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I believe it is pussycats
2nd oldest clan

funny fact back in the day baby q and wanda were perm banned from elo in a poll between them and yayoi and feelyn

@name not rotate, it could be random like caelus, copper, ban, ban caelus ban copper ect ect

When both opponents have over 100 points in the tournament the time to act is reduced. This is to stop people intentionally wasting time.

It was announced with the other changes to DTs.

I doubt he has the money to support 2 evo 1* cards, and this is not bad considering, if you go 1* for miss ming, go for 8* half deck with one of the 2* freaks going to 3* olga.

For gaining profit from packs theres 2 ways of looking at it, New Blood is great when there are expensive new releases (every 2 weeks) but especially when a new clan is released (Up to UR staff). Otherwise theres Danger packs which have many high priced cards

As for the guild question, a guild can provide many things within the game. It's primary purpose is a social environment but also can give you much more. I mean you can get advise from other players, participate in guild events, network and some guilds have guild markets. For me it gives me a place to enjoy myself other than battling.


Ok I think this is a good balance between poison and Pill Manipulation, I added a damage reducer to help me stay alive long enough for my poison to do its duty. Yea me likey


please look and give ur opinion~ i try to make good deck for ELO

Well freaks are good and they have an awesome 12*

Grudj/Bogdam (preference)
Esmeralda/Souashee/Hula (I personally like Esmeralda)

Piranas I usually never play but taking advantage of their pill manipulation usually gives you wuite an advantage (especially when paired with Grudj), so I guess it would be.....

Andsom/Tyd (Andsom if you think you need more manipulation and Tyd for base stats)

This should give you a strong deck.

Best Hand: Dalhia, Smokey, Grudj/Bogdam, Olga - ouch good luck trying to win against that hand
Worst Hand: Tula/Hawkins, Andsom/Tyd, Esmeralda/Souashee/Hula, Akendram - Not that bad could be way worse

Overall seems like an interesting deck type, I personally don't like the clans but I've seen how they work and I think poison + pillz is a pretty viable option.

Goo Luck!


Oh, and I also agree with switching Trey out with Tula

monday 14/12/2009

I like playing random. Sure Shot is a strategy you can't enjoy at non-random.

smiley http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=959765
hears the deck that can handle it while toro an rolph are away


Check it out and please tell me how can i make it better ty smiley

Close please.

My opinion: I can see bans on powerful CR cards -- Guru, DJ Korr, General, and the like -- because otherwise you'd just see tournaments dominated by folks who've been playing long enough to acquire them.

As to the rest... Everyone's got the same chance of getting cards in packs, or the same ability to purchase them off the market or arrange trades for them. Yeah, it might take you awhile to save up for the card you want, but they're all within the realms of reasonablity for acquisition. Whether you choose to put that work into acquiring them, or to use them once you have, or not is up to you.

Constant threads of " needs to be banned! It's unfair because it defeats my deck!" are pointless. If you're running into something that often enough, maybe the real problem is you not wanting to fix your deck to deal with it or having to think about how to counter a known threat.

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight and then complain it's not fair that everyone else can take you out before you can get close enough to hurt them.

Just my two cents.

Something to think about, you want a dt deck to be in T2, with 26 stars and you dont want 5*s. This is because the higher a cards level and the higher the number of stars in your hand, the less points you get per win. you want your lower star cards to be beating out higher star cards. Also, since winning battles is what gets you points, a high power is best. with that in mind, I suggest taham to gibson, katan to kristin, spycee to smokey if you want to stay in T1, veenyle to onik if you want to try out t2. spycee needs to definately go. his power is much too low for a full stop, basically you're guaranteeing overpilling on spycee and even if you win with him you only do 2 damage. switch to tula if you want a 2 star.

Judging by what I wind up against regularly: Montanas are probably the most used clan in general, either on their own or as a combo deck with Uppers. This week's seeing a strong Skeelz showing, however, due to Caelus not being banned this week.

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Understood fargone (sorry for the tangents), but freedom is important here because the argument for using whichever flag you want is that everyone should have the freedom to mis-represent (display the wrong flag) if they want too.

My responce to this is, yes you can lie/fake, but the reason you don't is because it is at the expense of others, that way you can maintain you're freedom but behave in a manner that is respectful of others ie. in this case not shafting smaller countries out of there right to be represented on a fair and honest playing field.

I admit there is not many ways to control this but community opinion has allot of swing in the 'can' and 'can nots' of this game.

Mona is simply striking cause´of her abilty and DMG. Milovan is restricted to his abiltiy, rather difficult to activate and to bluff. Milovans Power 6 is weak in comparison to Mona which is more stable (6 + Ability). Mona is a great beginner but also a tremendous counter for any High-Star-Cars without +or - Bonus (Sylth, Aylen, etc.)

--> u have to choose Mona!

sunday 13/12/2009

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