tuesday 01/12/2009

Look like you got what you want. leaders are up for votes.

But i need your input:






Is this deck any good?
Do montana and gheist work together?
What do I need to change?

I want it to be that way too URTO.

Well, 10k for working guild chat box ...I´m in, still it should be free and working.

I'd go with Junkz. Power manipulators work great in high-Pillz fights, but for low-Pillz and Pillz conservation it helps to have attack manipulation.

First one is better

and here are option

- 2* Wardog
+ 2* Jane

- 2* Wanda
-3* Muze/Noemi
+1* Wanda
+4* Charlie

This will help your deck easier to play, easier to bluff and have more option for safe openner.

monday 30/11/2009

@Besucher I will

The first deck is my Type 2 Daily Tournament deck, it's more or less for rating, I don't feel it needs fixed.


And this next deck is a Mono-Sakrohm I put together for ELO, now take into consideration I have never went at ELO in a competitive nature, and I have never played with Sakrohm, much less Mono-Sakrohm...

Please critique, comment, rate, etc. Do what you do! *Points at the professionals* smiley

Plz help me on my deck smiley


Jessie banned this week, Ashley is so bad compared with Jessie lol

plz gimme advices :/

Once I get finished with levelling up cards, ill research/create more half-decks...

(I just bought half of the collection of Sakrohm, maybe i'll go Mono for ELO.... xD)

Jungo has good 3 stars, Borss and Chill aren't high enough power, I would take Radek and either Jalil or Boohma - Boohma's +20 attack in a Mono Jungo deck is awesome - it's like a low priced Emeth in a low-pill situation.

10 creds!!!

Hmmm im trying to combine with all-stars deck

Roob (R)
Randy (U)
Ashley (C)
Jessie (R)

the best combination in my mind to uluwatu is power manipulation~~CMIIW

sunday 29/11/2009


I wouldn't do type1 with jungo
+life isn't an incredibly useful bonus in dt imo

for elo though
go for a triple threat deck
askai----imo he is better than ongh. ongh has less damage, is killed by all the other -power manipulators in the game, robb, mona, toro most of the allstars etc and well askai's atk manipulation is much more useful for elo imo.
sylth---- you know why>>>switch to groew as a temporary replacement for when
nyema--- a serious game turner for only 3 stars
scopica--- life gaping, high power and stuffz
radek--- nice solid card
pegh--- gr8 reduction
chiara--- odd card in this deck but still works well by herself
spaighi--- the damage reduction to help your life gapping nukes

Ow yeah nakata and louise is a sweet combo !

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Surfer$ & Gangster$

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Has he become just another card? He's not even listed as a card to ban or unban???? A card that has been banned almost every other week, and now nothing at all? His use has fallen off that much?

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