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thursday 28/01/2010

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No. really there was no Morphun and he had only 6 pilzz! lol i couldnt belive

Did you read the rules? read them, they really help smiley

Okay..id like some advices,but please no Smokey. he is just too expensive,but this deck works verry well without him

maybe i dont need any advices couse i like this deck but what do other peoples think xD

its a great deck,it gets lots of mind troubles for your opp,i even manage to win with all 2*


Maybe Eris

Ok now

@Olek_ A month ago when I started playing Mono Freaks I came out with a deck very close to that, just trading Akendram for Olga Noel

Gah, it's a nice pic in all but srsly! There's srs buisiness to attend to! D:

Thanks anyways! You silly boys >.>

Lets do an analysis then, against soa clans davina and kang are the same, against sob clans davina is 6/4 -2 opp power, kang is 6/4 -6 atk min 5, so suppose you go against a 7 power opponent, davina will be 6/4 vs 5/x so she wins on even pill fights, kang will be 6/4 vs 7/x but he has -6 attack so he would win on even pill fights until you put 5 pills on him. against a 8/x opponent davina is 6/4 vs 6/x, so she breaks even, its down to pills (and if they have any atk/power mod), kang would be 6/x vs 8/x, and he would win if each has 2 pills. Basically what we see is that davina is more stable in higher pill fights, while kang actually holds an advantage in low pill ones, so what you have to consider is how many pills are you going to be putting on your 3 star card? as a bluff kang is better, he forces your opponent to get 12 attack before he can break even with him.

wednesday 27/01/2010

Why don't you just use Aurora instead? Before he came out, everyone was playing Aurora (ok, it was Marco before he got banned) and all Rescue decks could get high in elo just like now.

Well if you gotta go 1st and you have no SOA, it could easily happen. Especially if you don't draw olga or something that can take sylth down, remember sylth is 8 power, it's not a walk in the park. Even without sylth though, jungo still have alot of atk and power cards. jungo vs freaks is pretty even IMO.

I would of thought if you were an author, you could be accused of being biased.

Either way it is very good.

Play Kenny with 1 pill if he doesn't throw more pillz in he loses and you gain HP. If he throws in more pillz it gives you the advantage when taking full offense with Kolos.

Kind of obvious on how to win with Kolos. And Jackie is an exceptional card, bonus or no. 8/6 and SOA? How on EARTH could you think that Jackie isn't good without her bonus?

Scratch Hattori or Marina- do Niva instead. Sorry, my mind blanked for a second.

Um, you just played in random mode , one which that you can still win if you don't have less than as 2 times as much as your opp( aka: if you have 10 and your opp have 20, you'll definitely lose, but if he have 19 then you can still hope to beat him)

tuesday 26/01/2010

@Woxxx - I laughed at some people saying something about "Bosnian language". That so called language was made in last few years. It's basically the same as Croatian and Serbian.

" I still don't like Dwan (C), although I've never used her"

Anyone else see what's wrong with this picture?

Opinion through the correlation of empirical data, my friend! smiley

Yeah I don't notice any of that, I think it is just you

I geuss the 3 gift packages are as follow
mini gift = small price, battle points ant such
average gift = average price, uncommon/ command card few or few clintz.
big gift = big price, rare card, 2000 clintz or a bunch of credits =)

then leaders are given by a picture

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