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tuesday 05/01/2010

Pay more attention, missions are updated midbattle the second the round is over, the -3 from andsom was updated the second andsom won, the only time this isnt true is for the last round of a match, where the missions is updated at the missions screen

Listen to Drums and Bass and just rock out those PILLZ!

I do hate though, when people are so preoccupied that they forget to play so I can just sit there and watch the screen waiting for them to play their card. I also hate when its the final round and no matter what I'm going to win, and they wait till the last second to play the only 1 pill they have. It makes me want to kick them in the mouth. -___-

You need flash, thats all. download the flash player and whazza! sorted


Keep the Bristone, it's the only card I also use. xP

Now I'm not pro or anything, but I'd play it like this.

G.H.E.I.S.T. --> Bristone, Leviatonn, Z3r0 D34d, Rolph = 13 Stars (Switching Rolph to Wardom when he gets cheaper smiley)
Skeelz --> Danae, Redra, Chiara, Jay = 12 Stars

Good luck man.


check it out . . .

comment and rate if you like

You get more battle points but not ELO points. ELO only depends on yours and your opps ELO ranking. It's all here -
(Calculator at the bottom of the page)

Greesh -> tyd
Andsom -> rhed / deadeye

monday 04/01/2010


read bio and comments so you are up to date

please help me acomplish my dream

Half decks are normally something along the lines of:
Selma/Bloodh 5*
Smokey Cr 3*
Hawkins 2*
Hawkins Noel/Tula 2*

Hawkins Noel/Tula can be changed to Tyd or another 3* if you want a bigger half.


Selma/Bloodh 5*
Smokey Cr 3*
Hawkins 2*
Tula 2*
Sting 4*
Scubb 4*
Tyd/Ulrich 3*
Hawkins Noel 2*

Check Rescue and Montana too, their good.

I played this scenario over and over during DT's (have already finished all Piranas & gain Pillz mission)
it's wonderfull to see yourself back @ normal / decent pillz height after starting with a 7 or 8 pill Dahlia

that's why it's odd Ulrich is suddenly here...
Piranas really only need Morphun and the top 7 cards gaining or stealing pillz plus Tyd
Selma I don't use...she can't perform the tricks Smokey, Hawkins & Hawkins Noel can do, because of her 5 stars..
That's why Dahlia had to pill correctly in the first round and has every right to be afraid of Smokey & Scubb (wonderfull card btw)
because she too is star-heavy

If you get the hang of it; the "pillz game",
you can be a real pain in the behind for other players smiley
highest I got was top 10 during a DT with such a deck
and believe me enough people just quit their matches after Smokey had another Dorian or Nellie for lunch smiley

Prince Jr

Should be around 13-14k

Leader works better in mono choose one of the montanas
for 5* and even better choose edd and fit in the extra star somewhere else

They cost about 100-300 clintz more than a fully lv-ed card, but sometimes people sell them at a lower price than a fully lv-ed card( or were they the 1* cards)

-still not that rich smiley okay ill probably change to #2 - some other opinions??

Please rate and comment smiley

Blaaster any day of the week smiley

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Also, your opponent can't also have a decoy if you go first that round, as it's kind of hard to fool someone when you go second.

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