saturday 12/12/2009

For this week, the Stop ability on Glosh is definitely worth more than the extra 1 damage on Ghoub . Steve is just too busted to not use in conjuction with Slyde. And Suzie has always pulled her weight. I like Ragman's suggestions.

smiley thanks found it now gess i missed it when i was looking for it can close this ty

friday 11/12/2009

This is my deck until I can get the last cards I need.

Miken Moose

I might actually stick with this deck, since there's more reducers this way, although I do plan on replacing Miken Moose with Arno when I get the money. The only weakness I can see is when playing against cards that have SOA for ability, and I don't have any Roots on hand to counter them.

I kinda wish I had room for another leader so I can add Hugo or Timber, but there's no way I'm replacing Sliman or Amanie. And I want to keep the Roots/Piranas ratio even so I don't end up with only one card from a clan xD

My public presets:


Some advice for if you do survivor. Don't attempt it late at night EST, there aren't that many opponents, and most of the players who are on will wipe the floor with most players. I couldn't get a single victory last night T.T

1* filler is, in many ways, just as unbalancing as ELO-banned cards - because they seriously skew the deck construction rules in favor of the "Mr. Suitcase" player. Much like the "Power 9" in Magic, using them can easily decide a game - not because you drew them, but because you drew what you could pack-in extra because of them. It's like allowing someone to pay an "extra" fee at a Magic tourney so they can use a 40-card deck - and everyone who doesn't is required to have a 60-card deck. While the example is somewhat inverse, the point remains the same; they bend the deck-building rules in favor of those who pay for the privledge. In ELO, I could see a restriction on non-EVO cards, since ELO is "supposed" to be about pure skill at the game - the ultimate level playing field. But in non-ELO play, you don't see them - because their cost is significantly higher than their return in non-ELO play. SO an ELO ban on non-evo cards would pretty much instantly collapse that sector of the market - but until/unless there are some restrictions on it, top play will revolve around it - and thus be dominated by those who have the resources to keep the machine turning.

I picked up Muse the other day and have already seen a big dffernce in my wins and loses. Guess I just gotta save up for charlie and Yayoi

It really does depend on the play style of each person.

We're bound to see the opinion shift around with each new change and limitation in the various modes of play.

As for the Sakrohm, Taborga, they DO have many cards that are highly manipulative in various categories. Pillz, life, and those two damage reducers that reduce such by five and have a minimum of one. Their bonus is almost as good as the Uppers too, sooooo... Yeah.

Personally, I've operated an Ulu Watu deck for most of my time here. It's a challenge playing it right now, but that is actually quite fun, even against Uppers and Montana... ... Up until I go up repeatedly against the same staple cards over and over. Variety is the spice of life!

It's not really cheap at over 20k & it has a semi-evo which will cost to upkeep.

thursday 10/12/2009

hmm freks huh well if you do it right amber good be great but if a -4 power beat your card when amber boost is going then you have a problume thought that rarely happens.

elkore takes pills maken it harder for a player to bea a freak by turn 3 an 4

mourphum willive you a pill but if they have eklore then you will have a hard time fighting harly happens with both on feild.

eyrik great in case you wont to drop there power by 1 maken it so you have to pill less per turn to win a round.

briget would be good cause she keep up your hp so the posion ccan do its thang but she only heal you 3 times in hole battle.

i say try out eyrik thought you should know if its a mix deck with aleader its going to be prity hard compaired to a pure deack with a leader.


Any advices are welcome!

I'm planning on making a super cheap Freaks/Jungo deck that beginners can use in general...this is what I've put so far:

The Circus In The Forest

Can you please give any suggestions that would improve it, but still keep it below 10k?

Tanaereva is probably higher than Jackie and co because his stats are on par with Guru and DJ Korr etc.

People expect him to go Cr because he is such a good card and want to make a profit.

I don't believe that pack nonsense...the chance of getting a Jackie or a Tanaereva in a pack is the same as getting a Leila or Frankie Hi..true more people buy Danger but how many will get a Jackie in that pack?

Thanks every one
UM i'll try it when i get the money

I haven't played tournament in a long time but after finals I think Ill give this a try.
Tiny Cuts Run Deep (Evil Ver.)

Hopefully I get him by 2day smiley

I got enough money and I kept asking for trades lol

If u want, jungo and piranas also complement each other due to pillz manipulation smiley

Askai, Ongh, Nyema/Radek/Scopica, Pegh/Mindy, Tyd, Smokey, Hawkins and Tula would most likely make you gain more wins smiley (be careful of low star cards draw if you r facing against many damage dealers :/)

Well if you can't have attack bonuses I would suggest Banger/Ulu Watu. If you can't have attack or power bonuses then I would suggest Ambre+Skeelz (Caelus , Cley , Chiara , Sasha , Sandro , Redra , Milton ) it will be near impossible to lose with a hand of Ambre Caelus Sasha Sandro

This is what I'm presently using:
Constructive criticism is what I'm looking for. Thanks!

smiley since this seem to be getting good prase i send it in.

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