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tuesday 22/12/2009

1. I guess the new blood packs have the biggest average $ gain,u can try get a tanaereva from cool packs if u feel lucky tho smiley

2. I take it u are talking about ELO type ,which is like t2 on mtg,I guess they can be competitive,a deck like Rowdy,Gil,Veenyle,Gibson,Gaia,Buck,Nanook,George (just made a quick 25 star deck)

3.The ones i wrote above plus the expensive ones that u can check in market smiley

4.Not really,i can only suggest that if u wanna use a character at 2 stars for example instead of 3 check how many exp 2 star u are buying,it might be pfull(just 1 battle before going 3)

5.You can sell em i guess,ppl are trying to achieve missions like complete 50% of total cards etc

6.Kind of answered at 1* but feel free to test ur luck

Well i should try to stick to an Elo deck that it could reach me 1200-1300 for getting credists + chance of rare cards at the end of the week + doing missions for faster exp and rewards and play the lottery :>

Sakrohm, Junkz and Montana go great with Bangers smiley

Does it affect my fair play rating if I surrender? Or is that only if I let the battle time out or force close the window?

I am new to urban rivals, but not new to CCG MMO's (MTGO and Poxnora). I have just tried UR and say I am enjoying it thoroughly.

I am currently using a Watu / Junkz split and advanced to level 10 pretty quickly. I only have the beginner cards and I'm sure few, if any of those will hold weight on a competitive level. So I am looking for some guidance.

1. I do have the ability to $$$ credits for packs. What packs are worthwhile to invest in for good playable and trade able characters.

2. Will Ulu Watu / Junkz be competitive together or should I focus on a different clan as I try to become more competitive.

3. What are the staple "must have" cards for Ulu Watu and Junkz for decks?

4. The market system seems complex and while i am reading more information, is there any advice or beware notices I should make note of?

5. Given the starter cards I am playing with... are any of them really worth selling on the market?

6. Are there any good UlU Watu / Junkz cards I should look to acquire easier on the market than buying packs?

Any other advice or recommendations for a beginner jumping into the UR pool... please feel free.

Thank you,

I need suggestions on a good half deck for my Piranas. The only other good cards that I have are Ielena, Murray, Beetenka and Oxen. My budget for new cards is 12k.

If this may help, my current Piranas lineup for half deck is...


Thanks in advance!

Putting bonuses into tiers is plain moronic. Which bonus is better depends on the situation.

Well with the large amount of SOA around in ELO this week you would be better off with two different clans since most montana are dependent on their abilities smiley

It was my opponent's turn, he was about to time out (he already was) but I checked my battle history and it said I TIMED-OUT
idk how it happened at all...

how about this???

Now I played the full hour, top 5 with Fang Pi:

1st Yong- from guild Les Externels with 406 battle points won 5 460 Clintz + 1 Credit.
2nd StarMan-WHP from guild World Heroes Premium with 400 battle points won 4 460 Clintz + 1 Credit.
3rd Ex_Gourou 31 from guild Les Externels with 397 battle points won 4 460 Clintz + 1 Credit.
4th u0s_mirko from guild UNION OF THE SUPREMES with 392 battle points won 4 460 Clintz + 1 Credit.
5th (HAL)Putzo from guild (HAL) Guild with 390 battle points won 4 460 Clintz + 1 Credit.

smiley i was just wondering if anyone had any advice or tips about how to improve my ulu deck i have running the cards are:
ice jim
lin bee
help please cuz im tired of losn to montana and piranna or just help me make a rockn deck smiley

monday 21/12/2009

I have gone with this deck thanks to the advice

Smokey Cr
Hawkins(1* lower)
Na Boh
Petra (1* higher)

It seems to work fine and I just loled at someone who I bluffed with Dalhia and they lost 6 pillz with Gibson, then used Corrina on a bonusless Hawkins and now We have even life they have 4 pillz I have 12 and they Rowdy and Gil (They left). Thx guys

Eris and kenny are nukes, they can both cause a huge life difference kenny is like 15


Rate please

I would like a Nightmare or Uppers and Sakrohm deck
for Sakrohm or Nightmare or Uppers i can get every non cr card.

so plzzzzz help

Am94 Cr

Its Only a Game

please rate and comment. no toro / rolph theres already lots of power

thanks mods

Don't know much about Bangers,
but for the Jungo half ,
Lunien is right.

Mindy to Pegh
Niva to Greow or Slythsmiley

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