sunday 20/12/2009

Same here...IM SURE IT WASN'T MISSION REWARD. i got Brandon,i freaked out lol

3 bas making copper Caelus and sylth free woohoo hahahaha

Hey guys , This is the most recent deck I've thought out for elo , but still I have a thought that something is missing....
or it might just be me =P

Any comments guys?

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So i modified it and this is the result

Hi i plublish a new deck but do it good? please help me!!!!
Sorcier VS Predators

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My Lyse Teria :

Your character history:
Sold to you on the market for 20 000 Clintz, Tuesday 13/06/06.
Obtained by Da-KirbyxXx in a pack.

I bought her back then because I did not have enough money to buy Vickie, and she was cheaper. I regretted that decision for a long time since as a newb, I saw that Vickie had better stats at lvl 5, and was kinda cooler overall in terms of her art.

I would like a Nightmare or Uppers and Sakrohm deck
for Sakrohm or nightmare or uppers i can get every non cr card.

so plzzzzz help

Am94 Cr

I know im a lil new, i just dont see how SoB counters SoA, i mean i understand that it neutralizes them, but doesn't really give you an advantage persay. Now if you mean "counter" as in just protects your ability, then sure, but they dont have a real advantage.


This is the deck I'll be using until I can afford better Piranas cards, when I get those, I'll probably go back to mono Piranas.

saturday 19/12/2009

Check it out and rate

Mmm..ill try that with Edd and Rubie but Mona..2 expensive for me yet

Thanks Growing

Oops I got the answer already. Have to click on the 'Fury' Button. Oh man.. smiley

I've done quick battle searches
But most of the stuff there I think I've done before.

Montana's abilities are WAY better than Uppers!

Does Uppers have any Support: +1 Power like Oscar? -3 opp. damage min 1 like Spiaghi (who is WAY better than Burt 2*)? Support: +1 Damage like Avola? Not to mention all the lovely power reduction, damage reduction and big SOB that Montana gets! Also, when you take away ELO banned cards Montana on average have quite a bit more power than Uppers and even with ELO banned cards Lyse Teria Cr and Vickie Cr are only one power less total than Jackie and Zatman. Montana's bonus is perfect where it is. High enough min to get ruined by lower mins, but good enough manipulation, power, and abilities to force everyone to pill.

Grim - It's a little laggy.
I get the no card images sometimes.
It'll be fixed though. They'll find another way to reduce the lag that it causes.

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