monday 21/12/2009

Don't know much about Bangers,
but for the Jungo half ,
Lunien is right.

Mindy to Pegh
Niva to Greow or Slythsmiley

I dunno, lately it seems like Freaks can go for it with: Hula, Soushee, Harleen and Olga. That's 9 stars there with a decent mix of abilities.

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I think its a problem with the score checker, but not with your actual score, just ignore it and dont let it affect your gameplay. new changes to a game always has bugs.

I think it would be a good idea to not go for cards in nightmare clan, the good ones cost too much for you, try to find another half deck for your deck. 8k can buy an entire half deck for another clan.

sunday 20/12/2009

Im using dis deck as of now

Didn't have much time this week to play ELO (and the missions are distracting anyways xD), but I got to 1200 ELO np. The Ulu Watu / Sakrohm combo worked like a charm. Today I played from 1100 to 1200:

10:29 Elo you won by forfeit against onestone, SERETEI_13 (11-2): 1207 ELO
10:26 Elo you narrowly escaped from Nipo59264 (7-6): 1186 ELO
10:19 Elo you narrowly escaped from Retrack, (IT) Dragoon Fighters (5-2): 1166 ELO
10:13 Elo you beat pyrojkl, Organized Konfusion (4-0): 1146 ELO
10:09 Elo you won by forfeit against (A) niky, Game Over (12-smiley: 1128 ELO
10:05 Elo you lost against nsammael_ESDA, el santuario de athenea (0-7): 1112 ELO

I lost to first one to Azgroth, Dieter and Glorg with Skrumm and Murray. Was a coin toss in the end (even though I shouldn't have a fighting chance at all). Besides that it was a breeze.

Same here...IM SURE IT WASN'T MISSION REWARD. i got Brandon,i freaked out lol

3 bas making copper Caelus and sylth free woohoo hahahaha

Hey guys , This is the most recent deck I've thought out for elo , but still I have a thought that something is missing....
or it might just be me =P

Any comments guys?

*don't forget to rate too smiley *

So i modified it and this is the result

Hi i plublish a new deck but do it good? please help me!!!!
Sorcier VS Predators

Please rate and comment smiley

My Lyse Teria :

Your character history:
Sold to you on the market for 20 000 Clintz, Tuesday 13/06/06.
Obtained by Da-KirbyxXx in a pack.

I bought her back then because I did not have enough money to buy Vickie, and she was cheaper. I regretted that decision for a long time since as a newb, I saw that Vickie had better stats at lvl 5, and was kinda cooler overall in terms of her art.

I would like a Nightmare or Uppers and Sakrohm deck
for Sakrohm or nightmare or uppers i can get every non cr card.

so plzzzzz help

Am94 Cr

I know im a lil new, i just dont see how SoB counters SoA, i mean i understand that it neutralizes them, but doesn't really give you an advantage persay. Now if you mean "counter" as in just protects your ability, then sure, but they dont have a real advantage.


This is the deck I'll be using until I can afford better Piranas cards, when I get those, I'll probably go back to mono Piranas.

saturday 19/12/2009

Check it out and rate

Mmm..ill try that with Edd and Rubie but Mona..2 expensive for me yet

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