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tuesday 12/01/2010

Cheers guys! Got it worked out smiley Thought that fury was automatic if you pumped all your pillz up to the fury bar level smiley

Such a noob...

monday 11/01/2010

Thank you kindly!

Life Savers

11th Us flag Nintendan WMD from guild Wise Men Distracted with 279 battle points

It's really A great preset I would have been top ten If I didn't lose the battle right before my last with a stupid math mistake. Dang SoB got me.>_> If you don't mind green facing I would really love you.smiley

Heloo guys.. I'm a newbie and when I first register this game I pick ulu watu and junkz as my starter deck.. Master of urban rivals, what do you think is best for newbie between junkz and Ulu watu..? Thank you so much..!! And please give me more suggestions if u don't mind on how I can quickly build this character up smiley thanks


Enjoy! Don't forget to e-mail us, either.

In desperate help of making a good deck any ideas message me

I have that problem when I use my crappy connection at one house, but at my other one, I never have that problem. It's the connections for sure.

Reihana14 has it right

Sledge is a great card, however there are simply 4 other Rescue cards that are played more often than him

Lea Steve Elvira and Kerry are all more common, and im sure Anita is used more often too

sunday 10/01/2010

Close this please, I have an advisor.

This gheist deck rules the format is flawless easy replacments an the leader is to use since it can be changed with any other leader you like. goten me to 1327 elo points with it in just a short time.

this deck s for a massive missions i do like 10 or more missions with this deck fun an easy you will probly lose with it but you can win http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1016143&list check it out

Well to be fair, Rowdy over Malmoth has a lot to do with his massive +12 attack, making Rowdy 7/6 at 12 pills and 8/6 at 6 pills. Anibal over Methane demonstrates my equation perfectly: 8/6, even when situational, is better than 7/7.

But I agree that there are many, many situations where 6/6 is better than 7/5. That's why I said the 1 power = 2 damage equation was a simple rule of thumb.... I don't think telling newbies that "damage and power are both very important!" is particularly useful to them.

This week I used
Zero dead/rolph/leviatonn/bristone

since both toro and uranus were banned. It got me over 1300 smiley

I think that I made a really good deck for type 1: deleted

This is the plan...Sakrohm came to Clintz city,they took Pussycats to their planet and have them as slaves!
Now the real plan...
1st)When I have Yayoi or Charlie I put all the piltz with fury and I let Uranus,Graksmxxt,Na Boh or other Pussycat reduse damage...and I win...smiley
2nd)If I have Muze,I play so many piltz that the opponent will not believe I will play and I reduce his life points with poison.Additionally,the opponent cannot win me with KO,because of the damage reduction.smiley

One possible way of losing is with soa,because Uranus,Muze and Na Boh are becoming useless...
I hope you like it and If you have a better idea fo changing 1 or 2 cards,feel free to inform me smiley

Thank you!!smiley

Well, may be instead of making the card rewarded missions disappear or harder, they will remove the Cr price instead, or making the chances of you getting it as thin as 1/100 of a strand of hair. in other words, the cr cards won't be recieve anytime soon after they got Cr-ed


Will take suggestions

There are a few people who are super rich. One of them may include someone who just got in the top 25 in elo and got a super nice Cr to boot. I, in no way whatsoever, am anywhere near rich, but even just getting over 1200 in ELO, if you decide thaat you want your life back, will get you somewhere, not quickly, but somewhere.

Revenge works if your opp beat you in the last round, sometimes you'd play 0 pills to get revenge through,

saturday 09/01/2010

Thanks ibtd & Fapfap please close smiley


A man who has 2 DR like a pussycat deck smiley

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