tuesday 29/12/2009

Your not going to get much diversity in ELO while there are clans which are better than others. The big 5 clans I see right now in ELO are all stars, rescue, gheist (when not banned), skeelz (when not banned) and montana. And while it is boring versing similar hands for an hour, I can understand why. Players will always choose the strongest cards possible, so until the weaker clans are balanced out, there will always be certain clans which will dominate. I said it when they staff banned ratanah, it would cripple roots thereby making gheist and all stars stronger. The answer isn't banning, it's balancing.

They gotta do Notorious B.I.G, I've been saying it for almost 2 yrs now. Also Jay-Z, Nas, Big L or Big Pun too.

If you're willing to go half deck, there's a lot of good 2-3 star talent from Piranas. It's possible to make the Piranas half of your deck 9 stars, and you'll have a ton to spend on the other half of your deck. All Stars has a lot of nice high power/damage cards, and there's at least 2-3 DR's. Marina is a very effective DR, and Dan is shaky but can still come in handy against cards that have high damage. Uranus is also very good, and like someone else said, so is Spiaghi. Maybe a good DR Piranas deck would go something like this.

Hawkins Noel (don't really need Tyd now that there's two Hawkins, and need the star for Marina)

Lots of DR, some pillz manipulation, plenty of power and some damage, and the DR's do their job without needing clan bonus. Hugo is for giving the DR's some kind of bonus.

There are rules for no 2 4 stars?

btw, made a comment in ur preset

smiley plz close this subject for me mr mod or admin who ever dose it ty

smiley this deck will make players in survivor never wont to meet me. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=989572&list plz rate an comment this is the finish product of the wardoms rage i was worken on for a week.

For Roots (which I tend towards on weeks when Sylth and Caelus are banned), I typically use this mono-deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=201662

Went from 998 up to 1211 in the space of about 1.5 hours Sunday morning with it. Probably could have gone higher, but I had a movie to get to. (Sherlock Holmes, if anyone's curious). ...plus, if you're having fun playing Missions, this deck can be used to play the ones for: 1) Roots in general; 2) Yookie; 3) Rico; and 4) Damage reduction smiley

monday 28/12/2009

smiley yea im haven ahrd time finding good admin so far just me an one other wich i might have to unadmin cause i dont know when hes on latlty

smiley no ? why would you think im from there?

Please post!

Dude belive me,i freaked out when i saw this deck was already made -.-

I've only eveer got over 1400 once (1404) and it was with gheist/pussycats, some pussycats where evo. It took a lot of time, effort, concerntration but most of all a good internet connection. I think the players who do it regularly have both evo cards and the time and skill to play them.

Best way is to sell all cards you don´t need and buy cards that help you.
As you know in ELO and tournaments you can not use 2 of a kind anyway, so no use for them (I´m not even talking about the style of using double cards.. or 8 Sandros smiley )

Sell them!

Heres the preset

RL-Vanity0519, i would use spycee over tula, and i aint crazy, i am better with under-rated cards, mabey because no one gives them a go because of their power or damage, and you know what he can be used to dominate cards, caelus? copper? it can also ruin damage, slyth? 8/2....yeah scopica? 8/2 yeah..... i can go on he kills almost all jungo, damages all skeels, can damage gheist and roots, his ability allows him to soa all clans without a bonus preventing him so nightmare struggle against him, and rescue even junta and fangpi are damage by him, kinjo? chiro? they both take there massive damage abilities and wrecks there damage bonus, and unlike hawk or jackie he can still penitrait the abilities of roots,gheist and skeels who is based on avoiding soa, need i go any further

sunday 27/12/2009

I see what you are saying, it is very broad, but you are also misinterpreting what it means. It is just telling you if you are winning due to the pills and health. You are right, it is meaningless if you are in extreme conditions, and you have to realize that when the player still has to have strategy and watch what their opponent is going to do. This number is only telling you whether or not you are winning technically, and when it comes to the first 2 rounds, that can be a huge help in the majority of the cases.


also willing to take suggestions, but don't tell me to replace something with Tanaereva b/c i don't have him yet heh.


ok this one is better i must admit

smiley i smash all star decks with this deck no problume http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=984927&list. look leaders have boost for all clans just got to know wich one beats wich one. mourphuns oposit is elikor if you haven noticed this each one can beat another. eyrik is beaten by amber at the right timeing. hugos beaten by eyrik ectra figure it out. no deck is invinceble


this is my elo deck but another one.... please vote ,comment and also suggest!!(feel free to do it!!)

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