friday 18/12/2009

i have drawn Wardom

I am not sure what to do with the card, if I should sell it now or wait.. bah
I want to play a full deck Nightmare

Any advice/suggestions are welcome smiley

I just want know if the matches were random or non random I'm a level 77 and get beat by level 13's in random...

go to characters
search char db
search for ability: -x opponent damage min y

it'll give you a better list than any one of us.

in my personal opinion, spiaghi is better, sometimes you simply cant let the card go through and 7 power with -12 min 8 bonus is harder to get through, so he can win battles if you need to. the point of dmg reduction is so your opponent wastes pills to get less damage through, if arno doesnt make your opponent pill (and at 4 power, he wont make your opponent pill much, whats the point, put 1 pill on spiaghi and your opponent will have to get past 26 attack to do -3 min 1, if they use an soa, thats still pill advantage. not to mention that spiaghi has a lower minimum.

That card's price goes down because so many people are trying to offload it (it is very good for pfulling) and most of these cards are unusable so no one buys their maxed versions.

Dont buy full decks, trust me its not worth it. mojojojorulz may have gotten bad luck, but in the longrun, you're more likely to get what you need if you buy packs geared toward the decks you want (in your case you would be going for danger). Also, buying new blood on character/clan release days then selling them immediately is a good way to make money. full decks is unfocused, you'll end up getting a little bit of each and not enough to make a decent deck for any clan.


you can feel your opponents tears (except if he's playing with SOA bonus, then you will be the one crying-not much though)

I recoment platinum, his ability will help you in most cases( if you go for full or half gheist that is) and he's not very expensive too


BEST DUE 2009 smiley


Oh well i guess thats a good thing only keeps the best i guess

thursday 17/12/2009

I'm sure buying 7 decent Junta cards (Myke, Leo etc.) even Niki (6/4 is good for 2*)

Clan Name : FOFT (Federation of Free Traders)

Clan Bio : The sales and marketing people of clint city strikes back! As the ongoing battle amongst rivals seems to take of the majority of the paying customers the kioskholders, ad-manglers and sales departments make their own effort to join the fury.

Clan Bonus : Stop: Attack +16; attack +6 = If opponent has SoB then the bonus is +16 attack. Otherwise just +6

Abilities: No pill manipulations. many "support:" type abilities especially on the lower end cards. Powerful abilities on the 4-5 star cards are behind courage, revenge or confidence. Mid tier 3-4 star cards have average dam reduction and -/+life abilities. SoA and SoB cards have high power but low damage.

No prob, glad to help. smiley

Play the Market. Buy low, sell high. smiley

Hay i want to make good dt2 allstars/ and other clan , deck budget is 100k , i dont want cards banned in elo couse of that new dt rules so please some advices smiley

Corrina is just meh ? When did that happen ?

She is no doubt third in line after Uranus and Murray. She actually beats Murray in low pill play, so she has valid uses. I would say that 22 attack (to be exact 16 attack and -8 opp attack; important difference sometimes) without a single pill is pretty decent. Whenever I have a star left somewhere, I put Corrina in instead of Wakai or Nimestiec rather than upgrading Uranus or Murray to Petra or Jautya.

Anyways. Sakrohm is strong, but sometimes hard to use. And most of their threats are getting killed by SoA. Uranus is almost a must have. You can do without in lower ELO regions, but after a while, she is needed. If you use Na Boh, Wakai or Nimestiec is completely up to you. Some weeks, Na Boh is not a bad choice (like the weeks where Copper and/or especially Caelus are running rampant). Some prefer Wakai because of the life gain and his 7 power, some prefer Nimestiec because of his huge attack manipulation and some prefer to have more damage control. There are better 2* reducer out there, but generally, Na Boh is still good enough.

Please play freaks that would be fun ahahahahahaha..........smiley

I will probably pick Bloodh or Dalhia for my 5 star. I just won Bridget, so I'll probably buy a fully evolved Bridget and use her until I have enough for one of them, or Morphun, and sell my unevolved Bridget and my Ashigaru for clintz towards one of them. This is what I'm thinking my final deck will be.

Bridget/Bloodh/Dalhia/Selma (Bridget to start, since she's cheapest, and most likely ending with Dalhia or Selma)

Plenty of pillz manipulation, and Sting is there to save pillz and take out high power cards.

Considering his name is Mr. Taigo, maybe he just really likes the card >.>

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