thursday 24/12/2009

Even if you past lvl 5 you still complet it if you lvl up but you wont get the card same for all the other leader mission smileysmileysmiley

2 things i sincerely dislike:

1: I outthink someone in a game, and after I win, they send me a message saying Youre a lucky (enter expletive) because they were too stupid to strategize, then too egotistical to lose with dignity.

2: Thins themselves high and mighty for bringing a gun to a knife fight.
(ex: Im lev 17 that doesnt buy credits. A lev 40 comes along, and beats my deck, worth a total of 3k clintz, with his 40k clintz deck. Which isnt there fault, but then they go and think thmselves great players for it.)

I like a lot mono all star + eyrik and spiaghi/ not so easy to use,but it's so strong

Since it's the day of Christmas Eve here
It's not too early anymore to great everyone!
Keep em coming!!!!

wednesday 23/12/2009

CrazR you cant really say that, because you can also say it the other way around, having hugo on your team nullifies kang's ability for every fight, as well as briget will nullify gheistling if gheistling wins first round, and will gain life if gheistling wins in a later round. Basically every leader has a very good ability. The only one i've had problems with is eyrik where sometimes his ability seems implemented in the wrong order if the card you play has a higher min, eg ongh, but i think they fixed it..

An 8 star deck would be awfully hard to pull off. I mean 8 one star expensive to maintain.
Here's 16 star mono piranas for you.


Thats my deck. I have a timber which i took out, and a oscar... but not sure where i can put him. Any cards i should get, take out, etc? I have about 2k clintz.

Hello i'm Rose Guardian and I was bored so i deciced to post a tread about some random clans like Allstars.

lets start with their bonus -2 opp. power to the min of 1! Great bonus helps you win against Freaks, Pussycats, Skeelz, Roots, Fang Pi Clang, La Junta, Jungo and Gheist. Their bonus cancels out Bangers and Ulu Watu. While still useful against Montana, Rescue, Sakrohm, Uppers, Sentinel, and Junkz because they need more pillz because of their noow lower power.

Allstars have amazing 5* like Lamar Cr, Oyoh, Hammer, El Gringo and Eryton. Sadly Lamar Cr their best cost alot and is always elo banned. Hammer and El Gringo have nice abilities but being 5* they take up space. Finally Oyoh and Eryton lack abilities but make up for it in their stats. Oyoh is a 7/7 while Eryton is an 8/5.

Allstar rocks the 4 stars, look they have Marina a 4* that is 7/5 that reduces damage by 3 to a min of 1, plus they got the pair of Striker a 6/6 and Alexi a 6/5 both with soa. Finally Liu and Asporov together they do 14 damage. Liu is an amazing 5/7 with courage based SoB. While asporov is a 7/3 suport based damage increaser.

Finally Allstars have great 2 and 3 stars to finish up their deck. Robb a 5/4 will drop a from 7 power to 2 power. Next there is Jessie a 7/2 with plus 2 life, a 2* that can make a 4 life gap. And we have Randy who is a 5/6 with power equal opp. power meaning Randy will copy their power while he drops their power by 2.

Well plz comment on what you think!! smiley

With selma and hawkins noel, the piranas only got better... check my preset to see it by yourself

Los piranas renovados

You won't regret it smiley

Thanks mods

Happy christmas one and all. hope you like this festive deck:

Hawkins Duo

R&C (Rate & Comment) please

In this deck :

should i leave Shoguun here or switch it for Vermyn N

Http:// heres my deck

I bought a full pack first and got edd ottavia and simon path was clear

I never realised that. thanks for pointing it out.
btw does anyone have/getting fallout 3 goty it pwns!!!



Sorry i would but i just sold my tessa and my original one is on a loan

I play elo and right now, I swear every other match i'm seeing all stars and every other match with all stars i see all stars/nightmare combo. It's getting annoying, every1 is using the same combo. I'm at 1300 and I must be the only guy using a Jungo/Sakrohm deck, and i beat all stars/nightmare time every time expect 1. So stop using the same deck combo people! It gets boring.

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