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tuesday 19/01/2010

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1037185 a new pussy cat mono deck i made - pllz an damige

Ok thanks. Maybe until i dont have praxie, maybe ill use cley or danae instead of deebler, cuz he sux hard smiley

I'd pick Gatline. Macumba has -5 opp. attack. And she's still a very good card, imo.

Lol, thanks!?

This got 11 wins, please help me out with it.

Nockerz-praxie isnt worth half of price he is at now. just wait him to go down,it will happen soon

I didn't actually think that my suggestions would be noticed at all, i'm surprised
new abilities:
cool: when played without fury then the card gets ability activated
abandon:+1 power/damage :when there are LESS than 2 cards from the same clan then the card get the extra muscle (opposite of support, the less number of card you have the stronger the card gets, and not the actual bonus, the one that's mentioned afterwards), like may be there is 1 card in his clan in your hand( himself), then he gets 3 extra power/damage,if there are 3 cards in his clan including himself in your hand, then he get 1 extra power/damage
relief:+1 damage :the more cards of the same clan still in action, the better the card gets( kinda like support but the other cards must be either not defeated or played yet)
madness:+1 power ( the more cards in the same clan knocked out, the stronger he gets), like if there are only him left in your hand and the other guys from his clan were defeated, then he gets 3 power( just think this as the opposite of relief if you don't understand either one of them)
eagerness:+1 damage (the later this card is played in the match the more damage he gets-example, the card is played 3rd in the match then that card have 2 more damage, 4th than he have 3 more), this bonus could also be -att or power
enthusiasm: the earlier they are played in the match, the better the ability gets( like if the card is played on the 1st round, the card get something*3), better as A

This is my 1st deck afterall and I need some master of urban rivals to check out my deck and give suggestions of how to improve this deck.. I really appreciate it if you would click the link beneath this text and rate + give comment of my deck..!! Thanks very much..

Leviatonn would not beat dacote because some people use dacote 9 pills and 3 for fury, but hell, who wouldn't think of that ?and personally, an experienced player can tell you exactly what the opp will do with dacote if you have an SoA in your hand( differs from time to time), and the case when dacote wins against leviatonn is not numerous, try and think big picture instead of round vs round

@rei lol thats zoidberg for ya. its more oppinion that part of it and obviously zoidberg1 had a strong oppinion on praxie

Since All Stars - Marina is banned I figured I should try Skeelz again. Rate and Comment!!! smiley

(Idk if that will make a clickable link so just in case link is below)



how's this?

monday 18/01/2010

Ambre works great with clans that need the extra power (Jungo, FPC, La Junta, Skeelz) because of a weaker bonus..

Eyrik doesn't really suit Roots, though he makes Lou a real threat but the power is high enough anyways.

Morphun, in my opinion, really suits your deck because it means you can really play that extra pill on Lou and still have enough to outpower the opponent.

Hahahaha Putzo!
Good poem lool. I voted for him as well but to ban him. As said before with Praxie now it will get harder and harder...
About Caelus vs Avola take two common cards in elo, Bristone and Yookie, and play them against both those nukes. See what i mean?

Ill stick with my deck for now..and man,its very hard to play for my opponent when i get Hawkins noel and Selma and/or Hawkins smiley and ofcourse sometimes he just do the job what he is made for he get meh pillz back so i use him as a wall sometimes smiley

mods please close the thread smiley

I like it when I run up against someone doing 3/3/3/3, especially multiple times in the same DT. So easy to beat.

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And the last question.... there are like billions of mono skeelz decks and in every preset there is a comment "best skeelz deck ever!" could some1 tell me the real best skeelz elo deck??? becouse as i said there are billions of "best" mon skeelz elo decks smiley

my try

I have to admit, a mono montana with Don or avola at the 5* spot scares me alot more than hugtanas. Rosa gets slaughtered by the all stars (which is, like, every other deck in elo), I'd stick with Donnie and Edd.


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