thursday 10/12/2009

I haven't played tournament in a long time but after finals I think Ill give this a try.
Tiny Cuts Run Deep (Evil Ver.)

Hopefully I get him by 2day smiley

I got enough money and I kept asking for trades lol

If u want, jungo and piranas also complement each other due to pillz manipulation smiley

Askai, Ongh, Nyema/Radek/Scopica, Pegh/Mindy, Tyd, Smokey, Hawkins and Tula would most likely make you gain more wins smiley (be careful of low star cards draw if you r facing against many damage dealers :/)

Well if you can't have attack bonuses I would suggest Banger/Ulu Watu. If you can't have attack or power bonuses then I would suggest Ambre+Skeelz (Caelus , Cley , Chiara , Sasha , Sandro , Redra , Milton ) it will be near impossible to lose with a hand of Ambre Caelus Sasha Sandro

This is what I'm presently using:
Constructive criticism is what I'm looking for. Thanks!

smiley since this seem to be getting good prase i send it in.

Get a 26* deck. The lower your deck total, the more points for a win.

I can consistently get top 100 in T2 dailies with my mono La Junta deck.

wednesday 09/12/2009

Any reasoning regarding:

# If 2 players have more than 100 points during a tournament, the time allotted to play each round is considerably reduced"


I did notice it. I lost like 3 or 4 matches already for getting out of time WITHOUT noticing it. And the time you have to think is absurdly short. Unless there is a great reason for that, I don't know why did this change took place at all.

Nico GTA IV for the montana


It's for elo and focuses on reducing damage.

tuesday 08/12/2009

It's a deck of Jungo's and Roots for Elo

Rate and comment smiley

Http:// (My Deck) *sorry if this gets posted twice*

hey guys could you please comment on this deck. Im basing it on a deck i found in the presets. I still need to replace Timber with Jane Ramba but need another 3k clintz. Also, i think when the guy made this deck it was before Hawk was banned. Could someone please help me figure out who i should replace hawk with? Obviously i need the cost to be under 10k or else i wont be able to get it for a long time. thank you guys for your help and i look forward to seeing what you guys think. take care! oh and if any of you want to play sometimes feel free to send me a challenge = )

BTW- i want this deck to be able to play all except survivor. Also, here is the deck i based it on


It's just for advertisement I reckon. If a lesser known guild is advertised on a well known guild, then that makes them that much more famous.

I am daydreaming that the new cards will be related to the "mission" feature.

Maybe that is not a new clan, but some extra cards that only be rewarded to mission players.

I think Hugo + Mono-Uppers or Montana will rule now. Cheap, easily accessible, and very effective even without the banned cards.

Those saying Rescue will now dominate, Rescue never did dominate DT really before, and now with a -2 penalty to Alec AND Marco, I don't see much changing.

Keep sandro he can take out 90%of cards in the game in a mono skeelz deck no random

monday 07/12/2009

smiley thnks but i thought leaders would never be banned. what made them change there minds lol. im kinda glad they have leader bannable now. just got confused when i saw hugo on that list lol.

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