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tuesday 01/07/2014

Clintz City is organising the World Cup! Sign up a total of 4 players (Goalkeeper. Defender, Midfielder, Striker) in this team event to represent a country and make your own history! Amazing prizes to be won!

More details: World Cup 2014 UR Edition

join my Event The winner takes it allsmiley

sunday 29/06/2014

I would like to join this lottery

saturday 28/06/2014

wednesday 25/06/2014

Only 11 places left, hurry up! smiley

Welcome to the URCL, the deleted !

Here you will play against people from your country to pass the qualifiers and go to the main event!

Prizes are:
1st- Lao Cr
2nd- Vickie Cr
3rd- Jackie Cr

And the 1st of each qualifiers' groups will earn a half part of the jackpot!
Qualifiers are for 2 countries each, but you will only play against people from your same country.

1st to 4th get a ticket to the main event!

Will you hear the URCL anthem?

Go join!


(PS: Each qualifier is posted in its forum)

sunday 22/06/2014

Unicorn zombie apocalypse

Elo, two winner hands, everybody against everybody, eight players.

For the winner, Kolos + the jackpot.

3000 clintzs of inscription.

monday 16/06/2014

Hello Everybody

Rules :

-On popular demand to make the main event not just a lottery but a betting game as well I contacted Raquella for a sponsorship which she is willing to carry. We came up with the idea to distribute points for betting which you are collecting here. Those with the most points will get an extra reward.

-All donations will be raffled at the end of the event between the participants which did not have any luck with betting.

-Points distribution:
-guessing the exact result: 4 points
-guessing the right difference in goals: 2 points
(the goal difference will only award points when no participant guessed the right result)
-guessing the winning team: 1 point
-We will take the previous events into account, so everyone who won something already will be awarded with the according points.

Furthermore we will have another betting game:
You may guess which:
-player will be the top scorer of the WC
-country will win the WC
(post your guesses in the Romanian sector)

-Guessing one of those correctly will give you 4 points.
-The person to have guessed the top scorer and the world champion correctly first will also be awarded with 20k Clintz.
-The players which guessed the top scorer and the world champion correctly first will be awarded if noone guesses both correctly.

Beppo will assist me with distributing the points.thank you !

sunday 15/06/2014

saturday 14/06/2014


16-13 [SPACE] 13-5 [SPACE] 6-15-18 [SPACE] 20-8-5 [SPACE] 14-5-24-20 [SPACE] 19-20-5-16

If it works it should be a fantastic event .
but i dont know if people will donate globumm smiley

friday 06/06/2014

thursday 05/06/2014

wednesday 04/06/2014

sunday 01/06/2014

saturday 31/05/2014

Final day to join

Please read this lottery rules thread before making another lottery. http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=1123644&subject_page=0#answers

- The organizer mustn't keep a part of the jackpot for him/herself or
he/she will be blacklisted or even banned for scam.

thursday 29/05/2014


Big loto ---> Big card

saturday 24/05/2014

Registrations in progress, i'm waiting you smiley

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