wednesday 16/12/2009

I ahve chosen my mix clan i go with right now. hear check it outsmiley

With Hugo you're only getting a total of +3 attack (3 more on three characters, 6 less on one), and he weakens Marco, Alec Cr, Pam, Larry and Suzie.
I suggest Ambre (to overpower), Eklore (to outpill) or Ashigaru (to outwit).

Taking a wild stab but I'm guessing your on a budget. Sadly they are efficient at being cheap ann effective but if your want to get somehwhere in ELO, you can't be on a tight budget, especially for Montana with Mona and Ottavia being staples. Here is what cards you should have in a mono montana.

Prince Jr.
Donnie/Edd (I prefer Don)
Sharon/Milovan (Sharon is solid 7/5 but Milovan 6/6 can be a 2HKO or strategic play with Mona)

Or you could go with a half deck, preferably Sakrohm they are really effective together.

I almost never play a 5* Sakrohm. Eris is nice, but she takes up so much space that you can simply fill better. I'm not a big fan of Askai or Jungo for that matter. Askais min is 8, which is above his own power and therefore easy to exploit and Jungo in general fall to attack and power manipulation rather easily with very few exceptions.

I rarely play Na Boh because both Wakai and Nimestiec are SO much better and you can always grab a second damage reducer from a different clan.

Comparing Wakai and Jessie is a little bit off because they have different uses. Jessie is good to take out power manipulating cards or cards that have neither power nor attack manipulation. Also, she is great in high pill plays. Wakai shines in low pill play and against the Montana and Hugtana variants. Montana is wide spread in ELO.

Ludwig can be played but usually he is going under between the big three Sakrohm 3* Murray, Uranus and Corrina. Murray is very often a match winner. He is a wall besides the fact that he is DR ignoring.

Sakrohm is pretty much a toolbox which can be hard to understand. Of course, Uranus is a key factor, but matches without him can be won just as simple. They are insanely strong against damage reduction and they are incredibly strong against Montana and Hugtana derivates. Don't know how often I won against Montana because of my pill advantage and life gain (vs Ottavia and Spiaghi).

Jautya and Petra are nice additions if you can fit them, but the core are the 2* and 3*

I'm working on a Gheist/Roots deck for ELO, Toro and Rolph are always getting banned shakra is that way too so I'm trying to make a deck that wont have a card in it banned every week. This is what I've got so far, it's not working too great but I don't know what else to change, any suggestions appreciated.

tuesday 15/12/2009

I'd put Grudj down to Akendram to help with your low-pillz problem, then keep Askai and put Mindy to Nyema or Radek. There's less reason to have Jalil when you have Freaks, as his large gap also puts a bit of a cap on your poison. Nyema is better for her bigger potential boost. DR aren't really a problem for you anyway. The choice then is between Nyema or Radek, and it depends on if you want the gap or the easier round-winning.

Lol i posted this thread and then totally forgot about it i thought it didnt make it through smiley

Anyways @ fraggle thank you i did not know collector pro had that feature smiley

As far as this thread is going a lot of good issues have been brought up. The reasons why i think that there are to have a suggestion board as opposed to placing it in the most relevant area is that it cleans up the clutter. I understand fraggles argument that it could cause a hassle but its kinda already happening on the boards so you may as well channel it into one area and then you will have a reason to reject our messages if it is not on the right board.

For the whole moderator involvement issue its obvious that it will require a bit more input from you guys, but possibly making it an ideas thread for the community to suggest and that mods can come in as they like more than a suggestions board that we may feel you are required to provide input.

Theres also the whole moderator approval thing that a lot of people do not like. We could also consider a merit system where once you are so high rated you no longer have to get things approved. This could also be removed for bad behavior and it could be totally independent from the game. The parental controls would also work because if you give parents the option before they sign up it shifts the responsibility from ur to the parents.



I believe it is pussycats
2nd oldest clan

funny fact back in the day baby q and wanda were perm banned from elo in a poll between them and yayoi and feelyn

@name not rotate, it could be random like caelus, copper, ban, ban caelus ban copper ect ect

When both opponents have over 100 points in the tournament the time to act is reduced. This is to stop people intentionally wasting time.

It was announced with the other changes to DTs.

I doubt he has the money to support 2 evo 1* cards, and this is not bad considering, if you go 1* for miss ming, go for 8* half deck with one of the 2* freaks going to 3* olga.

For gaining profit from packs theres 2 ways of looking at it, New Blood is great when there are expensive new releases (every 2 weeks) but especially when a new clan is released (Up to UR staff). Otherwise theres Danger packs which have many high priced cards

As for the guild question, a guild can provide many things within the game. It's primary purpose is a social environment but also can give you much more. I mean you can get advise from other players, participate in guild events, network and some guilds have guild markets. For me it gives me a place to enjoy myself other than battling.


Ok I think this is a good balance between poison and Pill Manipulation, I added a damage reducer to help me stay alive long enough for my poison to do its duty. Yea me likey


please look and give ur opinion~ i try to make good deck for ELO

Well freaks are good and they have an awesome 12*

Grudj/Bogdam (preference)
Esmeralda/Souashee/Hula (I personally like Esmeralda)

Piranas I usually never play but taking advantage of their pill manipulation usually gives you wuite an advantage (especially when paired with Grudj), so I guess it would be.....

Andsom/Tyd (Andsom if you think you need more manipulation and Tyd for base stats)

This should give you a strong deck.

Best Hand: Dalhia, Smokey, Grudj/Bogdam, Olga - ouch good luck trying to win against that hand
Worst Hand: Tula/Hawkins, Andsom/Tyd, Esmeralda/Souashee/Hula, Akendram - Not that bad could be way worse

Overall seems like an interesting deck type, I personally don't like the clans but I've seen how they work and I think poison + pillz is a pretty viable option.

Goo Luck!


Oh, and I also agree with switching Trey out with Tula

monday 14/12/2009

I like playing random. Sure Shot is a strategy you can't enjoy at non-random.

hears the deck that can handle it while toro an rolph are away


Check it out and please tell me how can i make it better ty smiley

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