monday 04/01/2010

He most likely received them in the Danger pack, or whatever pack has Gheist in it.

Cheers kdgns, just what i needed in a reply. Cheers thoazol for being amazing as always.

sunday 03/01/2010

Ive not long been playing this game much but am quite hooked on T2 survivor at the moment. Any advice/tips on my current deck would be much appreciated thanks.

Hey im kinda ne but could and one give me some advice on my current deck

In T2 Survivor I find a leader helps alot especially with nightmare as their bonus evens the bonus rather than giving a specific advantage. They also have high min on their power/atk abilities so it can be beneficial. I'd use one of the big 3, ambre, morphu or hugo.


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They have no real effect in the game but it does affect the price

Monsterlord Selsya Cr was from Pussycats

Very little strategy is needed to play Hugtana. Just take advantage of the enormous attack and DR your opponent's stronger cards with spiaghi and ottavia. The damage is a bit on the low side, so try not to get poisened or dig too deep of a hole in the initial rounds to get out of.

Of course you won't get to 1500elo with hugtana, but still it's a great deck for starters because of its low cost and ease of use.

Ok well elo is based all around strategy.
a good thing to know is how to use and manipulate 'fear' and estimation. by this i mean cards like sylth that are scary and so fearful. people wont bluff against him unless they have soa so if you were to bluff they will pill (mostly). as for estimation, this mainly is about people underestimating cards like pegh for example, he is a dr so people wont pill much. i find you can get him (and his lovely bonus of +2 life) through in around 2-3 pillz. the opposite end is overestimation where people expect you to pill alot. this is found mainly in low powered-high damage cards like don or fuzz.

that is my main strategy and something worth knowing


I know its not a very good deck and i need help. I pick my cards based on their ability and their bonuses. In that case i would need help deciding on which clans and which cards to buy. i currently have around 1000 clintz.

Yeah you should definitely try zerodead or platinum instead of arkn but thats just my opinion! They have saved me many times with gheist!

I actually like it the way it is, 5 life gainers, 2 poisoners, 5 DRs, and a couple duoble gainers (Nyema and Scopica) with Noemi and Brittany for control, Noemi is a lot more powerful than people give her credit for I got 1250+ with her in my dec.

Sod it, nvm. Pleased close this thread mods.

I need some input on my current deck
any comments are appreciated

Ty ~

Cley is good, but I would buy Manfred if you have teh money

How to get credits faster or how do you get kolos chep

saturday 02/01/2010

In the long run you'll get average of 250 clintz per lottery if you spennd all the possible tickets. That's not profitable in the long run since the only way to get tickets is to sell characters. Now as a single char is worth atleast 50 to kate - much more on private sales - and average yield per one ticket is just 10 clintz.... no, you cant get rich on the lottery UNLESS you get the CR card and/or are insanely lucky to pick right number each week for the same ticket number... smiley

The prize draw tickets from missions ... just spend them to lotteries that have that CR you want. You can pick the "certain numbers" to avoid bad luck ofcourse.

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