monday 28/12/2009

Heres the preset

RL-Vanity0519, i would use spycee over tula, and i aint crazy, i am better with under-rated cards, mabey because no one gives them a go because of their power or damage, and you know what he can be used to dominate cards, caelus? copper? it can also ruin damage, slyth? 8/2....yeah scopica? 8/2 yeah..... i can go on he kills almost all jungo, damages all skeels, can damage gheist and roots, his ability allows him to soa all clans without a bonus preventing him so nightmare struggle against him, and rescue even junta and fangpi are damage by him, kinjo? chiro? they both take there massive damage abilities and wrecks there damage bonus, and unlike hawk or jackie he can still penitrait the abilities of roots,gheist and skeels who is based on avoiding soa, need i go any further

sunday 27/12/2009

I see what you are saying, it is very broad, but you are also misinterpreting what it means. It is just telling you if you are winning due to the pills and health. You are right, it is meaningless if you are in extreme conditions, and you have to realize that when the player still has to have strategy and watch what their opponent is going to do. This number is only telling you whether or not you are winning technically, and when it comes to the first 2 rounds, that can be a huge help in the majority of the cases.


also willing to take suggestions, but don't tell me to replace something with Tanaereva b/c i don't have him yet heh.


ok this one is better i must admit

smiley i smash all star decks with this deck no problume look leaders have boost for all clans just got to know wich one beats wich one. mourphuns oposit is elikor if you haven noticed this each one can beat another. eyrik is beaten by amber at the right timeing. hugos beaten by eyrik ectra figure it out. no deck is invinceble


this is my elo deck but another one.... please vote ,comment and also suggest!!(feel free to do it!!)

Thanks for all the help guys.

deleted please rate & comment

Please RATE and Comment

Total Shutdown -

Looks like damage is the largest fault.

saturday 26/12/2009

Big damage+damage reduce
Add health+damage reduce

+life -Damage: Revenge

They have revenge cards to use right after a successful damage reduce. Use that to obliterate the opponent.
Or put in a large life gap and then use damage reducing cards to keep the game for the rest of the battle.

Han de Laar - Titan Nl flag
Today at 08:50

"In my eyes it does not make sense to continue a lost game, it is a waste of time!"
-I think that this creates the wrong precedent for other (new) players here..
In my eyes if you have a shred of dignity you play out the game, because your opponnent has done something to ensure a winning situation on his part.

I have to agree with Han. I always finish my games even if beaten by pure luck, so i expect people to do the same.smiley

Great topic and please post more.

I'll be paying more attention to ibtd's posts as well. This kind discussion is great for less experienced players.

Elo Deck II (Sham Style) pls vote!! this is what I used to get to 1310 elo...well if u think you could make it better pls comment!!and pls rate green if u like itsmiley

Could anyone give me a mono Rescue deck for ELO? I mean I've never tried them and maybe they can help me in ELO a lot... Kind of on a budget now, don't want anything really expensive, but still good.
Then when I get more money, I'll make some adjustments maybe...

friday 25/12/2009

Skeelz works very well to counter the GHEIST / Piranas that are running around, alot of people are throwing out obvious bluffs and calling them with Jay / Greem is a game ender. Chiara (when triggered) makes a good counter to Platinum / Tula. I've tried running half decks with them and it works to a point, I'm just having much more luck with a Eyrik + Skeelz deck.


please leave suggestions/comments and rate.

Tyd could be replaced when you need that extra star still in your other half smiley

Yeah but the problem looks like since in elo everybody has abilities and a decent bonus your uppers are useless against most cards because they are attack boosters or sob and skeelz run into problems because they don't have any manipulation powers unless your budget was higher when you made that deck you currently have which appers to be correct

And HOLLYWOOD will sponsor it LOL smiley

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