thursday 03/12/2009

Some guilds recruit others dont but you did turn the filter off not too sure

Hi, I'm rather new to the game and don't know how to join an event sometimes.
For some event, it says "not open to unsolicited applications". What does that actually means and how to join those certain events?

Thank you for you help

wednesday 02/12/2009

This is currently the deck that im using

1330 elo

its very decent and can 2hko in almost all draws , but i think u can afford to replace a couple of the cards in em with better ones to make it even better smiley

Thats why i didnt include chan or fei in the presets that i made , i see u looked at them , hope u managed to win using em smiley

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What LOA Daigon said should be enough for you.

But just for reassurance.

Clintz are for individual cards to buy from the Market.
Credits are for packs to buy in the Shop.

You can get Clintz from winning battles, doing Daily Tournamets etc.
You only get Credits from ELO (check Game Rules for more info on ELO), Survivor (again, Game Rules) and by using real life money to get Credits in the Shop (bottom of page).

Good luck!

Ah. In that case the power manipulation clans are the way to go. Personally I like All-Star with a Jessie/Robb or Randy/ Marina/Striker half-deck, classic. You could try to fit a Lamar Cr in there, and go with a Jessie/Robb/Randy/Lamar Cr, but that leaves you at a disadvantage with the "other" half, and you're giving up two pretty good cards. As for the other half, it's up to your playstyle. Or you could go with a Skeelz half-deck, since they're like the utility-clan (in other words, they seem to fit in any kind of deck since they're dependant on abilities rather than bonuses).

A new clan (if there is going to be one) will be out sometime in the next 2 months, but dont hold your breath

Those are some good choices, and I especially like Hugo. I think I'll replace Timber with him. Amo would be great for my defensive strategy, and I like how he's low cost. I was going to get Noodile today, but I ended up buying Yookie insteadsmiley

Looks like I have some saving up to do.

About that deck, Joao??? Definitely sub that for Gaia, if you had to have the best Survivor ELo it would be like,

Wee Lee
Lin Bee

Lots of high power and moderately good damage makes for an effective deck, and I got to 1300 ELO with ulu so it should do wonders in survivor.

tuesday 01/12/2009

I have just suddenly realized the basic dynamics of this game. This is a neat litttle thread to discuss the basics of the game and to see exactly what they are. i realize that in order to win a match you have to fufill certain criteria, for instance:

The goal of a win is too make the opponent not have enough pillz to be able to counteract your plans, and to able to use minimal pillz to be able to indefinitely defeat your opponent

What this means is, by having cards that can expend the most damage at the least amount of pillz possible, these are the cards with true value. I am just wondering are there any cards like these? Is there a way to build a deck around them? This is what my aim is: To get down to the very core of cards and to be able to build a well organized deck that can maximize there abilities. Preferably ELO

Allstars and montanas are quite good clans on their own already... i still think morphun is the best leader...

Freaks are really strong for the clintz they cost =)

Look like you got what you want. leaders are up for votes.

But i need your input:





Is this deck any good?
Do montana and gheist work together?
What do I need to change?

I want it to be that way too URTO.

Well, 10k for working guild chat box ...I´m in, still it should be free and working.

I'd go with Junkz. Power manipulators work great in high-Pillz fights, but for low-Pillz and Pillz conservation it helps to have attack manipulation.

First one is better

and here are option

- 2* Wardog
+ 2* Jane

- 2* Wanda
-3* Muze/Noemi
+1* Wanda
+4* Charlie

This will help your deck easier to play, easier to bluff and have more option for safe openner.

monday 30/11/2009

@Besucher I will

The first deck is my Type 2 Daily Tournament deck, it's more or less for rating, I don't feel it needs fixed.

And this next deck is a Mono-Sakrohm I put together for ELO, now take into consideration I have never went at ELO in a competitive nature, and I have never played with Sakrohm, much less Mono-Sakrohm...

Please critique, comment, rate, etc. Do what you do! *Points at the professionals* smiley

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