sunday 25/08/2013

I wasn't at all saying not to use thorpah he is a really good card If you want one he's perfectly fine as are rad and even brok isn't bad. And if you want balance kenny definitely isn't very stable.

friday 23/08/2013

Freaks and Jungo worked well for me in the past, but i enjoed freaks and all stars too it could be a steamroller at times... if this deck can handle all these mono rescue decks it will do fine lol

Id change rad to kalindra, or if you cant afford her try bankee, and that will free 1 star up. Personally, id replace rad with ayzkub and replace mindy with Zornado. Frozn / Jungo was the first deck i was ever successful with, using the same strategy i do now (build up my lifer points with a jungo, lose round 2, blocking as much damage as possible, use revenge and frozn 3rd round to wollywhop with all my pills and defend like hell the lst round lol.... Frozn / Jungo could do a pretty sneaky 2hit KO though lol (with adler or naheema, and eliska maybe) idk im no expert lol just my thoughts



Huracan + all stars , cuz can't handle Jungo that goodly smiley

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Noted. Appreciate the help y'all.

thursday 22/08/2013

Try not to look at bans as only a testament to the strength of a certain card. There are absolute crap cards that are banned for the sole purpose of weakening the clan as a whole, and not because the card is particularly overpowered.

wednesday 21/08/2013

Here's something I've been enjoying. Apologies to hijack thread, but its half Frozn and alot of fun so far and has answers to stop bonus clans and harucan that suit my play style. Hope i get link right.

tuesday 20/08/2013

May be fun, but it's not the best deck.
Raeth Hawkins Amiral Coco and Tyd is your standard half.
Fuzz Qubik Tremorh Flanagan.

Swap out Ector if you feel there's not enough damage in there but it's a good combo.

monday 19/08/2013

Running this deck, I should try slip in a Bogdan somewhere, ah well.

[3L0] Freaks & Roots -> Fruits?

saturday 17/08/2013

I suspect that the '7th being worth more than the 6th' would be with CR's with similar values. Mid week price changes can swap the value order around, but the prizes are locked in their order based upon their market value at the start of the ELO week. That's how I imagined it, anyway. smiley

Every deck with huricane will own in elo anyway smiley. The guy in top comments of your deck is totally right.

friday 16/08/2013

wednesday 14/08/2013

I was able to use rhatana once in ELO.... once, and i'm telling you she should just stay where she is now, together with Lou, as much as i love roots those two are just too amazing to be re-released.
The amount of non bonus-SOA cards are quite low and most of them have low damage or are bonus dependent to function properly. Also, Nightmare kinda has a full line of scary abilities, so if you play your single SOA for a bluff Kolos that does not guarantee your win . Fear factor is the to this game, it always has been and people who can capitalize in this are in this weeks top 20 list of ELO players.

tuesday 13/08/2013

monday 12/08/2013

R and comment plz smiley

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