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sunday 03/01/2010

Sod it, nvm. Pleased close this thread mods.

I need some input on my current deck
any comments are appreciated

Ty ~


Cley is good, but I would buy Manfred if you have teh money

How to get credits faster or how do you get kolos chep

saturday 02/01/2010

In the long run you'll get average of 250 clintz per lottery if you spennd all the possible tickets. That's not profitable in the long run since the only way to get tickets is to sell characters. Now as a single char is worth atleast 50 to kate - much more on private sales - and average yield per one ticket is just 10 clintz.... no, you cant get rich on the lottery UNLESS you get the CR card and/or are insanely lucky to pick right number each week for the same ticket number... smiley

The prize draw tickets from missions ... just spend them to lotteries that have that CR you want. You can pick the "certain numbers" to avoid bad luck ofcourse.

Is this good enough?

Bangers and attack minipulation like -10 attack min 5 or soemthign liek that

Nice!!! good decission
I will advice you to play a lot with the deck!!
get yourself familiar with your cards and after that
start expanding smiley
good luck!! smiley

Sorry,there must of been an error on kirland, it said he had it at all lvls....

Well Hugo wont be so effective with subclavians deck,but he sure works well with Uppers,Sakrohm and especcially Montana

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Yeah really i saw it 2 hahahah

Time gambit---george WAS in New Blood,like the other 2

Tough tough call

mono FPC vs the current meta game falls a bit short... not without CRs

Chan Nakata Fei Kuei are the 4 cards that can be effective.... after that it becomes quite shaky for FPC

Rei and Sung Tsu are potentially great cards depending on the week

1 star Unagi is a great filler

beyond that, anything else you play will simply be inferior to what other clans can put out with the same star count

I guess thats right i had him in my piranahs but sold him good 4 type 1 & type 2 i guess it will be a couple month smiley

Dont use both pussycats has great 2* and 1* cards so you can fit a bunch of really great 5* and 4* in, other than muze the 3* cards get overshadowed by the higher level cards simply because you can fit them in the deck.

friday 01/01/2010

smiley jungo mix pussy cat deck if you put the right cards to gether in those to clans you can do it all. look close you can

@LOA Myztyrio: Well, didn't know where to put it, but this seemed as good a place as any smiley

@HoC Insom: Well, like the song says, it's 5 o'clock somewhere. smiley

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