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tuesday 02/02/2010

How about a Roots half-deck of Arno, Noodile, Jeena, and Rico?

Arno and Jeena complement the Pussycats contingent by providing damage reduction, Noodile gives you a card with a Power of 8, Rico's another good hitter at 7 (-6 Opp. Att.); and of course they all give you SOA. Alternatively, replacing Rico or Noodile with Yookie will give you another damage reducer. Total cost for the half-deck should be below 5,000 Clintz.

Here is a good piranas ghiest

hawkins noel

that might work in elo or

z3r0 d34d/arkn

LOL Euze
N hey weren't the admins working on giving UR players more deck options to choose from? (in events)

Are you talking about random fights, because you can only use QB in the room?
If you're talking about fights in random, then you have to change it in your personal settings (probably)

Na Boh workls perfectly in conjunction with the poison deck. His minimum is high, but there are many high powered cards in elo so he's rarely wasted.

The minimum rarely causes too many problems for me.

4, two stars aint good change it up

You said you trained 1 card at a time right? in training room you can train 4 cards at once win or lose it will get you the same amount of xp, in normal room you can at most train 2 cards at once, not counting vansaar then you can have 2 cards that can help you win, and that's not even enough most of the time... training room is better for mass trainers


Mods please close


monday 01/02/2010

Well its time to try a Stanly / Caelus deck.

The Dynamic Duo

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Hehe...maybe ill use it later but mono bangers seems to do the job for now smiley

I like the deck the way it is, really. Would only change one thing: to me Sakrohm's best 2* is Nimestiec, no doubt there, so i always use him as default. Will only change it if i have specific needs, like if i play poison i may need life so Wakai is better.

Soooo Nimestiec for Wakai. Carefull of SOA this week, they will hurt Sakrohm like hell.

Review fail smiley



I got 75 points in a DT in 15 minutes give or take a few


Could you suggest improvements please

Thanks Mods

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