monday 07/12/2009

Yea, in the middle of the last ELO tournament, I was dominating with a Gheist/Skeelz deck featuring Caelus and Rolph... easily leveled myself up to 1100 until they put the B&R into effect... Oh well, it was a good run. And just as I have said, Caelus is sooooo incredible busted and unfair. I was even able to sell him off for more than what I brought him in the moment. Mise! LOL

Its debatable. Sometimes Hula is better sometimes is Esmeralda. In more times for me it's Esmeralda.

Actually, try this:

Lulabee 5*
Stanly 5*
Nanook 3*
Gabrielle/Taigo 2*

Uranus 3*
Murray 3*
Nimestiec 2*
Wakai/Na Boh 2*

Or the All Stars 10* version:

Jessie 2*
Ashley 2*
Randy 3*
Robb 3*

But I would combine Ulu Watu with a clan that has attack manipulation like Sakrohm or this Montana half deck:

Ottavia 3*
Mona 3*
Spiaghi 2*
Prince Jr 3*

My fav would be Sakrohm though because of their low pill abilities and Uranus. Both the Sakrohm and Montana half decks work very well and you don't even notice that they only bring 10* with them.

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Everything besides a Mono-Leaders clan smiley

Happy 3 years, lol.

I've been here for 2 years and 3 months but I took about 5-7 month break smiley

Yes, and this rank will change if you sell card or in the case on the ranks with % of collection as new cards are released

sunday 06/12/2009

I understand what your saying but 95% of newer player will not spend money on the game, they don't know it and its completly new to them sure we know tis worth it but since they don't know much about the game they wont spend money on it until they get experience

basically im saying that the new player would rather hear about affordable cards and not ones you get from a pack you can sell for 10k

Type 2 survivor


elo survivor

Ok i now have 30k to spend, i have both piranas and rescue so i should be good, thanks guys

close nowz smiley

Plz close mods

winner got their card

From what I can see, my biggest problems seems to be with damage, with the highest being Toro and Leviatonn's 5 so I'm thinking of the new 5* in Piranas Selma.

Cool, i hadn't noticed that you could sell in collection pro like that,




Yeah I lost a Miss Cloe for a pitance and got a rude finders keepers response from the person who bought it(I guess some people have no compassion or conscience).

Worst I have heard of was a Lamar Cr sold for 137 clintz, now that would kill me.


saturday 05/12/2009


it is quite cheap too

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The big problem when you compare Selma and Ghumbo or Askai for example is that her ability isn't certain enough. Askai ALWAYS has -12 opp attack, Ghumbo ALWAYS has -10 opp attack, but Selma ? Selma needs to win to get an effect out of the +2 pillz. HUUUUGE difference there. Sure, you can pill more, but so can the opponent and kill her and leave you with less pillz overall. Yes, I know the opponent can pill more against Ghumbo and Askai as well, but at the very least, you created a pill advantage, which can be match winning.

Oyoh is loved because he is in the clan that he is. A 7 power All Star is as good as it gets in that clan. And his damage number combos pretty damn well with Randy, Striker and Marina (and Uranus for that matter). That's why Oyoh is loved so much. Sure, his 7/7 stats are pretty damn decent already, but it really is his clan (and it's bonus) that makes him playable.

@Glint: Dalhia is more than just an opener. You can easily use her for the same effect on round 2 or sometimes even round 3.

@JGB: I wouldn't say goodbye to Bloodh just yet. He rarely saw play over Dalhia, but he still is one hell of a good card. A life difference of 9 is nothing to joke about. And his ability makes him somewhat resilient to DRs as well. Not to mention the fact that life gain can counteract 2HKOs.

All in all, Selma is a decent card and a good addition, but we will see how much of an impact she will have.

Interesting. I was struggling so much. I kept adjusting my build and couldn't break 1300 hundred. I was just getting pummeled by attack and power manipulation. I changed to mono skeelz and in about 25 min I leapt up to 1319, winning I think 5 of 6 games.

I was just gonna leave it at that after spending so much time floating between 1250 and 1300 but maybe I'll have a another go at it.

@Asorti I have no counter to Sylth but haven't seen him as much as expected. Was he a problem for you?

@ Ibtd Your right about All stars. They also have Eyrik for those who like to run him.

@Agito_King I don't know that Montana has anything to make a comeback from. There not affected much by the weekly bans. This is the first week that leaders are up for banning and hugo is getting a lot of votes.

And yeah banning influences quite a bit what people play. Piranas for example are playable with smokey but you'll see more of them when he's unbanned. Some cards people are calling coin tosses like sylth, copper and Caelus they hurt so much and are, at the least, intimidating. When they're unbanned you'll see more of their clans.

Yeah sorry bwt that but the people were asking for the link thats the only reason I posted it. Anyway mods deleted it smiley

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