sunday 29/11/2009

I wouldn't do type1 with jungo
+life isn't an incredibly useful bonus in dt imo

for elo though
go for a triple threat deck
askai----imo he is better than ongh. ongh has less damage, is killed by all the other -power manipulators in the game, robb, mona, toro most of the allstars etc and well askai's atk manipulation is much more useful for elo imo.
sylth---- you know why>>>switch to groew as a temporary replacement for when
nyema--- a serious game turner for only 3 stars
scopica--- life gaping, high power and stuffz
radek--- nice solid card
pegh--- gr8 reduction
chiara--- odd card in this deck but still works well by herself
spaighi--- the damage reduction to help your life gapping nukes

Ow yeah nakata and louise is a sweet combo !

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Surfer$ & Gangster$

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Has he become just another card? He's not even listed as a card to ban or unban???? A card that has been banned almost every other week, and now nothing at all? His use has fallen off that much?

For me that would be lolly on number 1
and oktakool on number 2,..
junkz doesnt have to maney good 3 stars
if only oktakool had 7 power and 3 damage or something like that
then his price would be 2k atleast smiley
but he isnt smiley

As title says i somehow found this game after having put it on standby back in 07 and i wonna get into some elo fun again.

does anyone have some proper suggestion for a 100k clintz budget deck. Back in the days i used too play rescue mono and pussycat mono, but tbh i need a little brushing up on whats awesome these days, so any help would be ace.

Well i love using eyrik with -atk clans
because of his tough stats already
but i use him with -atk clans because it gives you a slight pill advantage
prince jr

that deck is gr8 because it strengthens cards like prince jr and mona and it also prevents your opponent from overpowering you.
filomena is strengthened with eyrik support
also all cards with 7 will get reduced to 6 with him meaning it will take two pillz to overcome the montana bonus

however hugo is still a good choice
he will give you invincible 1pill vs 1pill play which is daunting to overcome.
as for morphun i don't see he too often with montana but i'm sure he would work
your choice though


i think it is ok but i am not sure plz help me

Elo Deck(Sham Style)

This preset ain't ultimate and I need your help to make this deck at least a little stronger than it is...But at least I tried to make my ELO into 1220+ elo but ill try more hard to get bigger than 1220+ elo ..

Please suggest...Thank you

My new mono Rescue has earned me over 3k in clintz yall r life savers
I really do appreciate the help!!!
smiley smiley smiley

Has an admin read this? smiley

Well both clans aren't big in the ELO curcuit.
dorian is probally more useful though since he can be used in half decks while emeth can't really be used in them.
but its your choice
which do you prefer?
uppers or la junta

saturday 28/11/2009

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Let people play what they want instead of brainwashing them to play montana hugo theres no skill in it for one and it becomes boring, like seeing uppers/montana every dt.
First off Mattyopro 2 pills on gwen = 21 atk not 24.

Fillers used by experienced elo players means they will be used to win the round sure dealing 1 damage is nothing but you're stopping your opp from getting in his damage for a couple of pills smiley

Micky t can be loads of fun.

My choice for #1: Samantha

I just assumed it was elo, because type 2 is way easier to make a good deck for

Let me see:
- Glorg instead of Timmy
- Eadh instead of Neferniti
- Striker instead of Loma Noju

Either save up or Toro

For your ghiest side try getting platium. also Luba would be good.
also for your montana side get sharon and spiaghi. after all this you might stil be able to afford Don from montana and Rolph from Ghiest. two great cards smiley.

friday 27/11/2009

It used to be Piranas but with new releases in Nightmare such as Ghumbo (who is good enougth to be elo banned) and Pan, i would go with nightmare now. Nightmare needed a good 3 and also 5 because kolos is banned and now you have them. but they are pretty expensive.

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