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wednesday 13/12/2017

It does need updating as there is no GhosTown listed

A LD is rewarded from the pool of LDs that you do not currently have. However, the Lds from Arcade Season 4 are not included yet.

tuesday 12/12/2017

Hello all, I'm Goldmoonwiz and I'd like to impart some advice as well as ask for feedback on how to build an EFC deck

1. Pick your first clan and figure out it's theme. Don't confuse this with Bonus. Each clan focuses on a different way to play. For example, my favorite clan is Pussycats and their theme is to make gaps by gaining life and hitting hard when they can.

2. Find a second clan that can work together with your first clans theme. This does not mean 2 bonuses that look good on paper. To continue my Pussycat example, people say that FPC is a good companion clan but FPC wants to win as soon as possible while Pussycats want to stall out all four rounds. So I chose the other life gaps decided, Jungo.

3. Coordinate abilities. This seems basic but it's often not thought about. Try to have a card whose ability is your other clans bonus. This is to keep your theme working even against pirana or nightmare. I used Pegh and Slayer for my "understudy" cards

4. Don't put all your strong cards in one clan. Again, obvious but ignored. The whole point of playing half decks is to cover each other's weaknesses

If anyone has anything to add, or to CONSTRUCTIVELY criticize my guide please do so.

Those two are Remove 100 life with Jalil and Inflict 100 damage with Futoshi Ld.

monday 11/12/2017

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Just regular ELO matches, but thanks for the reply any way.

But whatever the case I've only ran into toxic, even in Training for god's sake. This game isn't for me any more, seems it only has gotten more frustrating as time went on.

sunday 10/12/2017

Wouldn't it make sense to have one new mythic per EFC season?

Thank you i will try that deck out

Mmm really? i wonder why lol

saturday 09/12/2017

Guillotinette +3- pillz in EFC. That's the only mode that it has increased for me.

friday 08/12/2017

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í think serafina is one of the best heal/regen/life gain u can have her power as long isnt canceled is amazing just amazing

Well, it's not better. It's worse. Life lesson.

So I found an interesting side effect of the disconnection/De-Synching glitch-problem many players are having:
You can fury multiple times!
(Can someone else can put that into an image? I wasn't able to do it in my 'test' post)

Ok, so you cannot actually fury multiple times (the game only counts it once). This glitch occurs when your game desynced from the server before you play, then manages to resynch afterwards. Your pillz are reset, but the card's damage counter is not. This allows you to fury a second time. And if you are still desynced, you can repeat. So my 13 damage Buckler only did 7 damage. Still it's interesting.
And before you tell me to put it in 'Bug Reports', its an effect of the disconnect problem, so once that is solved, this should be solved.

thursday 07/12/2017

So there's no quick easy way to find a cards bday? You have to check them individually?

2006 All 204 Cards

Day 1: February 13 2006
*Ordered by Clans then cards alphabetical order.

1. #Bodenpower ID:195
2. Chikko Cr ID:184
3. Juicy Lord ID:185
4. Meroo ID:203
5. Platoona ID:186
6. Sum Sam Cr id:197
7. Syd Noze ID:238
8. Tunned ID:201
9. Vermyn N ID:187

Fang Pi Clang
10. Kinjo
11. Lihoi Chun
12. Lost Hog Cr
13. Lao Cr
14. Macumba
15. Natrang
16. Otome
17. Sai San
18. Tatane
19. Windy Mor
20. Xia Leming

21. Brutox
22. Lilith
23. Meyen
24. Morlha
25. #Sigmund Cr

26. Acid DC
27. Akiko
28. Berserkgirl Cr
29. Brandon
30. Bunny
31. DJ Korr Cr
32. Keanew
33. Malmoth
34. #Nobrocybix
35. Otakool

La Junta
36. Amiral Py Cr
37. Bruce
38. Flavio Cr
39. #General Cr
40. Gertrud
41. Jane Ramba Cr
42. Mitch
43. No Nam
44. Wardog
45. Winifred

46. Eklore
47. Eyrik
48. Vholt

49. Aldo
50. #Don
51. Flesh Pimp
52. Lino Borsa
53. #Lyse Teria Cr
54. Mort Bax
55. Ottavia
56. Pino
57. Vickie Cr
58. Zodiack

59. Baby Q
60. #Charlie
61. Dolores Boss
62. Gwen
63. Ninja Nyne
64. Noon Steevens
65. Shawoman Cr
66. Svelthlana
67. Tania
68. Wanda
69. Yayoi Cr

70. Ataoualpet
71. Billy Bob
72. Kiki Cr
73. Narendra
74. NDololo Cr
75. Noodile Cr
76. Ogoun Kyu
77. Ratanah Mt
78. Sunnygoat
79. Yaman

80. Aldebaran Cr
81. Caciope
82. Gastroboy
83. #GraksmxxT Cr
84. Guru Cr
85. Halley
86. Oryon
87. Pulsar
88. Uranus
89. Venus

90. Aurelia
91. Copper Cr
92. Josh
93. Rebecca
94. William

Ulu Watu
95. Chad Bread Cr
96. Gaia
97. Mac Hen
98. Nanook
99. Rass Cr
100. Razor
101. Sandy
102. Tafa
103. #Tanaereva Cr
104. Wee Lee

105. Armanda Cr
106. Bob Joby
107. Elliott
108. #Dorian
109. Frankie Hi
110. Gina Glitt
111. Jackie Cr
112. Maeva
113. Mo DiFalco
114. Zatman Cr
115. #Zlatar

February Onwards
116. Erika ID:252
117. Vladimir ID:251
118. Melissa Cr ID:250
119. Robin ID:253

120. Saddy
121. Vryer
122. XU52
123. Carlos
124. Chloe
125. Fifty
126. Igniss
127. Flyer
128. Havok

129. Python
130. Matthew
131. Tyler
132. Ashigaru
133. Timber
134. Vansaar

135. Manon Mt
136. Scarlett Mt
137. Bridget
138. Hugo
139. Morphun
140. Crystal
141. Ambre
142. Ricardo
143. Ice Jim

144. Dieter
145. Estalt
146. Armand
147. Amy
148. Perle
149. Leo
150. Melluzine
151. Mojo

152. MC Decay
153. Candy Jack
154. K Cube
155. Nympheea
156. Cell
157. Elixir
158. Endora
159. #Ielena
160. Mini Mosu
161. Phonos Cr
162. #Globumm

163. Methane
164. Feelyn
165. Yookie
166. Samantha
167. Gary
168. Diego Cr
169. Gabrielle
170. Zdrone

171. Katsuhkay
172. Lamar Cr
173. Mikki
174. Striker Cr
175. #Dragan Cr
176. Skullface Cr
177. A Award Cr
178. Reine Cr

179. Bhudd
180. Flo Cr
181. Kimberley
182. Terry Cr
183. Kiki
184. Beltran Cr
185. Dwain Cr
186. Ambrose Cr
187. Jim Cr

188. Alexei
189. Dan
190. #Eyrton
192. Marlysa Cr
193. Selsya Cr
194. Ombre Cr
195. Thaumaturge Cr

196. Jenny,
197. Laetitia
198. Gheistling
200. Kawan
201. Veenyle Cr
202. Rosa
203. Simon
204. Berserkgirl

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr thursday 07/12/2017, 05:42

wednesday 06/12/2017

Considering most LDs got buffs, I like this method better.

The bug is resolved. I will lock this thread.

Bosskilla... he's admin tho sooooo

infi i guess

monday 04/12/2017

Great are also consume cards and pillz removal cards from Hive. To get pillz I am using Riots

Yes. You'll hafta pay for em though...

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