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saturday 09/01/2010

Here is my new deck that is made to have always(or 90% of the time) 2HKO, rate it and comment it please

Gheist por fin al survivor

Well Sakrohm/Roots would probably be the best choice because you already have some attack manipulation.


My only question is how you can have a perfect Montana deck and not have Avola? It's like saying you have the perfect Bangers T2 deck and not have Blaaster, It just isn't true. And also if you're deck is so awesome, might I ask why you are on such a tight budget?

Thx,well i personally think im one of better Montana players,i used them from my beggining- mmh 3 years?? huh smiley (this is my other acc-first one quited)

okay,thanx,and im shore that jessie marina or Striker will be banned smiley

Chiara FTW!

What cards do you won of those clans? I would probably say Sakrohm/Roots but please tell us the cards.

What kinda deck do you wanna build? Mono deck, half deck? For what gametype? What cards do you already own? How do you like to play, what is your style? Always answer this questions when asking for deck building help. After that we'll be able to help you better.smiley

I'd usually playing in type 1 Dts, what would you suggest? Oh and thanks for the help so far guys

Nightmare/Gheist work fine assuming that the banned list is kind to them, they tend to lose key cards at the same amount of stars ie. Ghumbo, Rolph

friday 08/01/2010

Sung tsu

Thanks you can close this subject now an kinda put it in rules would help

Miss Rosa, but make her banned tpp since she's way too sinisterly slutty and seen in that no-good montana group smiley

Kolos Noel - (1 damage, ability: +12 life - otherwise like original Kolos.)

Exactly what Woxxx says. As long as you can win the match, you'll be fine. The Montana deck was designed to get just enough damage in to win the match instead of trying to push for the full victory. The same is true of the Rescue deck as well.

Tyrell!!! Thank you so much!!! I just won 8 of my last 10 matches with that Sentinel+GHEIST deck, pushed me over 1100 ELO pts. You are the man!

Tp killer, it's a moot point since Kate always take 5%, but here's my point...
You're selling a card for 1000. If I buy it from the market it costs me 1000, but you get 950 (5% less). If we could avoid Kate taking 5% by doing a private sale, you could sell it to me for 975 (2.5% less), and you'd get 975 (25 more than if we used the market), while I only paid 975 (25 less than if we used the market).

Leave the match

you lose BPs, lose som fairplay score.... but you preserve your undevelped cards. AND even more important.. you save time

i leave matches all the time when all i want is to win as many games as possible given the amount of time i have

thursday 07/01/2010

Hello, I created this deck and wanted to share with you, give me reviews and comment please smiley




Bangers 10 power & -4 damage i dont use bangers by the way

Jungo is not that great, every card has to pill at least once just to beat a damage reducer, slyde with 1 pill has 22 attack, and many times reducers are really a bluff with 2-3 pills on them, that attack difference is pretty annoying, not unbeatable, but annoying to deal with compared to say... uppers+hugo with a lot of soa and damage that puts a bigger attack gap than mono rescue.

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