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monday 01/02/2010

You don't need video. Anyone plays poker online? A big part of it is on checking and reviewing your hand history. Most poker clients will save a text file for a session. There are sites like http://weaktight.com/ that can take that text file and transform it into something more pleasing to the eyes.

That being said i say a simple text file would be great. Written in a simple yet "complete" format, it could help improve your game a lot. You could just post it here or on your guild's forum and discuss it with other players.

There could also be some options like: "save all", "don't save", "ask every time". Imagine that you're playing DT's, you don't want to, at the end of each match, being asked if you want to save the text file or not. So the first two options would become handy.

Just some thoughts.smiley I really loved the idea, if done well it will certainly improve our game.smiley

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=996762(not mine) got me 1338 in elo

deleted theres mine tell me what you think, what are you going to use, and what are your views on elo this week. IT WILL BE CRAZY

Best mono Bangers with Spiaghi Is it not true? If yes give me some advice on what to chance please! Thankies

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sunday 31/01/2010

How to make it cheaper but still playable


Sorry but only noobs with crappy cards that are not even from the same clan use timber , usually levels < 9
there is a reason why he is the cheapest leader in UR smiley

O.o I wonder how adding +2 damage will be gamebreaking, I wish to see an example of this! Go make Cesare 3 damage for a day XD
He would be a mini Jackie, and cost 20k less than him

Well...im not an expert in T2 but i saw lots of Freaks T2 presets...i think theyre coming back smiley

Liking the comments and ratings keep em coming

Those lovable but unusable cards are a fossil of earlier days when people didnt know what was decent and just made random stuff. Some were bad (ogoun kyu) some were just too good (kiki cr) and so what you get now is middle of the road non-gamebreaking but non-trashbin type cards. So newer the clan, the less junk, but less variety as well, maybe they'll make a 1 power rescue card, and it'll still beat non atk manip cards in 0 pill fights.

Thanks everyone oh and im not on a budget

Meant to say junkz in topic

I am going to start by telling you what cards can be used in Elo.

Grudj, Olga, Splata CR, Bogdan, Mira, Esmeralda and possibly Wolfgang (3*s).

Not alot to choose from, so i suggest making a half deck. I will also suggest that all decks consist of Bogdan and Olga. On days in which Toro is not banned, i strongly advise using mira. Thats 7*s (or 10) right off the bat. It should be pretty obvious, but your going to want your other clan to be DR or pill reduction. The two best clans to do this with currently are Junkz and Sak. Also keep in mind which to use depends on what is banned.

Use Sakrom when : there is alot of SOA in the top tier bracket. If there are alot of montana and uppers, then this is also a good time to concider using Sak over Junkz. For sakrom you are going to want to choose from the following. Murray Wakai Uranus Nimesteic Corrina 2*s Nata and Petra. I would advise against Petra in most cases. Murray and Uranus are cards that must be in the deck. Nimesteic is very useful as well and should almost always be used over corrina 2*s.
Example of a successful half deck (1396 elo) ---> http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1061551

Junkz have just recently been added to top tier play with the addition of the new cards. Depending on the Meta, and how many SOA cards are floatin around, it may be a good idea to use junkz over sak. Useable Cards: Gil Lolly, Tremorh, Veenyle , Gibson, Rowdy, Peeler http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1058787

You want Scubb, and not Spycee. I would also at least *try* Sting for a while. I think you'll find her to be surprisingly... awesome!

What's your montana half anyway?

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5* Charlie Muze Noemi and 2* Wanda, I'm not rich enought to maintain semis, i also have yayoi if charlie is banned

Got me above 1100 elo, and is probably gonna get me above 1200...lol

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