thursday 07/01/2010

I made a similar preset with less clan spread:


Pretty much works the same way.

Oh, also feel free to post this in your guild message boards or your profile. The more readers, the better.

If you're having trouble with doing the math quickly (like me), make a table with power going down the page and pillz going across the page. Then you just look up column/row for you then column/row for your opponent. You can also make a separate table for clans that have attack manipulation (I have one for Montana and another for Uppers). Look up tables are way faster for me then doing the math in my head.

There is this cool option that lets you view public presets and you can find any type of deck you're looking for there including ELO decks..

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wednesday 06/01/2010

Idk I kind of like the way sting can 2hKO with Wardom

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Remember its not about winning every hand in ELO, its about winning the majority of your hands, if you can make it so that your worst hand is not that great, but every other possible hand is great, its worth doing. A lot of people make the mistake of looking at their worst hand, and trying to make it work, when you should be making sure you can win with most of the combinations.

I'd argue that there are other cards you can splash - Spiaghi, Chiara, Olga, Gil, and Sylth would be your best bets. These, besides Spiaghi, aren't seen very often, but they don't rely on their bonus to be good and have pretty powerful abilities.

This topic should probably be put in the events section, that being said, shot in the dark says your 19

When Toro and Rolph are free, this deck works well EL MISTICO

In Marco's case, I think also the permaban has hurt his price. Using him in a T1 DT incurs a 2 point penalty and he can't be used whatsoever in ELO (or Survivor: ELO, a game mode Rescue does well in). For someone looking to seriously play Rescue, a card frequently player banned like Kerry is a much better investment.

Since UR operates on supply and demand the only way to keep prices from going up on a certain card is to inject a lot of it into the market or to make a new card that will make it obsolete, eg having striker makes alexei obsolete hence why alexei is so cheap even though he is quite a good card.

None of what you described can be counted as a depression though (depression is characterized as a long term recession with high unemployment, bankruptcies, and deflation) In other words for a depression to hit, the general price of cards need to be dropped because people are unable to afford cards. However, theres no such thing as unemployment in Urban rivals, there's no bankruptcy either, the market is also completely free with kate setting a price floor. currently I see no problem with the market, prices have remained stable and inflation doesn't seem to be out of control (you expect prices to go up in some form since as time increases the amount of clintz generated also increases, in other words the money supply is always increasing over time)


comment and rate please

The lagging has actually diminished for me. Battles are now working normally. My guess is that new servers have been installed. smiley

tuesday 05/01/2010

Okay, the concept behind this deck was to slow down those annoying modifying bonuses of clans such as junkz, and Uppers etc. This deck contains the following cards.


6 of the cards have the SOB ability, 1 card is a poisoner, 1 is a damage modifier 2 with health modifiers. From what im seeing so far even if the cards are hit with the dreaded SOA and SOB at the same time they will be fine because of their solid Power to begin with the man weakness being Rass if he is hit with both it puts him down to a puny 5 power but the rest should be fine against that deadly combo because their solid 6 and 7 powers, but also with this deck is the relatively low total damage of 26 , best hand scenario 17 total damage, worst hand scenario 10 total damage, so I'm taking a risk running it like this.

But anyways, i will take suggestions and comments here is the presets link.

Pay more attention, missions are updated midbattle the second the round is over, the -3 from andsom was updated the second andsom won, the only time this isnt true is for the last round of a match, where the missions is updated at the missions screen

Listen to Drums and Bass and just rock out those PILLZ!

I do hate though, when people are so preoccupied that they forget to play so I can just sit there and watch the screen waiting for them to play their card. I also hate when its the final round and no matter what I'm going to win, and they wait till the last second to play the only 1 pill they have. It makes me want to kick them in the mouth. -___-

You need flash, thats all. download the flash player and whazza! sorted


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