friday 20/11/2009

smiley I sold a card or 2, and can buy either Coby or Zatman. Coby to complete Rusko's deck, Zatman for DorianZatmanJackie mono Uppers (still need Jackie).

So which should I buy? Leaning toward Coby...

thursday 19/11/2009

Noodile Rico Yookie and arno/Miken Moore are good enough
and leaves room for a 5star 4star 3star and a good 2star from another clan

Actually no....I makes us publish our current deck as a preset

I guess i'm not so great with controlling battles yet.....

I lack strategy as well as guidance in how to develop a better head game....

I don't want to jump from clan to clan trying to find something I mesh with due to lack of funding at the moment.... meh.... I need a sensei! >:O Where the hell is the Yoda of UR? xD!!

@thereisnogod (there is...jk)

i mean there isnt need for them if you dont have them

@Matti_Naesae: OK, thank you so much, I now get the idea of the 5-3 deck. I have Leviatonn of course, he´s a beast...But I actually reached recently 1313 ELO thanks to this deck:

Maybe 2/6 with skeelz is a good idea, you can splash Caelus and Chiara and then put an Anti-Meta Clan (smiley XD) on there... But you´ve got to be careful with Caelus, without his ability he´s dead...

Ella is better then feelyn - 4 opponent damage min to or if lower then 4 then - 2 min 1 thats scary man

Well, I changed up my Montana deck with the clintz I had, so now it looks like:

Don (Could change for Hugo, but it lessens the stats/potential of Oscar, which is an awesome card IMO.)
Prince Jr.
Ottavia (I don't really like her, I might drop her for Veccio....)

heres my deck i was wondering if you had any recomendations

wednesday 18/11/2009

Heh, link to deck didn't work. Here it is

smiley to new players plz post if this helped you out.

Chapperz so let me see a deck you think has the WOW please. im intrested to know smiley

Montana with hugo sad but its the new trend
I hate it I can beat it because montana has low damage but yea try it

Oh i like your style


Also Caelus. I've come across a couple of matches in which the hand included 2 or more Caelus -es.

I guess I'll add:

With Vansaar: Three level 1 cards leveling up to level 2 gives you 31 EXP in total. (10 EXP each + 1)
Three level 2 cards leveling up to level 3 gives you 61 EXP in total. (20 EXP each + 1)
Three level 3 cards leveling up to level 4 gives you 91 EXP in total. (30 EXP each + 1)
Three level 4 cards leveling up to level 5 gives you 121 EXP in total. (40 EXP each + 1)

Haven't tried, but I assume it will be the same without Vansaar. So that'll be 41, 81, 121 and 161 EXP respectively from level 1-5.

Have fun training.

Fang Pi used to be one the worst clans in Elo. Because of their new reinforcements they are a power to be reckoned with!

GanGsta´s PaRaDiSe

Haha, Chapperz made me laugh.

What they all say is true! You are probably and most definetely a Sentinel user hence the crying love of your Copper. I bet you get whooped every so often by the Ability of Sylth heh? Hence the picking of ONE card which can also be arguably unuseable against a SoA....

Tut tut tut, clan fanboys these days.

Learn to be versatile my friend.

Baby q to muze and jehn to louise

pretty cheap and very good improvments


this is my current mono sentinel deck BUT its 26* : ( now i want a ELO deck so please help me with this.

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