessarily mean you lose. you can still win. and since i know my opp has the advantage, I actually would 1 or null pill Smokey Cr since in order to win, i need to not pill. its all about best course of action.
[Noob Play]
since ppl call 3-3-3-3 6-6-0-0 and other similar combinations noob play yet when they lost they said the noob was lucky, I will now teach you how to "noob play" its simple and these situations work best
1) you go first and can KO in 2 rounds with no problem (opp doesnt have DRs or SOA, SOBs to stop you), go 6-6
2)your opponent has extremely low damage, go 6-6
3) your opponent goes first and is clearly bluffing, go 3-3-3-3
4)you have a OHKO, go 12-0-0-0

i was busy playing Ragnarok today so I couldnt give more examples, but I have more advices and a really epic game example coming up^

Obviously we're showing off more than he is, lol

plz smiley and comment plz


That's part of the fun of the UR series is that so much of it is open to interpretation that you can make up your own stuff and its interesting to see how different people see a character or clan.

It would be cool if there bio-arcing is leading to something big.

wednesday 03/02/2010

Is he in your hand? did you misunderstood the ability? did you have him with another leader in play? answer all that and you have your answer

Yeah, its the popup from the left hand side after games I'm talking about. I just don't like it cause it's unnecessary. Just wondered if there was a toggle for it. So people who might like it can keep it, but those that don't like it can turn it off. It's just a cosmetic thing for me, doesn't effect matches in any way, so you should be able to choose to turn it off I think.

Though maybe it was brought in if for the iphone/touch if what Grey_Wolfe says is correct.

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Azgroth and Glorg. Azgroth beats oshitsune (2 gap vs 1 gap) and he does better vs jackies and other soas. And glorg stops everything.

tuesday 02/02/2010

How about a Roots half-deck of Arno, Noodile, Jeena, and Rico?

Arno and Jeena complement the Pussycats contingent by providing damage reduction, Noodile gives you a card with a Power of 8, Rico's another good hitter at 7 (-6 Opp. Att.); and of course they all give you SOA. Alternatively, replacing Rico or Noodile with Yookie will give you another damage reducer. Total cost for the half-deck should be below 5,000 Clintz.

Here is a good piranas ghiest

hawkins noel

that might work in elo or

z3r0 d34d/arkn

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