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friday 01/01/2010

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Hahaha oooops
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Courage is obv the worst in the face of SoA, without SoA, it is often better than the other 2 (depending on the ability itself) I would rather have courage: SOB instead of revenge: SOB for example.
Confidence chain is a very powerful plan, whereas revenge chain just doesn't work as well (unless you have revenge: DR). I have to agree that I prefer 1 revenge over 1 confidence, but 3 confidence > 3 revenge.

For ELO - no Cr and no staff-banned... These are hard to think of not to be included in deck if using the clan even as a halfdeck.

Sakhrom: Uranus
Sentinels: Lehane
All Stars: Jessie, Robb, Marina
Montana: Spiaghi
Bangers: Blaaster
Gheist: Leviatronn

Freaks have all sorts of problems and contradictions that get even worse with mono. But if you do want to try them, here is my advice:
Freak Staples-
Bogdan ****
Olga ***

Best 2*-
Harleen **

Freak Mono- Staples-
Wolfgang ****
Mira ***

That's 5 cards, 16*. As for your last 3 cards, I would *not* recommend ANY of the Freak 5* cards, although you might want to try some of the leaders, particularly Morphun, Ambre or Eyrik. Mira has a key place in Freak mono because Freaks absolutely die to SOA GHEIST and Roots, since they are HEAVILY dependent on their abilities. Wolfgang also shines in mono- he is very, very good in the first place, and he has the best damage reduction which is synergestic with poison.

So your last 3 cards for 9*, your options are likely:

Grudj **** + Olga Noel *** + Hula **
Leader ***** + Hula ** + Esmeralda **
Leader ***** + Olga Noel *** + Hula *
Olga Noel *** + Twyh *** + Akendram ***
Grudj **** + Crassus **** + Hula *

Graziella *could* be played. She DOES have a niche against Rescue or Montana and some specific matchups. The problem with Maamoon is she is completely destroyed against GHEIST/ Roots. That's acceptable for a 2* but not for a 4*.

Mono Freaks need a good Support character and perhaps another effective Stop character. Mono Freaks has not seen any serious support from the game designers outside of Mira.

Hey guys i was really thinking about decks, and i made this one. It works like a charm, and I have yet to lose with it out of about 4 elo games. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=996456&list

On uer budget mavey

lin bee

miken moose

cheap, relyable, usable in elo, and DT

Very good suggestions. I'll get at least 2 of those cards. Thankssmiley

thursday 31/12/2009

^.^ Guilds are great places to score free clintz and cards.. Most run contests that dont involve playing against anyone!

I found a nifty way to always get 100 clintz a day. If you have a TON of lottery tickets (I had like 70 from missions alone) you can use 10 of the tickets with a different number on them each day.. Players with the lucky (last) number win 100 clintz! Not a huge load, but I look at it like this: 70 tickets = 700 clints.. Almost 1k! ^.^

DT's are good because of the free 50 clintz along with what you win from battles...

I use to sell my leaders whenever I got those as well.. Hey, leaders will always be around and with each new player that joins the prices SHOULD drop.. But thats just theory.


Erzsbet because of power manipulation. Timmy is cool and all but his poison min is WAY to high!!

And if you keep going this route then you will eventually buy a sheitane and timmy will become useless for you!

So for power manipulation and future use.. Erzsebet is your girl! ^.^

Heres the link : rate and comment please,advices

thank you


Sorry for wrong link : http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=760591

Ok, I think you do not understand the deck. Ulu watu = amazing power
timber = +1 damage
ulu watu don't have great damage, and with his addition, you can even pull off 2 hit kos.

ambre just increases their already amazing power, which is not what I am trying to do here. I dislike timber in most cases too, but not this time.

Skeelz is a pretty good clan, and there's a lot of low price cards. It's possible to make a decent ELO deck for a little over 3k, or maybe less. A lot of the cards seem to support each other with their abilities, and their abilities can't be SOA'd away unless faced with a full stop.

wednesday 30/12/2009

Play Nistarok or Eyrik, either way i think you're gonna have to change your deck.

The extra pill is just the free one you get that is automatically played for you on the PC version.
You can change that in the options.. smiley

But yeah, i agree i love the app.. smiley
Only thing is, i want to be able to view the message boards at the same time as playing.

Maybe we will get an option to view the messagge boards and MAYBE the market on the up-coming update! smiley

I can think of a couple of reasons:
1. some (mostly rich) players have unevolved cards in their deck. Like a Wanda or Gwen at 1 star. It leaves extra room for more heavy hitters. Of course you can only keep these cards at level 1 for so long before they level up. At that point the card no longer fits in the deck and the player needs to buy a new 1 star version of the card. So for many players, these unevolved cards are more useful and thus more valuable than their full evolved forms.

2. training cards gives you battle points. Some players will sell large batches of so called "pfull" cards (partially full). The idea is that it takes only one training session for these cards to level up, so you can quickly and easily gain large amounts of battle points. At higher levels, it takes a lot of BP's to level up and training these cards is often quicker. Obviously, if a card is fully developed, you can no longer train it, so no more BP's. Again, a benefit that unevolved cards have over fully evolved cards, for which players are often prepared to pay extra.

3. with the introduction of missions, players are looking for cards to train. It gives them access to the training room, where they can work on missions like "deal 1000 poison damage" more easily than in regular game mode. A max 4 star card bought at level 1 gives you a lot of time in the training room.

There was a time that Sylth was still not viewed as a big threat, thats when Jungo had yet no DRs at all.

Now its no more funny, any time you see sylth, there are pelgh niva and some other infamous DRs like uranus sitting aside. Imagine if you happen to have no SOA in your hands? let he pass = almost lose even if he was pilled by 12 and you 0. You have one SOA but have to be played first? another terrible situation as you will still have to save your pillz for next round to counter him, make your first SOA card fragile.

Sure Sylth is beatable and can be countered by Gheist/roots, but for most other decks he is simply a coin flipping case and bugs so many people struggling to climb on ELO scores.

Too many unevenness, and Lin xia? Smokey Cr is banned this week but this woul;d be a much better choice of deck

z3r0 d34d
Smokey Cr/Tyd

Almost all Freaks are worth playing. You shoul avoid Dacha Macha, Kharl and Nanastasia. All others are ok but some only at the beggining. The best ones Are Olga, Akendram, Bogdan (try to get those three as soon as possible), Esmeralda and Hula. Try this one: deleted although you can made some changes like putting there Soushee, Eve, Erpeto or Boris.

My deck in Elo is not a Damage heavy deck (16 total for all 8 cards) but it gets the job done as long as Sylth stays unbanned its a Half-nightmare, Half Jungo deck, which relies heavily on me creating life point gaps cause every card in my deck rewards life points if i win the round, my best possible hand would be Kenny, Lelena, Sylth and Scopica. Which if i draw those 4 cards i will have 30 power in total, with the possibility of gaining 22 life points if i win every hand..the down side is their rather low damage..only 10 total with my 4 best cards in that situation, and SOA ability will kill my chances pretty much hehe, well thats my two cents, my deck is here

http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=992368 rate please and thank you.

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