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saturday 23/01/2010


Nice mono Jungo deck, and for the rare weeks when Sylth isn't banned, swap Psylo out. Can also replace Boohma with Nyema, but I find he's often under-estimated, and also a nice cover for cards like Tula.

Mods please close

Dermagus i tryed usen a spell checker my grammer is also not that great. dont worry you get use to it over time

Plz close this i made a better one

This: Want to win?

Or this: deleted

Or (for Sakrohm):
- make Charlie level 4, and then Corrina -> Jautya / Petra
- Ella -> Wakai / Na Boh
or both?

Let me know smiley

I use both in elo arken is great for a 2 pill bluff an zero dead i can just throught out there to make a extra scrach of damige now an then


Please comment and leave link to your presets page:


In this topic you can write your fights,where your cards maked you an outsider and opponent got like double better cards smiley and of course if you maked it to victory,or atleast you was close...smiley

this is my one...i was thinking alot in this one,when i saw his and my cards I though like this is Game Over smiley


my opponent hand : Chiara (U) Manfred (U) Redra (U) Tomas (R)
my hand (worst possible) : Hawkins (U) Hawkins Noel (C) Tula (C) Uranus (U)

he plays first (of course-14* vs 9*)
Tomas (R) - 1 pill
me : Hawkins (U) 6 pill
he 9 pillz 10 life
me 6 pillz 12 life
i play now : Hawkins (U) 0 pill
he : Chiara (U) 0 pill
he 9 pillz 10 life
me 6 pillz 8 life
now its the most important move
he plays Manfred (U) [there was so many choices how to play him-but i though he was going for Victory,some other way it could end as a draw]
so he plays him with 0 pill just as i though
and i play Uranus (U) 1 pill and wins the round
he 9 pillz 5 life
me 5 pillz 8 life
only Redra (U) left him-and he cant fury here for victory coz ive got Tula (C) smiley
he plays her with 0 pillz
and i win with Tula (C)
one of my best fights this far smiley

I usually do win with that. I was just wondering with what spinalcracker said about having ELO banned cards in there. Is there anyone I could swap in to make it better?

Uhmmm, how does miranda 7*12+7*1+8 became 78? if it was correct i think your opp used a 9 pillz and 3 pillz fury or did he kept 3 pills?

smiley Thanks for the links! I overlooked the winnings tables. smiley

I dreamt of UR before, i dreamt that i for no reason got 2 stars, i also dreamt that i got a general Cr for free then sold it for 2 mil

Bang Bang!
Any one else?smiley

ELO voy por ti

There is my new preset, please coment changes it and rate it, acording to me is a great ELO deck

Thx mods

friday 22/01/2010

Cats 2 has finally passed the 1st version which means i did good in making improvements! smiley

Ulu watu are great with piranas pill you get eh pillz with the piranans athen pound with a high damige ulu watu or usen pussy cats to take the hits to save pillz. also with bannger work ok with them an junks help

There big diffrence between the 2

uppers have a higher bouse - 10 min 3 an stronger power an damige cards

Sakrohm have a -8 min 3 but they have better healers an greater dr cards decent damige an power all in all

Sakrohm is better then uppers just cause your cards have abetter boues dosent mean its better. when uppers cant make a hit with the -5 damige min 1 cards



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