tuesday 05/01/2010

Keep the Bristone, it's the only card I also use. xP

Now I'm not pro or anything, but I'd play it like this.

G.H.E.I.S.T. --> Bristone, Leviatonn, Z3r0 D34d, Rolph = 13 Stars (Switching Rolph to Wardom when he gets cheaper smiley)
Skeelz --> Danae, Redra, Chiara, Jay = 12 Stars

Good luck man.


check it out . . .

comment and rate if you like

You get more battle points but not ELO points. ELO only depends on yours and your opps ELO ranking. It's all here -
(Calculator at the bottom of the page)

Greesh -> tyd
Andsom -> rhed / deadeye

monday 04/01/2010


read bio and comments so you are up to date

please help me acomplish my dream

Half decks are normally something along the lines of:
Selma/Bloodh 5*
Smokey Cr 3*
Hawkins 2*
Hawkins Noel/Tula 2*

Hawkins Noel/Tula can be changed to Tyd or another 3* if you want a bigger half.


Selma/Bloodh 5*
Smokey Cr 3*
Hawkins 2*
Tula 2*
Sting 4*
Scubb 4*
Tyd/Ulrich 3*
Hawkins Noel 2*

Check Rescue and Montana too, their good.

I played this scenario over and over during DT's (have already finished all Piranas & gain Pillz mission)
it's wonderfull to see yourself back @ normal / decent pillz height after starting with a 7 or 8 pill Dahlia

that's why it's odd Ulrich is suddenly here...
Piranas really only need Morphun and the top 7 cards gaining or stealing pillz plus Tyd
Selma I don't use...she can't perform the tricks Smokey, Hawkins & Hawkins Noel can do, because of her 5 stars..
That's why Dahlia had to pill correctly in the first round and has every right to be afraid of Smokey & Scubb (wonderfull card btw)
because she too is star-heavy

If you get the hang of it; the "pillz game",
you can be a real pain in the behind for other players smiley
highest I got was top 10 during a DT with such a deck
and believe me enough people just quit their matches after Smokey had another Dorian or Nellie for lunch smiley

Prince Jr

Should be around 13-14k

Leader works better in mono choose one of the montanas
for 5* and even better choose edd and fit in the extra star somewhere else

They cost about 100-300 clintz more than a fully lv-ed card, but sometimes people sell them at a lower price than a fully lv-ed card( or were they the 1* cards)

-still not that rich smiley okay ill probably change to #2 - some other opinions??

Please rate and comment smiley

Blaaster any day of the week smiley

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Also, your opponent can't also have a decoy if you go first that round, as it's kind of hard to fool someone when you go second.

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Before posting a topic you should probably look at the stickies, most notably this one http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=&id_subject=310755&subject_page=0

If you're playing type2 survivor it's like tossing a coin four times.

It ends at like 8pm EST...at least I always get my Credits and Clintz by 8:30ish. So wherever its midnight at 8pm EST would be it's timezone.

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And for elo format with card mentioned above ?
please help !

The easiest clans to work with and win with are Montana's, Uppers, and Sakrohm. Combined with Hugo, they take you pretty far. Even high ELO scorers and DT players use basic cards to win, its not all about just playing the best cards, although having better cards do help. For example, a lot of Uppers players have Samantha in their deck, and I still use Mickey T in my deck to get in the top 50 DT's.
And if you plan on playing for some time, when you receive Eryik and place him in your deck, remember that his team ability is applied FIRST, before any other power reduction abilities.
But the big three clan leaders you see 90% of the time are Hugo, Ambre, and Morphun.
Vaansar is just for training cards.

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